Novitec Rosso

Novitec Rosso

The Ferrari 458 Speciale was first introduced at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show , bringing some much needed life back into the 458. It’s hard to be the 458 when you have the LaFerrari and the F12berlinetta keeping you in the shadows. But the 458 Speciale is special in a lot of ways, not the least of which was the added performance boost Ferrari gave it.

German tuning firm Novitec Rosso saw what Ferrari did and quickly reacted. Sure, the tuner might have been impressed at first, but as a company known for incredible Ferrari programs, Novitec Rosso always has an eye on improving upon near perfection.

So here it is, ladies and gentlemen. The Ferrari 458 Speciale by Novitec Rosso.

It’s an incredible piece of work, although it’s the kind that can be expected of Novitec Rosso. The program is comprehensive, too. From aerodynamic improvements to numerous performance kits, Novitec Rosso’s program for the 458 Speciale is the kind that turns a taken-for-granted supercar into a sparkling piece of Italian awesomeness.

Novitec Rosso’s program for the Ferrari 458 Speciale is another feather in its cap, although if you look at what the tuner’s wearing, there’s already one too many feathers in it to begin with.

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The Ferrari 458 Italia Speciale is one bad mutha, and that’s putting it in a PG-13 light.

It’s everything you want in a Ferrari this side of the LaFerrari . It’s powerful, limited, and downright awesome to look at, the 458 Speciale is as it’s name implies: special.

So when you have a car that looks and performs like a rock star, aftermarket companies are going to be lining up to get a piece of this mighty Ferrari, including Novitec Rosso .

In some ways, it’s not surprising that Novitec Rosso would be one of the first tuners to get its hands on a 458 Speciale. And we know what happens when it has a Ferrari on its hands. Aftermarket awesomeness!

In this particular case, Novitec’s work on the 458 Speciale is limited to a Stage 1 kit, which pretty much means a simple engine tune and a new set of wheels. With 600 horsepower on tap from the factory, Novitec was able to bump it up to 622 horsepower. Sure, it’s not a massive increase, but it appears to be a small sample of bigger things to come. There’s also a set of custom Novitec NF4 forged wheels that are finished in black with bright yellow rims, and blacked out taillights.

That’s the extent of Novitec Rosso’s Stage 1 kit for the 458 Speciale. More importantly, though, the program suggests that there could be a Stage 2 or possibly Stage 3 kit. That’s what we’re definitely looking forward to.

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Late last year, Italian tuner Novitec Rosso introduced to us its very first program for the Ferrari F12berlinetta . Where that program came with a pretty hefty performance upgrade, the tuner’s new body kit for the F12berlinetta, as shown by English Novitec Rosso distributor, Scuderia Systems, is all sorts of bonkers, too.

According to Scuderia Systems, the kit is called N-LARGO - yep, all caps - and judging by the rendering photos of the F12berlinetta sporting it, these components are just what the doctor ordered.

Details have yet to be divulged, but it certainly appears that the entire kit is going to be made entirely out of lightweight carbon fiber. In addition, you can plainly see the new components on the F12berlinetta, including a new front bumper, a new hood with a distinctive air vent, wider fenders on the front and rear, new side skirts, and a new rear spoiler and diffuser.

Needless to say, the N-LARGO body is just mind-blowing.

As far as performance enhancements, expect to see the same upgrade Novitec Rosso already introduced last year. You know, the one wherein the tuner calibrated mapping for injection and ignition, increasing the output of the F12berlinetta to 763 horsepower and 518 pound-feet of torque with a new top speed of 214 mph.

When Ferrari unveiled the F12berlinetta we were pretty much sure that no one will actually find something to change about it. But today Novitec Rosso was the first tuner to prove us wrong. Its true the tuner’s package does not add significant updates to the Italian supercar, but it was enough to bring the F12berlinetta back to our attention.

The updating job started under the hood where the tuner calibrated mapping for injection and ignition and managed to increase the V12’s output from the standard 740 HP to 763 HP and the peak torque from 508 lbs-ft to 518 lbs-ft. As a result the supercar can now hit a top speed of 214 mph.

