2006 Nissan 350z Tokyo Drift

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You’ve liked the car, but then again you’ve hated it, my advise, don’t hate the car hate the driver, this is the Drift King’s 350z .

Of all the cars in Tokyo Drift none were asked to more radical stunts then D K 350z that’s why the production team at Universal built 11 copies. Like many cars in the film most of DK’s z350 where bought as used cars in Japan and shipped into California for modifications. While all 11 got Veilside body kits and 19 inch wheels only two had the APS twin turbo charger added to their 3.5 L V6 . And with some tweaks at the exhaust system and this car’s power plant is producing near 470 horse power. For those who don’t know so much about this model lets talk about this car’s history .

Nissan 350z Tokyo Drift

Built by Nissan Motor Company, the 350z , is a roadster and a coupe , and it was also knowed as the Fairlady Z version S. This model filled up the streets of America in January 2002, with an 287 horsepower engine and with a 5 trim package to go with it : Base, Enthusiast, Performance, Touring, and Track Editions.

The 350Z continues the Z heritage of design, from the Datsun 240Z, which was introduced 33 years ago as a 1970 model . Like its predecessor, the 350Z featured a front engine/rear-wheel drive drivetrain configuration, two-seat interior, a powerful 6-cylinder engine and, of course, a simple and honest design.With its long nose and short deck styling, triangular cabin form and the lines extending from the arch-shaped roof to the hatchback opening, a tribute the Z heritage.

Nismo, Nissan’s performance and motorsport division, began , for the 350Z, producing performance and aesthetic upgrades shortly after its release, showing the car succes.


The Nissan 350Z is quite a functional car, the hatchback provides with good storage possibility, although it was design to by a sport car it has many storage compartments, with sufficient luggage space for carrying two golf bags behind the seats, a lockable luggage floor box capable of storing a briefcase and other storage places. The instrument panel features three gauge pods, similar in design to the 240Z, consisting of the drive computer, oil pressure gauge and voltmeter as well as modern touches such as a navigation system with video display. The door vents and center console have a solid, chiseled-from-a-block-of-aluminum look. All this gives the Nissan’s 350z a high-quality look.


I’ve mentioned earlier about an 287 horsepower engine, well the one that gives all this muscle is an 3.5-liter VQ35DE V6 engine with a 274 lb-ft of torque, a truly remarkable masterpiece. All of this was possible because of reworking the intake port design and adopting CVTCS (Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System ) technology. And with its highly rigid cylinder block combined with an electronically controlled throttle gives the Nissan’s 350z an edge in the terms of performance.

Nissan 350z Tokyo Drift

The new engine

The Drift King’s car had to be as mean as the character itself, so the Universal staff couldn’t get a nicer more suitable car for him then the Nissan 350z.Like I’ve said 11 cars where used in this movie, but only 2 where fitted with an nice looking system. And that one is an APS twin turbo system that was feeding the Nissan’s stock engine and the American company Magnaflow provided the twin exhausts.

All this propels the new 350z with over 450 horsepower, almost 200 horsepower plus then the stock engine.

It has an six-speed transmission feeds back to a Nismo limited-slip differential which can propel the Nissan in 5.7 seconds through its 60 mph journey or can touch the quarter-mile in 13.2 seconds at 114.8 mph.

Nissan 350z Tokyo Drift

The power is put to the ground trough the rear wheels, wheels that are VeilSide Andrew Evolution Vs, sized 19x11 inches, and 19x9 inches in the front. Both wheels used Toyo Proxes T1R tires but in the front 285/30ZR19s and in the rear 245/35ZR19s .

The car was covered in a Veilside Version 3 wide-body kit,which includes new front and rear over fenders, front end, rear bumper a nice rear wing and side skirts. Besides that they fitted the Nissan with a Ganador mirrors and a Veilside carbon fiber hood, to give that stylish look.

Nissan 350z Tokyo Drift

The new interior

Inside there isn’t so much to say, apart from the original stock, the car was fitted with a custom roll cage, and a Sparco trim package which contained the Sparco steering wheel and the EVO L driver seat. Keeping it all functional and simple as a drift car should be.

By the way, I’ve almost forgot, did you know that this car hold’s the record for the longest drift? Well, you know now!


darn love that car!!

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