Noble M600

Noble M600

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Last June Noble unveiled the first teaser image, making us believe that sometime in the future we could see a roadster version for the M600 supercar . However, the company said nothing else on such a possible model since then. Now, Peter Boutwood, managing director of Noble is bringing the M600 Roadster back into discussion.

According to him: "We haven’t built or tested one, but it is a feasible project." If built, the M600 Roadster would use a removable roof panel made of lightweight carbon fiber. When removed, the roof can be stored in the engine bay, so that the passenger can enjoy the same interior space as in the coupe.

Also, the company decided to go for a roof panel because it is not structural and it will not affect the M600’s handling capabilities. Talking about this new roof, Boutwood said: "It’s not about how it looks, it’s about how it goes and drives. We would never compromise the car".

Everything else will be borrowed from the coupe version. If built, the next M600 Roadster will arrive on the market in the next two or three years.

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There is no doubt that a supercar looks the best when it is offered with a bare-carbon-fiber body. The Noble M600 , for example, is a pretty cool car, but the model displayed by Noble in Geneva is even more amazing.

In fact, Noble came in Geneva with two different M600s: the Carbon Sport - made of course in carbon fiber - and the Meco version featuring a blue exterior with white wheels. As you probably have guessed the one in carbon fiber was, of course, our favorite.

The M600 is powered by a Volvo-sourced Yamaha V-8 engine and comes in three different power levels: 450, 550 and 650 horsepower. It goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds and won’t stop until it hits a top speed of 225 mph.

We are not too sure how much this version will cost, we’re sure you will have to pay more than the $320,000 you’d pay for the base version.

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While speaking to ATFULLCHAT at the recent Pageant of Power event at Cholmondeley, Noble Automotive MD Peter Boutwood officially released the very first, and possibly the only picture ever, of a Noble M600 Convertible.

After the M600 coupe’s launch a couple of years back, we always felt that something was missing from Noble’s range with a convertible being at the very top of our wish list. However, it’s worth noting at this point that the following image is simply being pinned as “a factory styling exercise” with Boutwood claiming “there are definitely no plans at present to produce it.”

Nevertheless, it’s still an interesting prospect being showcased by Noble and despite their claims that it’s only a styling exercise, we have a slight inkling that if pre-existing Noble customers and possible new customers like the idea, and Noble Automotive can find the funds to produce such a car, the company will prepare an M600 Convertible in the coming years.

With that being said, the following picture only seems to be a rendering of a convertible variant rather than an actual photograph taken of a one-off M600 convertible. As a result, we’ll take Boutwood’s statement to heart, but we’ll still dream of a convertible M600 being produced some day, even if that means an out-of-house tuner has to perform the conversion.

Do you think Noble should consider turning this “styling exercise” into a production ready car? Hit us up in the comments section below!


We love watching videos of some of the hottest sports and super cars do their thing on some of the best race tracks in the world, so when we came across a 20 minute long video of the Ariel Atom V8 and the Noble M600 in action at the most impressive race track, we had to jump on it.

Chris Harris was behind the wheel of two of the most amazing British supercars for his little trip around the Nurburgring. The two cars were borrowed from the factory, so it was even more challenging for Harris. No one wants a super car maker mad at them for wrecking borrowed cars, right? But in the end, Chris Harris described the experience as "scary as sh*t, but awesome!"

As a reminder, the Ariel Atom V8 is powered by a Hartley-built 3.0 liter V8 engine that produces 500 HP and 284 lb-ft at 7750 rpm. The Noble M600 Noble M600 is powered by a Volvo Volvo -sourced mid-mounted 4.4-liter V8 engine with a couple of turbochargers in it. For the M600, Noble is producing three power variants – a 450 horsepower, a 550 horsepower, and a range topping 650 horsepower with 654 lb/ft of torque.

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GTA Spano

We’re rounding off our Best of 2011 lists with one that is near and dear to our hearts. This list is all about top speed and top speed only, those who have it and one who hopes to achieve it.

Of course, speed hopes are nothing new. The battle for the fastest car in the world has been ongoing since the sports and super cars first made their appearance and more than likely, it will never end. These past couple years have been a game of one-upmanship between SSC and Bugatti with both succeeding in one way or another. But who tops the list for 2011?

Before getting into that, we think it is important to note that we only incorporated vehicles that were sold in 2011. For example, the Koenigsegg CCX may have a top speed of 240 mph, but that production ended in 2010, which takes the supercar out of the running for this list in particular. Don’t worry, though, Koenigsegg is still well-represented.

Hit the jump to see the top ten list of the fastest cars of 2011.

Everyone’s favorite trio since the Three Stooges is back in the headlines after a few months of relative obscurity.

