2009 Nissan GT-R with Nismo "Club Sports Package"

Is it now okay to modify the Nissan GT-R ? After all if Nissan is getting into the aftermarket game with Godzilla, maybe a factory-fresh car isn’t as perfect as we though.

Nissan GT-R with Nismo "Club Sports Package"

Along with the GT-R SpecV , Nissan will unveil the GT-R with Nismo Club Sports Package at the Tokyo Auto Salon that starts today. Nismo engineers worked on the Chassis Package, carbon bucket seat and titanium exhaust system, to improve the car’s performance on the race circuit. When fully equipped with the Club Sport Package, the GT-R can outrun the standard car by a full second on the Sendai Hi-land racetrack.

The best part is that if the modifications are done by certified Nismo Technical Masters, it won’t void the factory warranty. The only bad part is try finding one in the U.S.

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