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Rumors about a successor for the Nissan 200SX started circulating back in 2008, but now the car is coming out of the woodwork to pay a little competitive visit to the seemingly untouchable Mazda MX-5 .

Nissan’s plan to launch 52 new cars by 2016 has carved a path towards production for the 200SX, which may be seen as early as 2013. Prices will start from about £20,000 - or about $33,000 at the current exchange rates.

The new 200SX will be built on a new mid-size platform supplied by Daimler that will also be used for the 370Z replacement and the next GT-R . There aren’t any details on the powertrain that will be used for the future 200SX, but rumors hint towards a tuned version of the Leaf’s drivetrain or a hybrid set-up as a couple of options. Other rumors suggest that an all-electric rear-wheel-drive version may be the way to go. These rumors stem from the Nissan ESFLOW concept, which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March and ignited the fires about a future hybrid Nissan sportscar.

Main image is of the Nissan Esflow Concept.

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When most people just see a Nissan GT-R , they are in awe of this seminal feat of engineering. This car offers super car performance and practicality that perhaps makes it the best daily driver on the road today. Yet the Chicago based tuning company, AMS Performance, looked at the GT-R and set themselves a monumental engineering challenge. Cue dramatic music; they set out to build the fastest GT-R . To make this daunting challenge even harder the engineers from AMS kept the GT-R’s stock interior and amenities like air conditioning.

To accomplish the task, they endowed a GTR with 1,500 horsepower . That’s 300 more horsepower than a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport . This car is like showing up to an 8th grade science class with a Polaris missile while everybody else has a stomp rocket.

So did these engineers from Chicago accomplish their lofty goal? The answer is a resounding yes. This car posted the fastest GT-R quarter mile in history, posting a time of 8.97 second a astonishing 169 miles an hour.
Check out the video of this record breaking quarter mile run!

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Nissan Esflow

Nissan is rumored to be working on an affordable sports car, as a rival to the Mazda MX-5. The catch? Nissan’s sports car will feature an electric or plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is the car that usually comes up in discussion when automakers set their sights on developing an affordable sports car. Since its debut in 1989, the Mazda MX-5 has become the standard for world-class handling in a package to fit anyone’s budget. Some would accuse the MX-5 of being underpowered, but when it comes to the ability to carve corners with razor-like precision, the MX-5 has few rivals, and none in its price range.

If new rumors surrounding Nissan are correct, that’s about to change. As part of its plan to launch 52 new cars over the next five years, Nissan is rumored to be working on an affordable rear-drive sports car. It will be built on a midsize platform purchased from Daimler, that ultimately will be used on the next generation 370Z , GT-R , and Infiniti G as well.

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The Car Show: Season 1 Episode 1

Following the debacle of a first episode for Top Gear USA, The Car Show comes at us again with hilarity and automotive variety in their third episode of the season.

In this episode, Adam Corolla (comedian and car enthusiast), Dan Neil (automotive columnist for The Wall Street Journal), John Salley (4-time NBA Champion and actor), and Matt Farah ( take part in a number of segments that made us laugh at loud, literally. Mixed in with the good times and "Lambo-quality comedy," the guys take part in a test comparing the automated driving versus actual driving in a 2007 BMW 328i sedan , a comparison of the Audi R8 and the Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport , and an interview with racing legend, Pete Brock.

The fun doesn’t stop there as the boys go through their 0-60 and Adam’s America segments, as well as a trip to North Carolina for some dirt track racing.

Hit the jump for details on The Car Show: Season 1 Episode Three.

One of Japan’s greatest sports cars, the Nissan GT-R , has been the subject of countless aftermarket programs. That being said, it shouldn’t be surprising that one more company is preparing arguably the most powerful GT-R project we’ve seen in recent time.

AMS Performance is no stranger to working with Godzilla, having most recently produced the insane Alpha 10 program that netted the GT-R with 1,100 horsepower. This time, the company’s upping the ante once again with the new Alpha 12 program that takes the GT-R’s output from 1,100 ponies all the way up 1,318 horsepower and 1,014 lb/ft of torque. Horses gone wild!

To make the car produce that much juice, AMS Performance took the GT-R’s 3.8-liter, twin-turbo engine and modified the system while also increasing its boost pressure. On top of that, AMS also went out and reinforced the block to ensure that the car’s engine could handle all the horses galloping underneath the hood.

The result is a car that can blast off from 60 mph to 130 mph in just 3.46 seconds while breaking a quarter-mile in just nine seconds at speeds in excess of 166 mph.

The full details of the car have yet to be revealed, but the company has released a couple of videos of the car hitting the track and performing some dyno tests to ensure that it makes the most out of its 1,318 horses.

UPDATE 08/02/2011: The Nissan GT-R Alpha 12 has just posted the fastest GT-R quarter mile in history, posting a time of 8.97 second a astonishing 169 miles an hour. Check out the video of this record breaking quarter mile run by clicking on the image above.