Yes, friends; Clarkson, Hammond, and May are coming back for the 18th season of Top Gear and one of the first segments that has been leaked out is a real doozy. The trio was recently spotted filming a segment for Top Gear in Rome, Italy with a trio of exotics that would make any car-loving individual turn green envy.

Check out the digs the boys have in their hands - a Lamborghini Aventador , a Noble M600 , and a McLaren MP4-12C - and tell us that you don’t want to just to beat up these guys and run away with their supercars.

Thoughts of violence aside, we’re actually pretty happy to see these guys back in action. We don’t know what kind of gimmick they have for those three exotics, but considering their long and rather infamous history with the cars they drive on the show, anything short of memorable will be a disappointment.

While we await for the season to kick off at the break of 2012, we can sit down and enjoy this video of the three supercars being prepped for the three luckiest men on the planet.

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For a car that took a few years to develop, you would think that Noble would take to great lengths in hyping the hotly-anticipated production debut of their new supercar, the M600 .

Instead, it was about as low-key as it could get. On one hand, we weren’t surprised considering that the company isn’t particularly known for bombastic and glitzy unveilings. On the other hand, you would think that a car of this stature should have had its own stage, a chance for the world to see the final product of Noble’s hard work and dedication.

In any case, Noble has finally introduced the production version of the M600 and yes, the car looks to be as good as advertised. The supercar’s appearance maintains a slender and contoured shape that doesn’t scream for attention every time you look at it, unlike other supercars we’ve seen in the past. For those of you that think a subtle yet aggressive design on a supercar doesn’t work, the M600 is proof that it definitely can. It’s also worth noting, at least as far as we’re concerned, that at first glance, you notice a few similarities with other supercars. It doesn’t mean that Noble spiked some design elements from its competitors, but rather used them as inspiration to design a car that looks about as stunning as we imagined.

UPDATE 09/08/11: Marchettino has done it again, shooting a new video of the Noble M600 supercar revving its engine around Monaco! Trust us, the sounds coming out of this supercar is nothing short of amazing, so you’ll want to hear it! Turn up your volume and hit the jump for the video.

Details on the Noble M600 after the jump.

After Top Gear had their way with the Noble M600, Fifth Gear also had the chance to drive the new Noble M600 supercar.

The Noble M600 is powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine with over 650 HP underneath the hood that’s capable of pulling off a 0-60 mph in just under three seconds. The M600 can hit a top speed of 223 mph. Based on a tubular chassis and carbon fiber panels, the Noble M600 weights only 1275 kilograms. The car only comes with a six-speed manual transmission with no anti-lock brakes to go with it. Additionally, the car’s traction control system can be deactivated, giving full control of the car to the hands and skills of the man sitting behind the wheel.

We almost forgot! If 650 HP is somehow too much for you, Noble is also offering 450 hp or 550 hp version.

Check out the video to see Jason Plato behind the wheel of the new Noble M600 supercar!

The Noble M600 has everything you need in a powerhouse sports car; it’s got a Volvo-sourced, twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine with over 650 horsepower underneath the hood that’s capable of pulling off a 0-60 mph of just under three seconds.

Sure, it may not have all the technological and safety capabilities of its supercar counterparts, but short-changing it for its lack of gadgetry is far and away a short-sighted approach.

Our friends over at Top Gear went out and tested the Noble M600 out on their track in England. Frontman Jeremy Clarkson was the first to take a stab at the niche supercar before turning over the reins to the show’s resident-driver, the Stig. Check out the video to see how the Top Gear folks were able to tame the unbridled power of the M600.

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After months of endless teasing, Noble has finally decided to satiate our cravings – even for just a tad – by releasing the first official set of photos of the Noble M600 supercar . That’s right. Camouflage-free, ladies and gentlemen!

Noble releases first official photos of M600 supercar

The M600, the latest in a run of sports cars created by Noble, comes with a Volvo-based twin-turbo V8 engine that’s capable of producing as much as 650 horsepower. In addition to looking every bit the supercar many of us expected, the M600 is also taking a traditional approach by veering away from driver-assisted technologies to become a true purist car, in every sense of the word. The car only comes with a six-speed manual transmission with no anti-lock brakes to go with it. Additionally, the car’s traction control system can be deactivated, giving full control of the car to the hands and skills of the man sitting behind the wheel.

The M600’s expected price tag is around £200,000, a huge spike from Noble’s past models – the M14 and M5 in particular – but it’s not as if the price is completely inflated. Once you check out what’s underneath the hood, you’ll get a better understanding as to why this car costs more than twice as much as any other Noble model in the market today.

Source: CAR Magazine

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