No changes have been made on the exterior, but the tuner is offering a new set of wheels sized 21" in the front and 22" in the back and wrapped in Pirelli high-performance tires.

The F12berlinetta has also been equipped with a new set of sport springs that lower the car’s ride by up to 40 millimeters. On the interior Novitec Rosso is offering a wide range of choices, ranging from carbon-fiber shift paddles to exclusive Alcantara and leather interiors in any desired color or upholstery design. Also, the driver will be able to change the exhaust system’s note to a sportier tune using a Manettino switch on the steering wheel to open or close the butterfly valves in the exhaust.

However, Novitec Rosso has promised that this update is just the beginning and that an aerodynamic-enhancement package and more engine upgrades are currently being developed.

Ever since the Ferrari FF was introduced over a year ago, the car hasn’t seen a whole lot of aftermarket love from some of the biggest tuners in the world. But now that Novitec Rosso has jumped into the picture with their first program for the FF, all’s well in the world again.

The comprehensive program for the Ferrari FF includes new aerodynamic components, a couple of styling modifications, and a subtle performance upgrade. Sounds about right to us.

The first order of business was the addition of new carbon fiber components. The kit includes a new front spoiler lip, a roof spoiler, a rear spoiler, side skirts, and a rear diffuser. Carbon fiber surrounds for the taillights were also added, as were matching black side markers, carbon exterior mirrors, LED rear fog lamps, a carbon fiber roof, and a radiator grille. In addition, Novitec Rosso also fitted the FF with a new set of 21" and 22" ultra-light forged wheels with an NF4 wheel design that features five double spokes and wrapped in Pirelli PZero high-performance tires.

Inside, Novitec Rosso is offering a slew of custom enhancements, including, but not limited to, carbon fiber scuff plates and a fully customized leather and Alcantara interior.

Under the hood of the FF lies a 6.3-liter, 12-cylinder engine that produces 660 horsepower. Thanks to a re-calibrated ECU system and the installation of Novitec Rosso’s stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system, the output has increased to an impressive 702 horsepower with a new top speed of 211 mph, up from the standard model’s 208 mph top speed.

UPDATE 07/26/12: Nobody needs to remind Novitec Rosso about their tuning credentials. But in the event you have any doubts about their talents, feel free to check out the video of what they did to the Ferrari FF’s exhaust. Click the photo and turn up the volume, peeps!

The Ferrari 458 Italia has already received two upgrade programs from Novitec Rosso: a "standard " one and a second one called "Twins ." And now the tuner is turning their attention to the 458 Spyder . Just like with the coupe version, the roadster has also received a carbon aero kit, superlight forged wheels, an engine increase to 609 HP and a top speed of 201 mph.

The standard 458 Spyder delivers a total of 570 HP, but Novitec Rosso has added a special carbon-fiber air box with modified air routing and a high-performance exhaust system. As a result the car delivers a total of 609 HP at 9,100 rpm and a peak torque of 419 lbs-ft at 5,400 rpm.

For the exterior the tuner is offering a new front fascia upgraded with a two-piece front spoiler and side flaps, new sill skirts and a new rear spoiler lip or a rear wing. All these elements are made in carbon fiber. The car sits on a new set of 22" forged wheels combined with a hydraulic suspension system that can raise the car’s ride by 40 mm or lower it by 35 mm.

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It’s been a few years since noted Ferrari tuning company, Novitec Rosso , worked their magic on the Ferrari F430 Scuderia and in that span of time, we’ve seen a number of different versions of the program, including a special edition "Evoluzion " and even a version re-tuned by ZR Auto . Now, you can another one added to that list, courtesy of our friends over at ADV.1 Wheels. They even have a pretty cool name for it: the Airport Edition.

The tuning program that was used in this particular F430 comes courtesy of Novitec , which means that it comes with a performance upgrade featuring a high-performance mechanical supercharger and a water-cooled intercooler that takes the Italian supercar’s 4.3-liter V8 engine and bumps up the output from 510 horsepower all the way up to 717 horsepower and 532 lb/ft of torque.

