2011 Nissan R35 GT-R Olsson Winter Edition

Jon Olsson is a man of many talents. A Swedish free skier and alpine ski racer, Olsson also shares with us a fascination for building cars, or to be more precise, tuning supercars and turning them into vehicles that suit his lifestyle.

He’s already made our pages with his work on a Lamborghini Gallardo earlier this year and now that winter is fast approaching in many parts of the world, Olsson is back to unveil his latest work, the Nissan R35 GT-R Olsson Winter Edition.

According to Olsson, the work on this R35 GT-R included the addition of a roof box – it’s similar to the one on his Gallardo – and golden decals stickered in various parts of the GT-R , making for a perfect contrast to Godzilla’s exterior black finish. In addition to the aesthetic additions, Olsson also added a custom exhaust on the GT-R thereby adding better performance capabilities to a car that already comes with a 3.8-liter DOHC V6 engine producing 530 horsepower.

Olsson calls this particular version the ‘NR 1’ and says that, while some modifications have already been made, his work on it is far from finished. The skier said - with a sly winking emoticon, no less – that we can “expect some more things to happen to this little thing later in the year…”

While we appreciate the suspense, we would’ve loved it if Mr. Olsson weren’t such a tease (attach winking emoticon here).

Source: Jon Olsson


I liked the GTR, but this is ugly! smiley Why in world you want to take your stuff in a roof box! smiley

Having a GTR is paradise, you do not need anything else...

Why in the world you would put an roof box on the top of a GTR?

With a 500+ HP engine the roof box will soon prove itself the fastest roof box... the fastest flying in a tree!

Is this man in all of his senses?

The aerodynamic improvements are a result of the modified front bumper, improved carbon spoiler and an updated rear diffuser that channel the wind flow better around the Nissan GT-R. Here are the first pictures of the facelift.

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