2012 Nissan Pivo3 Concept

Nissan ’s fascination with electric car concepts cannot be understated. And now, the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show will host the eighth such concept from the Japanese automaker called the Pivo3.

You’ll probably recall that name from two previous incarnations - the original Pivo unveiled in 2005 and the Pivo2 which made an appearance in 2007 - but this time around, the Pivo3 highlights the latest in Nissan’s on-going passion and dedication to zero emission driving. The only difference between the Pivo3 and its two predecessors is that, according to Nissan, the Pivo3 is a more "realistic" preview of what their future electric car could potentially be.

Details on the concept’s powertrain remain a mystery, although we did get a good look at what the car looks like. The most noticeable thin about the Pivo3 is that it’s ridiculously small - length is less than 10 feet - and has a 1+2 seating configuration similar to, of all cars, the McLaren F1 .

The Pivo3 also features side-view monitors, a camera-based Around View Monitor, and a new automated parking system that Nissan is calling “Automated Valet Parking,” which, as the name suggests, allows the Pivo3 to park by itself.

The Nissan Pivo3 Concept will make its debut at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. We’ll have more details about this new compact concept when information becomes available.


The concept is an exotic one but on the contrary, it is an amazing concept car made by Nissan. The Pivo3 features were really great, especially the new automatic parking system that Nissan called “Automated Valet Parking”.

I wonder where Nissan got the idea of having exotic concepts with their car. But they are so good like this one. It is cute and very appealing.

Have they won anything for making a cute little concept like this? If not, then they should be rewarded. This concept from Nissan is truly remarkable specially on its wheels.

What a cute fancy vehicle! smiley One of the lovely facts about this vehicle is that in spite of being a small car it still has a spacious interior which would surely love by everyone.

It looks so attractive on its platform, and it is really a good thing that it is only a concept for I don’t like the fact that it is one of the unreliable vehicles which they were insisting to produce.

This one is so noticeable to being such a small and cute vehicle! I wonder if they really build this car as a toy for kids. smiley Anyway, I only hope that it is not an electric vehicle.

I would really love to see this in person! In what museum they would put it? smiley kidding aside, I am really hoping that they would put on the market, and it can also feature a diesel version.

Pivo3 is one of the unreliable urban car concepts today, for the fact that it is on an electric motor. Furthermore, I like the uniqueness of this one and for being a futuristic vehicle.

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