UPDATE 11/04/2011:: The new AMS Alpha 12 has just become the fastest R35 GT-R at the 2011 Texs Mile where it hit a top speed of 216.9mph. Check out the video by clicking on the image above.

Apparently, Switzer’s 1000+ HP take on the R35 GT-R R1K just wasn’t enough for the Ohio based tuner. No, these amazing gearheads had to go and improve on an already fantastic model by getting it up to a staggering 1250 HP. A Nissan GT-R with enough power to rival a Bugatti Veyron SuperSport ? We’ll take two helpings and some dessert please.

This new package is called the R1K-X and Switzer Performance has only released this video of the vehicle during its dyno testing for our first tasty sampling. According to the tuner, the 1250 AWHP and 1003 AWTQ was run on VP Q16 race fuel, but a dyno testing with 93 octane pump gas will be uploaded soon.

Switzer, consider our interest piqued and, please, don’t make us wait too long for the entire package.

AMS Performance’s version of Godzilla is back and still dressed up in the Agent Orange garbs found on their previous model - the Nissan GTR Alpha 9 . The Alpha 9 was packing over 900 HP and could complete the quarter mile in the mid-9 second range, but a change of ownership and a new Alpha 10 package later and the GTR can now boast of 1,000HP!

The new Alpha 10 conversion kit features an AMS Alpha 10 Turbo System, a balanced and blueprinted VR38 AMS Race Engine, and an AMS Alpha 10 transmission by Sheptrans, among other things. These additions take the sports car to 1,000 HP and 679 lb-ft of torque running on 93 octane fuel. AMS Performance has already tested this monster and has earned an official quarter mile time of 9.1 seconds at 163 mph.

The Nissan GTR Agent Orange’s fiery growl can now be heard from miles away with a new AMS 90mm downpipes (catalytic converters available), an AMS 90mm resonated mid-pipe (race version available), and an AMS 90mm race exhaust upgrade.

There’s enough additions to the Nissan GTR Agent Orange to make any car enthusiast drool. Check out the full list after the jump, as well as a walk-around video taken by an admirer.

Fans of the Gran Turismo franchise are about to have one of their biggest dreams come true when the Nurburgring race finally gets underway. No longer will they have to watch the GT500 "Stealth" GT-R in its computer generated form because GT5 creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, will be driving the vehicle in the Nurburgring 24 Hours this weekend. We’re guessing hours of GT5 play time have finally gotten to the driver and he wants to return to racing to experience the true fire behind his creation.

Okay, so technically, the Nissan GT-R driven by Yamauchi won’t have all of the bells and whistles that the "Stealth" model in the game has, but what the crew has done is remodeled the exterior to match that of the popular GT5 sports car. Yamuachi is teamed up with Tobias and Michael Schulze of Autohaus Schulze and Yasuyoshi Yamamoto, founder of Japanese tuning shop Opera Performance.

We’re keeping an eye on car number #71 during the 24h race, as last year Yamauchi competed in several VLN races at the Nurburgring in a race-prepped Lexus IS-F, earning a class victory in the four-hour event and taking fourth-in-class at the 24-hour race.

Source: GT Planet

A few days ago Nissan announced that the Leaf Nismo RC would make two demonstration runs at the Le Mans series: the first at 21:15 on Thursday, June 9th and the second at 12:10 on Saturday, June 11th local time. To prepare for this event, the EV racing car has been put through a test session at Sodegaura Forest Raceway, fairing quite nicely on the track. The video was shot from an on-board camera and captures the full view of the test, as well as the driver’s impressions of the car.

The Leaf Nismo RC is powered by a high-response 80kW AC synchronous motor that delivers a total of 107 HP and a peak torque of 207 lbs-ft. At the first testings, the Nismo RC concept made the 0 to 62 mph sprint in 6.85 seconds and hit a top speed of 93 mph. In racing condition, it has an autonomy of 20 minutes.

The 2011 Toyko Auto Salon was held back in January and somehow this doozy of a car slipped through the cracks. Built off of a 2000 Nissan Silvia , the Lightning Strikes Racing Edition gets taken to a much better place with a bright blue exterior paint job, a monstrous power upgrade, and a spectacular widebody kit.

The original Nissan Silvia was powered by an SR20DET engine prepped with an output of 250 HP. Once JUM Lightning popped the hood and worked their magic, that same engine was able to produce 180 HP more, leaving the grand total at 430 HP at 7000 rpm and 398 lb-ft of torque at 5800 rpm! Finishing the engine work is a 6speed gearbox from Nismo GT-LSD.

As for the exterior, JUM Lightning matched the aggressiveness of the engine with a full on widebody kit and an Aragosta Suspension System that was specifically tuned for the FUJI Speedway. The kit is made from dry carbon fiber to support large forces and includes a front bumper, side bumper, a flow rate mounted on the bonnet, and a new set of wheels. Final touches comes as a full titan exhaust manifold, Sparco seats, and Brembo brakes.

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