2012 Nissan R1KX GT-R "Red Katana" by Switzer

Godzilla is running loose again and its "Dr. Frankenstein" is at it again. The Japanese Nissan GT-R is already considered as one of the most menacing beasts on the streets, but when you add the aftermarket know-how of Switzer , then special things happen.

And we mean special.

One of the GT-Rs that has gone the way of Switzer’s magical tuning process is this monster called the "Red Katana," a model based on the first R1KX model Switzer GTRs to hit the drag strip. The fully-customized GT-R has been equipped with a twin-bill of bone-rattling performance and a plush exterior and interior set-up with the latter including high-quality carbon fiber and Alcantara. In addition, the car also features a high-end audio system that will shake the roads.

The real highlight is the Switzer’s R1KX engine set-up that takes the mighty Red Katana’s performance capabilities into the realm of the unfathomable. Yep, all 1,500 horsepower’s worth of it. In case you need any more convincing, this red rocket recently hit Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio last weekend and blazed the strip with a quarter-mile time of just 8.97 seconds at a speed of over 163 miles per hour.


Whatever color it may have on this Katana it will surely will be sporty and extreme.

That is Katana’s drag 18" drag setup. Street has 21" and 20" options already in house.

The car runs different wheels on street (either 21" DPE’s or 20" Switzers). For drag it runs the CCW 18" above.

Switzer makes the Red Katana a truly powerful one. I’ll consider this one to buy in the next year or two.

It looks like they will have an unbeatable performance with this Red Katana.

It looks like they will have an unbeatable performance with this Red Katana.

Even me, I don’t really like the style of the mags. I also found out that the exterior design is good.

If want to pull money using this model, then they must be aware that the qualities of the car are far more important on them.

Red Katana is as hopeful as the enthusiast to feel its kicking power.

What? It’s a 1,500 HP roving vehicle? I really can’t believe it. With its ordinary looks, I’m deceived.

If they really want to make money from this model, then they must aware that the wheels will hinder buyers from buying this car.

So this is the Beetle they showed on Beijing? With the scale model, it’s hard to see the details on it.

I don’t really like the style of the mags. Exterior design is good. The only thing that they should change is the wheels.

I still go with the 200SX they had previewed before. You know that vehicle is much better to compare with this one.

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