Opel Astra

Opel Astra

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The Opel Performance Center (abbreviated as OPC) is a subsidiary of General Motors’ German Opel subsidiary, founded in 1997 to oversee Opel Opel ’s motorsports activities and develop performance versions of Opel vehicles. It performs a similar role to Holden Holden ’s HSV unit, but it is even more similar to Ford’s American Special Vehicle Team. The OPC operates as a separate German GmbH, based in Rüsselsheim (Opel’s home town).

Opel’s elegant four-door Astra sedan makes its world premiere at the Istanbul Motor Show (November 3 − 12, 2006), becoming the fifth model in the bestselling Astra range alongside the five-door hatch, station wagon, three-door GTC and cabrio-coupé TwinTop variants. “This motor show is the largest in this region, and Turkey is also one of the most important sales markets for the classic compact sedan,” says Alain Visser, Executive Director, European Marketing for Opel.

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It’s a pleasure to devote yourself to something. The result can be addiction. And it can happen fast with the Steinmetz Astra Twin Top. Exciting design with additional aerodynamic components, accessories in the interior and the wheel and tyre combinations up to 19“ rims, will have both owners and observers in raptures again. Sporting and elegant, and ready for any weather, it’s always at its best.

General Motors plans to import rebadged Opel Astra compacts to replace the Ion at the bottom of Saturn’s lineup. The imports, starting at the end of next year, will sticker at about $16,000 - approximately $3,500 above that of the 2006 Saturn Ion Saturn Ion 2 sedan, Ion’s base model. Ion production is scheduled to end in December. Importing Astras would fit GM’s strategy of repositioning Saturn Saturn as a Europeanized brand. At the New York auto show last month, GM Vice Chairman Robert Lutz said nearly all (...)
Saab hopes to make a new compact model at its plant in Trollhattan, Sweden, Reuters reported last week. Saab Saab ’s managing director, Jan-Ake Jonsson, told the Swedish news agency TT that the compact car would compete in the same segment as the BMW BMW 3 Series and Audi A3 and be built on a platform similar to that of the next-generation Opel Opel Astra. He did not say when the car would go into (...)

With its elegant, athletic figure, the Astra TwinTop stands out clearly among the new generation of hard-top cabrios. The first impression of the four-seater is reminiscent of that of a well trained athlete - not a gram of fat anywhere. Gradually the particularly elegant profile appears, confirming the Astra TwinTop as the coupé among cabrios; clean and uncomplicated lines from the arrow-shaped front end and the wedge-shape rising to the rear, to the curved roof and the taut rear end.

Elegant, dynamic styling, impressive performance plus high equipment and safety standards - all at affordable prices - are the most striking features of the new Opel Astra Coupé that goes on sale throughout Europe in spring 2000.

The economical and environmentally friendly Opel Astra 1.6 CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is the company’s second versatile series production car with a monovalent natural gas-powered engine.

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At the 2002 Burssels Motor Show, Opel launched the most powerful version yet of the Bertone designed and built Astra Cabriolet. Installed under the bonnet is the same turbocharged straight four engine that powers the Coupe Turbo. The top of the line package of the Cabriolet includes ESP, 17 inch alloy wheels and an aluminum centre consol.

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