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Novitec Rosso

If the 490 hp of a Ferrari F430 is not good enough for you, Novitec Rosso is now offering you a customized F430 with no less than 707 hp! And what a color! Is just me or black is just the right color for a car with such power?

Novitec, famous tuner specialized in cars from the Ferrari Ferrari and Fiat group, has put his hands on the new Fiat Bravo and made it looking more aggressive. There is also a posibility that this is the first step from an attemp of making from the Brova an aggressive and powerful car (like the Alpha Romeo GT). The Novitec Bravo features 18" or 19" wheels. Under the bonet you will get extra horse power thanks to a new T-Jet 1.4 liters Turbo (...)
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This is not the first Ferrari tuned by Nocitec.Not even the first F430, but is a special one.The “Evoluzione” word means that the “stock” Novitec Ferrari F430 was upgraded. The car has now 20hp plus, so the engine develops 656hp, almost like Enzo. The German tuner managed to thi by revising the compressor and updating the engine management system.The Novitec Ferrari F430 Bi-Compressor manage a 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) time in 3,7 sec while maximum speed is 216mph - 348 km/h. For the brakes (...)
Novitec unveiled the Alfa Romeo 159 powered by a a 2.4 liter turbo diesel engine that delivers 229 hp (up from 200 hp). The Novitec 159 JTD features 20" rims and Pirelli tires that completes the picture the sport aspect of by Novitec.
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The last transformation from the German specialists for Italian cars, Novitec is this Alfa Romeo Brera. As a base model they use the diesel version 2.4 JTD with 200 hp.The modifications are not only visual.So we will find 20 inch rims with Pirelli rubbers measuring 255/30. On the mechanical part, we will note an increase of power to 229 horses thanks to new engine control unit and a reworked exhaust by increasing the diameter in comparison with the one of original car .The car now (...)

Finding the design that matches the vehicle and the optimal aerodynamic function are the two main pretensions by the construction of body parts. The Novitec Rosso aerodynamic program for the Ferrari F430 accomplishes this accordingly. Should the observer’s taste decide about the design, the aerodynamic function is documented through expendable tests in the wind tunnel. These proof tests, usual by the development of the automobile manufactures, are extremely rare in the automobile tuning branch, although they are essential.

In celebration of its continuing domination of Formula 1 and in memory of the Ferrari founder, the super car is called the Ferrari Enzo. It is the ultimate modern day embodiment of the marque’s passion for performance, technology and dramatic style.

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