2002 Nissan President

The Nissan President was a Japanese luxury limousine introduced by Nissan in the 1960s as a luxury sedan sold only in the Japanese market. The President was comparable with Rolls-Royce models and the Toyota Century. It is mainly used by Japanese dignitaries and elite businessmen.

The Nissan President is rebadged for sale in the USA as the Infiniti Q45.


Well, it doesn’t mean it was only for presidents. This Nissan car provides comfort on physical and visual. It also looks classical like Rolls-Royce.

Yeah! I’d better chosen either a Cadillac or a Mercedes limousine than with this one. Well, to be honest at first look I never thought that it was a luxury vehicle because it looks more an outdated car on me.

Better choose the Cadillac..smiley

Yes, so neat and clean. Like it!

This car suits for the businessmen and politicians who are a fan of nissan cars. This car is luxurious and looks very professional.

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