Opel Adam

Opel Adam

The top-of-the-line Opel Adam S made its long-awaited debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show , and from the looks of things, Opel turned in quite an impressive vehicle to serve as the Adam’s flagship model. As a series production model, the Adam S adds some muscle and sprit to the line’s already outstanding attributes as one of the best-connected small cars on the market.

That’s the important part here because the "market" has plenty of notable competitors to give the Adam a run for its money so it goes without saying that Opel needed a model that could compete with the high-powered hatchbacks knowing that the standard Adam just couldn’t cut it.

This is where the Opel Adam S comes into the picture. Sportier and far more powerful than its brethren, the Adam S the culmination of Opel turning its fashionable city car into one that comes with matching performance credentials.

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Who knew that the Adam , Opel’s little compact hatch, would turn out to be sassy ride that has caught the attention of so many athletes and musicians.

We’ve already seen what Valentino Rossi could do to the Opel Adam if you gave him free reign to customize it. Now, the German company is tapping into another famous celeb to customize the Adam: Canadian singer and photographer Bryan Adams.

Yes, this one is the Adam by Adams. Try saying that quickly five times over.

Known for his powerful ballads that dominated the airwaves in the 90’s, Bryan Adams also happens to be a well-respected photographer and it’s through this that Opel decided to team up with the singer, allowing him to take photos of the Adam for a calendar that will be called ’ADAM by Bryan Adams.

More than just taking photos, Opel also granted Adams a chance to design his own Adam, which if you ask us, looks really tantalizing in that dark camouflage finish all over its body. The special-edition Adam also features a black roof, tinted headlights, and a new set of black alloy wheels. Taken all of it together, the model explodes with an identity all its own, the kind you have a hard time getting out of your head, so much so that we wouldn’t waste a minute pouncing on one if we had a chance to do so.

Geography, though, isn’t so kind.

The special-edition Adam will be limited to just 10 units, with proceeds from the sale of all 10 models going to the Bryan Adams Foundation.

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On the surface, this may not look anything close to an attractive special edition model, but Opel , together with MotoGP star Valentino Rossi and designer Aldo Drudi, is attesting that there’s more to this Opel Adam than meets the eye.

For one, the model has been specifically dubbed the Adam & Vale for Charity, a one-off creation that was designed by no less than Rossi and Drudi themselves. A lot was put into the design of this particular Adam to make it stand out from the rest and both Rossi and Drudi put in the time to accomplish that.

The custom paint finish on the body of this Adam was derived using MotoGP as inspiration. The choice of colors — hints of silver, grey and lime green — were intentionally used to evoke the spitting image, or at least, resemblance to the world’s premier motorcycle racing series. Inside, the colorful interior cabin was equipped with Dainese leather seats with a style inspiration taken from a motorcycle suit, similar to the ones that Rossi uses when he’s out racing all over the world.

More importantly, the Adam & Vale for Charity is as its name suggest: a car that will be auctioned for charity this coming December with the proceeds benefiting the Meyer Children’s Hospital Foundation.

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Cutely named the Adam , Opel’s resident compact hatch actually looks pretty sweet for such a little car. It won’t break any speed records, but for what it represents, there’s something about the Adam that speaks to the younger generation.

It’s hip. It’s fresh. And at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show , it’s going to be reintroduced via a pair of special edition models called the Black Link and the White Link.

The pair of special edition Adams make up a pretty strong Opel contingent in Frankfurt in a week’s time. There aren’t a lot of extensive changes done to the car — no performance mods, as far as we can tell — but for what the Blank Link and the White Link will offer customers, these two models will have plenty of people buzzing once the covers are officially pulled and we see them front and center at Frankfurt.

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At the 2013 Geneva Motor Show , Opel will be unveiling not one, but two Adam concept cars. We already showed you the Adam Rocks Concept ; now it’s time for the Adam Rallye R2 to have its face time.

Built in compliance with FIA R2 regulations, the Adam Rallye R2 comes with a number of special body components Opel picked from its OPC product line. The most notable, at least when you look at the rally car closely, are the quick-release catches on the hood and tailgate and the under-ride guards on the front and rear.

Inside, you can expect a host of rally-spec interior components, including an integrated safety structure, HANS-compatible SPARCO Competition racing seats, a cockpit with an LCD gear indicator, control light and MONIT trip computer, a central control panel, a map reading light and an electric fire extinguisher.

