2007 Nissan Skyline

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Today, Nissan introduced the 12th generation Skyline, a medium-size sedan with luxury aspirations.
All-new exterior and interior designs combined with the next generation FR-L platform and newly developed V6 engine should make this a desirable car.

The concept “attraction, sophistication and high-performance driving.” was at the development key for this new car.
The exterior design of the all-new Skyline expresses “dynamic rhythm” with its fluid lines, combined with a sleek aerodynamic and sporty-look.
This model is lower and wider then its V35 predecessor,so the hight and the width grows with 20mm.
Its longer nose, sharply raked A-pillar, forward-leaning roofline, and fluidly curving character line which wrap around the rear wheel arches, express “dynamic motion” and enhance the rear wheel drive proportions.
The front hood features a sculptured new front-grille and headlamps. The integrated spoiler for the rear trunk blends with new L-shaped tail lamps, while the double exhaust tips adds to the purposeful high-performance image.
The color-range for the body include three new colors – Stratosphere Blue, Blade Silver and Crimson Red.


For the interior an all new dashboard and center stack is offered.
The aluminum trim finish was inspired by the texture of traditional Japanese rice paper called “Washi”, whereas the optional wood trim is made of bubinga, a high-quality wood commonly used in high-end furniture pieces.
The leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear-shifter are hand-stitched for refined craftsmanship quality. All the switches and dials are ergonomically designed for smooth easy-to-reach operation and offer a refined tactile feel.
The dashboard is designed to be driver-centric and the seats are 27mm lower, all for more sporty position.
A greater margin for adjustment is offered on the seats as well as the steering wheel. The front seat offers firm support and comfort to ensure tireless driving in either day-to-day traffic or long-distance touring. Headroom and rear-seat space are best-in-class.
 Five different interior colors combinations are available for this car.


 Performance and driving pleasure

The next generation FR-L platform has been engineered to deliver a fun and exhilarating driving experience without having to compromise on a smooth and comfortable ride. In the development of the new Skyline, Nissan’s engineers focused on three key areas – accommodating increased engine power, superior balance of driving performance and comfort, as well as safety and environmental friendliness.

Nissan Skyline

A newly developed v6 engine is avaible.The 3.5l version generates 315 horsepowers and 36.5kgm of torque and is capable of revving up to 7500rpm, while the 2.5L generates 225 horsepowers and 26.8 kgm of torque.
The powerplant is matched to a five-speed automatic transmission with adaptive shift control, allowing the driver to be in full control of the power generated by the new engine. A new DS mode allows for more spirited driving by optimizing gear selection for various driving conditions. The gearbox is also equipped with the synchro-rev control system.

The sportier SP and P series feature a steering-column mounted shift paddles that allow the driver to operate in manual-shift mode. The paddles are made of solid, light-weight magnesium.
The Skyline responds to the driver’s command under various driving conditions, with a perfect balance in vehicle’s dynamics.

Nissan Skyline

Skyline offer agility and comfort for city driving, stability and smoothness for open highways, and precision handling for sinuous mountain road conditions.
The body is more rifid but transmits less noise and vibrations for the driver and the passengers.
The vibration characteristics of the suspensions,mounts and body are very prcise controled by Nissan due to the advanced technology holded by the carmaker.
 One of Skyline’s unique features is the world’s first four-wheel active steering system, which adjusts the steering angles of the front and rear wheels in accordance with driving speeds and steering operation, allowing for greater control at low and medium speeds, and smooth effortless cruising at higher speeds. It is optional on SP and S series.
The new Skyline is equipped with larger 18-inch (sports models) and 17-inch (standard models) aluminum wheels. In the sport models, it is equipped with different sized front (225/50R) and rear (245/45R) tires for added performance.


The body has been designed to deliver a high level of compatibility; it protects the occupants with a reinforced cabin while minimizing crash impact to other cars. Pedestrian protection is designed to lessen the impact to the head and lower limb.


no RB26DETT??? inline replaced with a V how domestic is that.....sad sad thats not performance, thats silly. but did they stick with the AWD?

What the hell I was expecting the skyline to be this bad car, but instead the just gut a G35 and slaped on the Skyline name! WTF! Same thing happend with the GTO. Why the hell is Nissan being so stupid.

that ain no friggin skyline thats a damn infiniti G35 in disguise, Nissan is lame for doin this .

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