2007 Nissan Patrol DX Walkabout

Nissan Australia revealed the latest version of the Patrol DX called Walkabout. It features 16” alloy wheels a six-disc in-dash CD player, alloy side steps, snorkel, cargo barrier, alloy bullbar and towbar.

The Patrol DX Walkabout is powered by a 3.0-litre common-rail intercooled turbo diesel engined that delivers 158 Hp.

It is available only in two two colours, white and burnt silver. The SUV is offered with dual front airbags, part-time, four-wheel drive system, heavy-duty suspension, limited slip differential and air-conditioning.

The Patrol DX Walkabout is offered in two different versions: five-speed manual model priced at $49,990 and automatic model priced at $52,990.


hardcore off roader chooses the best 4x4 vehicle as possible. And one of the best 4x4 is the Nissan patrol. You don get wrong with this monster. Nissan is giving the best Accessories as possible to the Consumers.

well patrol is one of the good suv’s, but for me I’ll place my money on the nissan pathfinder. thou i’ve already seen the patrol take the pain staking off road even jumping a 3 feet slope still im very attracted to nissan pathfinder.

A most excellent 4x4. Just an overgrown estate with ultimate offroad credentials. A proper 7 seater. Engine affords economy and encourages safe and defensive driving. Towing capability is awesome. SVE has an excellent specification. Cheaper than the Toyota and Mitsubishi offerings. Excellent value and quality.

@anthonyevers true patrol are widely choose by Harcore Offroaders and outlanders. Patrol is a very reliable SUV.

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