As far as the engine is concerned, the Adam Rallye R2 is powered by a 1.6-liter ECOTEC 16V engine with variable camshaft phasing that produces 185 horsepower and 140 pound-feet of torque when adjusted to its racing configurations. In addition, the rally car also carries an adjustable chassis setup with asphalt and gravel settings, providing the kind of traction and handling needed for a rally car. The car’s brakes are taken care of by a hydraulic ‘fly-off’ handbrake to go with Brembo four-piston front brake calipers.

Full details of the Opel Adam Rallye R2 will be unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

Opel has unveiled the first teaser images for its new Adam concept car set to be unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The new Adam Rocks is an urban mini-crossover study that measures 3.7 meters (145.66 inches) long and offered in a three-door configuration.

The new Adam Rocks combines muscular proportions, with fierce design and open-air capability. When compared to a standard Adam, the new Rocks version is higher, wider, tougher and more compact. The concept features a fabric roof extending across the entire width and length of the roof, right back to the C-pillars.

The concept has been specially designed for those who want to combine the practically of urban driving with off-road capabilities.

If put into production, the new Adam Rocks will launch a new segment onto the market: open-top compact crossovers. Full details will be unveiled during the concept’s official debut at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show.

Opel’s offering to the city car segment, the Adam , is getting a race-spec version in the form of the Adam Cup Rally Car.

In announcing their return of to the motorsport world, Opel’s Adam Cup Rally Car will compete in the ADAC Opel Rally Cup as part of the ADAC Rally Masters race. It’s hardly the WRC, the highest level of rally racing in the world, but for a company that’s only returning to the rally scene after a prolonged sabbatical, the Adam Cup Rally Car is being prepared for great things.

Full race-spec details of the Adam Cup Rally Car have yet to be announced, but we do know that the car will get the full complement of aerodynamic racing components. There’s the full-on livery dress-up and a new set of wheels and tires on the body and an interior that carries a full roll cage, sport bucket seats with six-point harnesses, and a new steering wheel.

Keep an eye out on the Opel Adam Cup Rally Car next season when it officially enters competitive racing again. As a race-spec machine, the race car was built to adhere to FIA R2 regulations.

UPDATE 02/04/13: Speaking of being updated, the Opel Adam Cup Rally Car will be on hand at the Geneva Motor Show. Be sure to keep an eye out on it when it hits the stands in Geneva.

With just weeks left before the Adam ’s official debut at the 2012 Paris Auto Show, Opel has decided to release the official details on the small city car which will hit the showrooms in January 2013. The new Adam measures just 3.70 meters in length, yet is agile enough to make for the perfect car in crowded cities.

At its official launch, the new Adam will be offered with three efficient gasoline engines with power ranging from 74 to 100 HP. All of the engines will be available with an ecoFLEX technology pack including fuel-saving Start/Stop technology.

"The new Opel Adam offers lots of growth potential for our brand. We are very proud that our fashionable small car brings German engineering excellence to its segment," says Opel CEO Karl-Friedrich Stracke. "In fact, the ADAM is the only A-segment car that will be exclusively built in Germany. We are sure that it will get a fantastic reception in Paris at its world premiere in September."

UPDATE 07/11/2012: This review has been updated with the official details and images of the Opel Adam.

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Opel Adam

Since an official debut for the Adam will be made in September at the 2012 Paris Auto Show, Opel is rounding out testing for their new small hatchback and prepping it for its media release. This is no more evident than in these images taken of the unclothed Adam during a photoshoot in Spain.

The spy shots reveal the car in four exterior colors and editions, but most likely, the options list will be much longer than even that. As previously reported, the next Adam will be about 3.7 meters long and will only be offered in a three-door variant.

The small hatchback will use a small engine family of three- and four-cylinder units co-developed with Opel’s China partner, SAIC. Customers will have the option of choosing between engines with displacements from 1.0 liters to 1.4 liters with direct injection and turbocharging capabilities. The top version will get a 1.6-liter diesel and a 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline unit.

Photo-credit: J.Revuelta / Autofacil.es

Opel Adam

Opel has been testing their new "Junior" model for quite some time and now the company has set out to the Nurburgring to put in a little extra track time before its debut. Next to the series of spy shots, we can also bring in another noteworthy detail: rumors state that the future "Junior" will actually be called the "Adam" and will be officially announced on May 8th, 2012.

The future Adam will be based on a shortened version of the new platform that will also underpin the next generation Corsa . The compact car will measure about 3.70 meters long - about 15 centimeters longer than the Volkswagen Up - one of its biggest competitors next to the Fiat 500 . Opel is developing a new family of engines for the Adam, engines that we will probably also see in the next generation Opel Corsa .

The new Opel Adam will go on sale in the spring of 2013, with prices on the European market starting from about 10,000 euro, or about $13,000 at the current exchange rates.

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