Novitec Rosso TuNero

If the 490 hp of a Ferrari F430 is not good enough for you, Novitec Rosso is now offering you a customized F430 with no less than 707 hp! And what a color! Is just me or black is just the right color for a car with such power?

Thanks to a turbocharged engine the F430 is now pumping 707 hp at 8350 rpm and a maximum torque of 720 NM at 630 rpm.

Novitec Rosso TuNero

The TuNero makes the 0 to 60 mph sprint in just 3.5 seconds and has a maximum speed of 348 km/h.

Novitec Rosso TuNero

Now lets compare this numbers with F430 Scuderia’s performance: 0 to 100 km/h: 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 320 km/h. Have mercy!

Novitec Rosso TuNero


man if there were an italian batman and robin, those would be their rides. very nice.

the barabus TKR goes 0-60 less then 2 seconds

that’s for real i know u put alot of work in to congrants

badestofthebad did you know that the bugatti is NOT the fastest car in the world?

how long have you had the ferrari and the bike?

This car is amazing, performances are crazy and what a whooping top speed of 348 km/h)!

may i get your permission to draw your car and your bike? please

oooooooo...srry i got my cars mixed up.....the bugatti has two key the second one is to unlocks "i think" 1005 horse power or something like that?

heh i think the 707 hp isn’t gonna make the color a problem smiley

Don’t get why they had to give it the ’heavy metal’ look.. doesn’t seem to fit

are u stupid bey thats suicide for the tunero...the bugatti is in a class all its own only to be rivaled by the 1100 hp twin turbo viper......that wudn’t be a challenge 4 the veyron com on think for once this does 0-60 in 3.4 the veyron does it in jus 2.5 COM ON think ppl

wow....the ME 4-12 has 1220 horse u have any new pics of the car and the bike?

700hp.. I do not think they made any topspeed test with that Ferrari. May be they should call TopGear to put it against the Veyron... only thing though is that pushing this Ferrari on a TopSpeed run might be hard on the engine that has not been engineered for that purpose.

I believe the 700HP are more for nice burn out and cool drifting on the track. fast does that ferrari F430 go?......

i’d rather the scuderia it does the basic same thing as the tunero but has less power an costs alot less

really only 3 wow.....and you have much was the bike and the ferrari? be any way do you know a the "chyrsler ME 4-12" is? cool car and bike!!!

Yes, i agree what bike is something u can’t express i words, i simply love it. It’s a bike created together with Marcus Walz; the bad news is that it will be limited to only 3 units (argh).. power: 120hp

wow thats a nice looking car and that bike i love ferraris reready but that bike just put my standerds over the whats is the bike the ferrari is the again those two where meant for each other!!!!!

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