Opel Calibra

Opel Calibra

Everyone knows that Opel is preparing to bring back the Calibra name, but an official debut is still a few years away. Until then, David Cardoso has created a very cool concept that may be a modern interpretation of the old Calibra. His concept is called Enigma and as you can see, it takes the Insignia design language to a sportier level.

The Enigma Concept is a sportive 4-seat coupe based on the platform of the Chevrolet Camaro . It will be offered with an all-wheel-drive and will be powered by the same engine as the OPC model.

When talking about his concept, David Cardoso says, that his "concept’s rear is inspired by the Insignia while the side and front have design features of the Astra GTC and the Flextreme concept."

We don’t know about you, but we would really like to see this concept put into production sometime in the near future. What do you think?

There’s been talks about the next Opel Calibra debuting for quite some time now. The vehicle has been dead since 1997 and the chances for it’s revival were as well until a few years ago. Now, the mid-size coupe will be making a little of a comeback when the Calibra gets put back on the market in 2013.

The new Opel Calibra will take its design inspiration from the GTC Concept . In fact, the New Calibra will be nothing more than a two-door Insignia , but Opel needs it if they want to create a bigger name for themselves. Unfortunately, they will have to build about 30,000 unit a year before the program is even profitable.

A GM Europe HQ source told CAR: "We would feel a lot more confident about some of these projects if Buick, Chevrolet in North and South America and Saab were sharing volumes and risk."

The new Calibra will compete with cars like the Volkswagen Scirocco and Renault Laguna Coupe . Under the hood of the new model Opel we will most likely see a wide range of engines, both gasoline and diesel from 130 hp to 250 hp.

Source: CAR

To own a luxury sports car is everyone’s dream you have to admit that! But not many of us can afford them. So what can you do? Easy! Take your regular car and make it your dream car. Like an Opel Calibra transformed into an Aston Martin DB9 by a guy in Thailand.

Of course Thai is not the language for us, but while waiting for more details on this project (they have been promised to us), take a look at the final car. You have to appreciate the guy’s effort!

This may not be the first time that you hear about a rebirth of the very successful Opel Calibra . The future European General Motors model is set to be revealed sometime in 2011, the new Calibra will compete with stylish and sporty vehicles like the Volkswagen Scirocco and will be placed in Opel’s lineup ahead of the upcoming more economical three door Astra hatchback.

The future Calibra’s design is inspired by the GTC Concept that was unveiled back at the 2007 Detroit Motor Show, with headlights heavily inspired by the new Astra. The new Calibra will be built on the automaker’s current front wheel drive Delta platform and will feature a wider track and increased wheelbase compared to the new Astra.

Under the hood, Opel will use the same set of engines as in the new Astra. Starting off with a 157 HP 2.0 Liter diesel and a 177 HP 1.6 turbo motor. Opel will also offer the range topping 2.0 Liter turbocharged power plant from the upcoming Astra VXR that will crank out over 250 HP.

Source: AutoExpress

We like coupes. They may not always be faster than their sedan counterparts, but at least they look faster.

Opel sold the Calibra between 1989 and 1997 to Europe, Austalia and South America. It was basically a Vectra with the rear doors lobbed off, but also almost made the Vectra cool. Now that Opel is making sedans that are already cool like the Insigna , an ultra-cool commuter coupe would be the perfect compliment. We picked up rumors of a new Calibra a while ago . We just assumed that since the chatter died out, so did the car. Now, according to the German magazine AutoZeitung, there is a Calibra on the drawing board for 2011.

This time is going down in size, and using the next Astra ’s platform to do battle with cars like the Volkswagen Scirocco and Renault Laguna Coupe . Under the hood of the new model Opel will likely place a wide range of engines, both gasoline and diesel ranging from 130 hp to 250 hp.

All of these specs have us excited, but there still is a dark cloud. If a new Calibra does go into production, its unlikely General Motors will put it on a boat for the U.S.

Source: AutoZeitung
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The Opel Calibra (badged as a Vauxhall in the UK and a Holden in Australia and New Zealand) was launched in 1989, a front-wheel drive coupé based around the running gear of the Opel Vectra A, (Cavalier under the Vauxhall name) which had been launched the year before.

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