2010 Nissan GT-R Alpha 9 by AMS

While everyone else has been tinkering around, waiting to discover the next new detail on the 2012 Nissan GT-R , AMS Performance has been working on a package for the GT-R R35 that will just blow you away! The package is called the Alpha 9 and will catapult the standard 530hp found on the current GT-R R35 to a mind-boggling 650hp! Now, that’s an upgrade!

Adding this much extra power will inevitably bring better performance numbers. The Nissan GT-R is now capable of running the quarter mile in 10 seconds at 138 mph setting a new pump gas R35 GT-R 1/4 mile record. This does confuse us, however, because back in May we reported on a GT-R R35 that did the quarter mile in 9.62 seconds. We have to wonder if these two know about each other.

Next to the engine upgrade, the Alpha 9 package also includes a 90 mm exhaust system, upgraded billet wheel ball bearing turbochargers, new turbo inlet pipes, a front mount intercooler upgrade, and custom calibrated MAF sensors. The tuner can also add catalytic converters for the downpipes and a substitute race mid-pipe which removes the muffler as an option.

Of course, if you want to drive a sports car that can set a new world record, you will have to pay $21,999 for the package.

UPDATE 12/30/2010: Don’t like the GT-R Alpha 9 in black? Well, neither did another customer who just commissioned AMS to provide him with a livelier color for the sports car. Commence Operation Agent Orange. Click on the picture above to see the final dyno test of the spunkier GT-R!


I totally agree. It is like if the Vette were running turbo 4’s and AWD. It’s just not right.

Super GT rules require the stock chassis to be used, but body panels can be changed. Also, as of 2008, AWD is no longer allowed and a 3.4L F-N spec V-8 is mandated. If they intend on using the Super GT car as a base Nissan has no worries in competitiveness.

I hope they can upgrade this car up to 1000hp almost match with the bugatti.

Nice car. The good thing here is it’s actually not that expensive as any other sports car.

Nice car. The good thing here is it’s actually not that expensive as any other sports car.

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