Ferrari Scuderia 777 Final Edition by Novitec Rosso

It was about one year and a half ago that Novitec Rosso unveiled the 747 Package based on the Ferrari 430 Scuderia . This package brought out the good of the Ferrari with an increase of power up to 747 HP, hence the name. One would think that with Ferrari’s release of the 458 Italia , Novitec would move on from their 430 Scuderia projects and start focusing on the newer machine. This is definitely not the case as the German tuner has brought back the Scuderia with an even more menacing package. The new version of the 430 Scuderia is called the 777 Final Edition and follows along the same lines as their previous package with a boost in power and a blacked out hood and roof treatment.

The standard 4,300 cc V8 engine has been touched up with a bi-compressor kit and a new exhaust system. These additions allow the Ferrari a boost from 510 HP to a galloping 777 HP. The exterior of the vehicle looks similar to their previous package with an extreme body kit featuring plenty of carbon fiber goodies, a new set of wheels, and the same blacked out components previously mentioned. The yellow exterior paint job found in the 747 package has been switched out for a luscious red more befitting of a Ferrari.

Full details will be revealed in the coming weeks.


I agree with you, the engine seemed to be outdated and they just change few features in here. Kinda similar with 430 Scuderia, they only enhance some specifications here.

And don’t forget about those gorgeous wheel that responsible to the boost power in the performance of this car, 777 hp is quite amazing!

I like the combination of the orange and black color for this car. It looks so strong and and aggressive with that detailing.

I do admit that this car has impressive figures in terms of performance but I think it will be least considerable since Ferrari FF is already here.

777 HP is a an impressive figure! I bet this baby moves like a rocket on the race track! BTW, i wonder who will win if corvette Zr1 will compete against this smiley

Wow! the exterior of this car is so beautiful! I like everything about it! And the speed performance is quite impressive too! I hope I could drive on this car!

I think that the power upgrade that they did on this one is more than enough. I really don’t like other tuners who do outrageous engine boosts, which I find pretty useless.

Aesthetically, the car is quite impressive but when it comes to the engine performance, well, it’s just the same. Im really hoping for more power on this sports car.

Well, considering that Novitec Ross has already worked on the car previously, they already know their way around it. So they knew which parts are needed to be worked on more.

I can’t see anything that would would actually go wrong with this one. All the components really fit in well to the car and the performance numbers are pretty good too.

Well, if you think about it, they have already made a lot of improvements on the Scuderia the last time around. It is more like they are just adding finishing touches on this one.

Actually, if you look at it, the increase in the engine’s horsepower is more than enough. The components of the current car are still up to the specs of the car.

I see there is no much improvement left for tuning this model. Even on the performance side, other than the 510 HP to a 777 HP raise, rest is quiet similar.

hmm.It was said that the package was based from Ferrari 430 Scuderia, but I think it’s just a Xerox copy! And I guess we shouldn’t accept this car to have a more powerful engine since it used a v8 technology, which quite outdated! 

Well, it is most likely that this isn’t the final take on the Scuderia by Novitec. Trust me, they will surely come up with a wildly different version of the car in a few months.

So, what’s up with a lot of these tuning companies coming up with final editions lately? Come to think of it, they’re actually just improvements of their previous projects.

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