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Although the Ferrari F430 Scuderia is already a powerful car, with a 510 hp engine capable to push it up to 320 km/h, for those who want better performance Novitec released its performance package for the Italian sports car.

Ferrari F430 Scuderia by Novitec

Featuring a high performance mechanical supercharger and a generously dimensioned water-cooled intercooler, the car develops 717 hp and and astonishing 722 Nm. With the new power increase the vehicle sprints from 0-100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds, 0-200 km/h in just 10.1 seconds, 0-300 km/h in 26.1 seconds and a top speed of 348 km/h. No words about the price yet!

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In order to make the Fiat 500 look even better, the well-known tuning company Novitec, specialised in Ferarri and Alfa Romeo cars, unveiled its new body kit for the small vehicle. Characterized by the front lip spoiler, 16 and 17 inch alloy wheels, rear roof spoiler and a double exhaust system, the small vehicle from the Italian manufacturer becomes car even more desirable.

Novitec also re-programmed the ECU of the engines and now the 1.3 JTD turbodiesel develops 83 hp, with 13 hp more than the standard, while the 1.4-liter petrol engine is now capable of developing 131 hp.

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Alfa Romeo unveiled the all-new Spider at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show. Two years after, Novitec decided is time for the roadster to become a little more sportier.

Alfa Romeo Spider by Novitec

Even if the tuner did not worked under the hood, the Novitec Spider looks a lot more fun to drive than the standard version. With a new front bumper and rear diffuser, Spider’s aerodynamics are much more underlined. In the rear Novitec also added a new stainless steel rear silencer accentuating the sound and four tailpipes (115x85 mm ovals) that make the back-end looking more aggressive.

The suspension was adjusted from 35 mm to 75 mm; and this next to 20 inch N9 multi-piece rims ensure the best drive ever.

Novitec put their hands on the latest Quattroporte and made some modifications to the car. The result is great: an updated ECU, a power optimized exhaust system and a sport coil over suspension with dual adjustment. The Novitec Maserati Quattroporte has a 413 hp power output at 7100 rpm.

Novitec, famous tuner specialized in cars from the Ferrari Ferrari and Fiat group, has put his hands on the new Fiat Bravo and made it looking more aggressive. There is also a posibility that this is the first step from an attemp of making from the Brova an aggressive and powerful car (like the Alpha Romeo GT). The Novitec Bravo features 18" or 19" wheels. Under the bonet you will get extra horse power thanks to a new T-Jet 1.4 liters Turbo (...)
Novitec unveiled the Alfa Romeo 159 powered by a a 2.4 liter turbo diesel engine that delivers 229 hp (up from 200 hp). The Novitec 159 JTD features 20" rims and Pirelli tires that completes the picture the sport aspect of by Novitec.
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Tuner Novitec has gotten their hands on the Alfa Romeo Brera yielding one impressive sports coupe. Exterior add-ons include a sportier front fascia , subtle side-skirts, and an aggresive rear apron that features gaping exhaust tips , which from the rear will let you know that this is not your ordinary Alfa Romeo. Novitec has chosen to add "Breyton style" wheels which fill out the wheel wells completely and aggressively. Now all Alfa Romeo has to do is start selling their vehicles here in the United States again so that you US enthusiasts can enjoy this automotive masterpiece.

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Small cars, with exterior serious modifications and painted in rich colors is not something new. It’s a fashion that has been around for some years in the US and even Europe. There is quite a simple explanation for this. Small auto vehicles, with small engines have reduced costs and they allow passionate teenagers a way to express their imagination and personality.

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