2010 Nissan GT-R Nismo Club Sports Package

The Japanese automaker Nissan has developed a new version of the GT-R sports car that takes full advantage of their in house motor sports division to create a special edition model for those who really wish to get the most out their day at the track with everybody’s favorite super car. The Nissan GT-R Nissan GT-R equipped with a Nismo Club Sports package will be unveiled at the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon from January 15th thru the 17th. The Club Sports Package from Nissan Motor sports combines the already outstanding Nissan GT-R with a recently developed NISMO Data Logger Kit. This allows owners to download driving data via USB memory stick in order to review the information on their home computer. Thanks to the new data logger kit, Nismo is allowing GT-R owners to relive the exhilarating experience that comes with bringing Godzilla to the track and then extract everything last detail about throttle input and cornering forces from their day at the circuit and then improve. The only thing that Nismo won’t provide is a race engineer to lay it all out for you.


I love the simplicity of this GT-R. It looks so cool and hygienic in its body paint, and I must say that it is truly a complete packaged for a sports car, for it also had a nice engine specification.

If you’re going to commend it for a futuristic model think again its a present age car just like that. Nothing so futuristic about it.

I started to love this car in the game Need For Speed:Undercover. This car is really fast and cool!

@carlos bullock: your exaggerating, a car of the future? Duh! I know that this one is nice and cool but are you serious about your comment don’t you have any idea what future car’s really is.

this car can be called as car of the future, because, most of the concept and the parts inside the car are computerized that can make the car run without any driver on the stirring wheel.

GPS tracking system is always a superb addition

Very nice car and concept. What I like in this car is, it has it’s own memory, it made the car have it’s own brain, to function and to run.

What a concept!..this has just made driving more fun. Driving in long distance is boring me, now I’ve got something to turn to when I lose my focus on the road. Nissan was lost to the competition for a while, now it is bouncing back.

I started to love this car in the game Need For Speed:Undercover. This car is really fast and really cool, I love this car.

I don’t know if this Nismo gadget can save your driving records that’s like it will give you the patterns on your previous driving record just to see if what you’ll need to improve. If I’m right, this system may be good especially on the racers that loves this Godzilla.

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