Opel Astra

Opel Astra

It’s becoming such an increasing occurrence that its come to a point where you can just leave a camera running at the Nurburgring for one week and you’re bound to come across a number of new car models from a wide range of brands doing some form of testing around the track.

The latest one that we’ve discovered is a partly-camouflaged Opel Astra SportsTourer making some rounds around the Nurburgring. The car, which is scheduled to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show later this year, looks to have been built on a longer platform, making it a little more spacious than the Astra hatchback. The styling cues don’t seem to have changed much, although this newer model looks to be more aggressively designed than its predecessor.

Check out the video and see how the new Opel Astra handles the Green Hell.

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Even if it’s not one of the best models out there, the Opel Astra is no doubt one of the most successful models on the European market. So, it comes as no surprise that the German tuner, Steinmetz, has decided to improve it a bit. They have added new aerodynamic components, lowering, wheels and design elements to make the car stand out just a little bit.

The front of the Astra will see a new spoiler and a totally black front grille. Travel towards the back of the car and you will see a new roof spoiler to help with the design flow. As an option, the customer can choose designer strips to be placed down the sides in silver or anthracite along with stainless steel door handle plates. The Opel Astra was then lowered by about 30mm with the use of the FlexRide System and Watt linkage fitted to the rear axle. After all is said and done, the Astra rides away on 19" alloy wheels.

For the interior the tuner added foot mats with a stainless steel logo and sill trims of polished stainless steel.

As we said before, the Opel Astra is not the best looking ride, but it can still be considered for a tuning project now and again. Thankfully, this tuning package does add a little flavor to the blandmobile.

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Opel will bring back the GSI name in October at the 2010 Paris Auto Show where they will unveil a new top version for the very successful Astra. The GSI package will only be available for the 5-door version.

The car’s main competitor will be the Volkswagen Golf GTI which features a 2.0L 4 cylinder engine producing 200hp and 207lb.-ft. of torque. The Astra GSI will be powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine also developing a total of 200 hp leaving the consumer to base their purchase mostly on aesthetics.

The Opel GSI version will be distinguished by a re-styled front bumper, new wheel arches, a small rear diffuser, and double exhaust pipes. The interior will get two-tone leather and Recaro sport bucket seats. Are you bored yet? We are. Why don’t we just make a call and try to have it become the next Buick . We can finish it off by adding a power chair carrier and be on our way.

Oh, we forgot to mention, Opel will also be unveiling the station wagon version for the new generation Astra at the Paris Auto Show. Yawn.

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Irmscher has come with a new styling package for the 2010 Opel Astra. On the exterior the tuner added Front lower spoiler, radiator grille insert with carbon-effect upper or with aluminium-effect upper, side sills, roof spoiler hatchback and chromed number plate holder.

On the interior Irmscher added a leather package for the seats, door panels and central armrests, matte aluminium door-locking pins and sport pedals.

The car sits on 18-inch alloy wheels.

After teasing their fans , the German Automaker Opel has just revealed official details about the new Astra , a vehicle that will make its world debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. The car’s exterior is easily identifiable as an Opel, while the interior features the latest in technology.

The new Astra line-up will be full of options. There will be 8 different engine choices, all of which are shifted by six speed transmissions. The diesel options range from 1.3 to 2.0 Liters making anywhere from 95 HP up to 160 HP. While gas burners will displace from 1.4 to 1.6 Liters pumping out from 100 HP to 180 HP.

The new generation Astra is built on a whole new platform, featuring a longer wheelbase, wider track and a reengineered rear axle. Like the Insignia it comes with the fuel saving Opel FlexRide electronic aide that offers the driver the option to drive in Standard, Sport and Touring mode.

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According to the English automotive journal, AutoCar, the German GM car builder is preparing a sport hatch version of the popular Opel Astra , a sort of VXR version. No matter what badge it wears, the hot hatch should make an auto show debut sometime in 2011. The vehicle’s head designer, Malcolm Ward said that the factory hot rod “will be a very dramatic execution and very, very close to the sketch. Think about the current three door then think about where the new car will go."

The designer’s hope is to take advantage of improving the car’s aerodynamics and take full advantage of the added benefits. A lower coefficient of drag means that the VXR can use the power it is already creating to the fullest. With less resistance pushing the Opel through the air at high speeds, this VXR will accelerate faster and get better gas mileage than a brick shaped version.

The new model will feature a chopped roofline and have a much lower Cd. than any previous VXR. The front bumper has been angled to push air past the turbulent wheels and down the sides of the car. The design team included some very attractive sculpted areas surrounding the rear lights. The modeling is supposed to reduce the high pressure area that gathers behind the hatchback, cutting drag. The aerodynamicists should know, the design was perfected over 600 hours of wind tunnel testing. This kind of 21st century thinking is already transforming the shape of cars, at least Opel want to do it with some style.

Source: AutoCar

The only thing that makes sense for any automaker to do when they have a best selling vehicle on their hands, is to come up with a fun to drive variant of that very vehicle. So after the German arm of General Motors, Opel, revealed the first details on the 2010 Opel Astra hatchback version; it only made sense that the automaker announced plans for a drop-top two-seater version of the best sold Opel ever.

The new Astra Roadster will replace the current TwinTop and will compete with other lightweight open air sports cars like future Scirocco CC, Audi TT Roadster and Mercedes SLK.

The top of the line version of the new Astra Roadster will get a turbocharged 2.0 Liter engine that will deliver 270 HP and make this particular Astra able to sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in just 6 seconds before reaching a top speed of 150 MPH. Opel is also planning on releasing another version will get a downsized and turbocharged 1.4 Liter petrol burning unit for economy making 150 HP as well as an alternatively fueled 170bhp 2.0 Liter CDTI turbodiesel engine.

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Opel revealed today a new set of images and new details on the 2010 Opel Astra that will make its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Ford the interior the designers dynamic shapes and refined materialls. Everything drivers and passengers touch has been given a refined, high quality feel. In addition, Opel has created two new progressive interior color and trim combination – Spice Red and Ocean Blue – especially for the Astra.

The interior also continues Opel’s recurring wing and blade motifs. In this execution, the blade theme is expressed in details like the shape of the door grab handles and the trim for gearshift molding and steering wheel. The wing design cue is immediately evident in the warm, inviting wraparound instrument panel that embraces front seat occupants. It arcs across the cabin into the top of the door moldings.

Opel will officially bring the next generation Astra model to Frankfurt Motor Show, but before they do that the guys and girls in their PR department decided to have some fun at our expense. They released a few teaser images of their attractive little family car. These photos give new meaning to the term “teaser”. All I can say is, look at those arches.

The German GM car builder will offer a five door and a three door model, the GTC. The automaker will also release an OPC (or VRX for the Vauxhall fans ) factory hot-rod model to compete with the Volkswagen GTI in the hot hatch category. Good news for larger families and open air cruisers, Opel is considering producing a four door sedan, a full sized wagon and a convertible model for the Astra family.

The next generation Astra will share the same platform as the future Chevrolet Volt and has been engineered to accept a wide variety of gasoline and diesel power plants, including the new 1.4 Liter turbocharged four cylinder engine being developed by GM. The factory tuned OPC will feature a boosted 2.0 Liter making 240 HP. That should be enough to make the Astra a serious sport compact competitor.

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