With all the technical enhancements already in tow, ADV.1 Wheels fitted the Novitec-tuned F430 Scuderia "Airport Edition" with a new set of titanium-finished 19" ADV05.1 Superlight Wheels.

At the end of all the modifications, the F430 Scuderia Airport Edition can hit 0-62 mph in just 3.5 seconds with an ridiculous top speed of 211 mph. Insane numbers for a supercar looking as bonkers as this one.

Bravo, ADV.1! Bravo, indeed!

The Novitec Rosso-tuned Ferrari 458 Italia was first introduced to us last March at the Geneva Motor Show. Fast forward to today and the German automaker has released a couple of new iterations from the 458 Italia we saw last March, calling it the "Twins." No, we’re not talking about Skids and Mudflap from Transformers 2 ; we’re talking about two blazing hot Ferrari 458 Italias that were re-tuned by the world famous Ferrari tuner from Stetten, Germany.

The pair of supercars pretty much look alike, hence the name "Twins". Both carry the same red and black finish with plenty of carbon fiber details and a number of new items including a new front spoiler, flaps on both sides of the central air inlet, fender-mounted carbon fiber ventilation louvers, and carbon fiber mirror housings. About the only thing that distinguishes one from the other are the three-piece Novitec Rosso NF3 wheels with one model receiving a gloss black finish while its counterpart receives a scarlet red finish.

As for the powertrain, the 458 "Twins" received the same engine upgrade we saw in Geneva in the form of a carbon-fiber airbox, a high-performance exhaust system, and an ECU remap. All these changes took the output of the 458 Italia’s 4.5-liter V8 engine from 570 horsepower all the way up to 609 horsepower at 9,100 rpm and a peak torque from 398 lb-ft all the way up 420 lb-ft.

Novitec Rosso has even released a preview video of the 458 "Twins", which we highly advise you watch, just so you can start drooling over this pair of Italian exotics that were given the best possible German upgrades.

A lot of us have tuning companies that we like to call our favorites, or at least one of our favorites. Some of you might share different opinions, but in our case, one that stands on top is Novitec Rosso . The German tuning company has not been shy in building fabulous works in the past, and to their credit, they never rest on their laurels. Their latest piece of work is proof of that fact.

Using anAlfa Romeo 8C Spider, Novitec Rosso gave the fastest and most powerful Alfa Romeo even more reason to be feared, thanks to a new supercharger system and a stainless-steel exhaust system that takes the output of the Italian supercar from its stock 450 horsepower all the way up to 600 horsepower. The power upgrade translates to new performance numbers for the 8C Spider, particularly a new 0-62 mph time of just 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 189 mph.

On top of the supercharger and the exhaust system, Novitec Rosso also gave the 8C Spider a new water-to-air intercooler, a custom injector, and a set of 21” and 22” alloy wheels. All told, the whole package for the 8C Spider comes out at 19,900 Euros, which is about $29,400 based on current exchange rates.

Not bad for an upgrade of an Alfa Romeo 8C Spider.

It was about one year and a half ago that Novitec Rosso unveiled the 747 Package based on the Ferrari 430 Scuderia . This package brought out the good of the Ferrari with an increase of power up to 747 HP, hence the name. One would think that with Ferrari’s release of the 458 Italia , Novitec would move on from their 430 Scuderia projects and start focusing on the newer machine. This is definitely not the case as the German tuner has brought back the Scuderia with an even more menacing package. The new version of the 430 Scuderia is called the 777 Final Edition and follows along the same lines as their previous package with a boost in power and a blacked out hood and roof treatment.

The standard 4,300 cc V8 engine has been touched up with a bi-compressor kit and a new exhaust system. These additions allow the Ferrari a boost from 510 HP to a galloping 777 HP. The exterior of the vehicle looks similar to their previous package with an extreme body kit featuring plenty of carbon fiber goodies, a new set of wheels, and the same blacked out components previously mentioned. The yellow exterior paint job found in the 747 package has been switched out for a luscious red more befitting of a Ferrari.

Full details will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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