2011 Nissan Compact Sports Concept

With so many concepts being teased and unveiled over the past few days, it’s becoming a little confusing trying to keep tabs on these cars. But we’re not complaining because we’d take confusion overload over boredom any day of the week.

Having said that, we have a new Nissan concept to introduce: the Compact Sports Concept. Based on the what looks to be the future of the Micra , the Compact Sports Concept might be a little shorter – by 8cm – than the Micra but it’s got quite a cracker of a powertrain under its hood. Powering the Compact Sports Concept is a 1.6-liter turbo engine that produces 190 horsepower and mated through a CVT gearbox.

Full details are still being withheld as of the moment, but from the images that were released, there’s definitely some semblance of new-age design on the CSC, specifically in its interior. Since it’s a concept, we don’t expect the entire details of the CSC to make it to the production version – if there is one, that is.

Nissan has made no indication whether the concept will be translated into a production model but considering the details we know of the car and the design it comes with, we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing the Compact Sports Concept out on the road as a production model in the future.


Wow! so cute! smiley I want it for myself and I would really love to see this on the road! When will be the debut of this concept? I really can’t wait for that!

I love this cute concept! When will be the market production of this awesome and super cute car? I would love to have this car for myself. smiley

I would agree with you guys. The car has an impressive look and very classy. People will drool on this one if they will see this on the road. I hope it will be released as soon as possible.

Count me in on that one too. This car is certainly worth its own production run. A lot of folks would really be looking forward to this baby. I just hope that Nissan is seriously considering that.

Yeah, me too, I am really looking forward to seeing this one for real. I love how it looks on these renderings and I am hoping that it will also be the same with the real thing.

I think they will do that in any of the upcoming auto shows this year, I just don’t know which one to be exact. I am really eager to see this one in the flesh.

When do they plan to unveil this one? I haven’t heard a lot about the car since I first read this article. Hope that they are serious in producing this one.

Well, too bad that its still a concept car. So, there is a possibility that the car wouldn’t make it into production! However, I think we have to look forward for the platform of this car, this one look so futuristic.

It’s has the same aesthetic with bubble car. And I think that’s one of the most beautiful version that was promised by the car manufacture in the neat future! I think this form with be hit and will make a history in the auto industry.

Oh yes! there you go! I agree that this car looks like a bubble shape much cuter than a Smart cars and i think smaller too.

I think this concept has been rumored before. If I’m mistaken it has been debuted during the Shanghai Grand Prix.

I like the bubble shape of this car. It seems that this will be the start of the innovation of car concept! I think it looks better than a Smart cars.

I find the size of this car kind of cute. I Want to test drive this car and know how reliable it is since I can sense that it will be fuel efficient.

hmm. It looks like a bubble car! I think the design is quite impressive. I want to know the actual size of this car because I can see that its similar with a Fiat. 

Well, judging from how this one looks, I would definitely say that this one is already ripe to be made into a production version. Let’s just hope that the folks at Nissan also have the same thoughts.

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