2008 Novitec Ferrari F430 Evoluzione

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This is not the first Ferrari tuned by Nocitec.Not even the first F430, but is a special one.The “Evoluzione” word means that the “stock” Novitec Ferrari F430 was upgraded. The car has now 20hp plus, so the engine develops 656hp, almost like Enzo. The German tuner managed to thi by revising the compressor and updating the engine management system.The Novitec Ferrari F430 Bi-Compressor manage a 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) time in 3,7 sec while maximum speed is 216mph - 348 km/h.

Novitec Ferrari F430 Evoluzione

For the brakes NOVITEC use Brembo brake assembly with 380mm metal brake disks in front and in the back, with 6-pistons at the front axle and rear axle.

The chassis is upgraded with KW high-grade steel - thread chassis sport (two-way adjustable), and sport stabilizers.

The aerodynamics are improved with the front apron, the tail diffuser, and the tail wing supersport.

Novitec Ferrari F430 Evoluzione

The carbon is used at the engine compartment lining, carbon engine compartment exhaust lattice, tail lamp set in black, side turn signals in black

The leather interior is two-colored Alcantara with sport seats supersport performance, steering wheel supersport, aluminum pedal set with driver and front seat passenger footrest.

Novitec Ferrari F430 Evoluzione


This Novitec is quietly impressive; the graphic in the front head gives additional attraction to the car. If I’m not mistaken the concept of design is like to the squirrel.

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