Opel Corsa

Opel Corsa

The current-generation Opel Corsa received its first update back in 2010 and it looks like the company is now preparing a second one, mainly because we won’t see a fifth-generation Corsa anytime soon. The announcement was made by Opel , who said the company has no money to develop an all new car.

Even though it’s still camouflaged, the facelifted Corsa will borrow a lot of its front-end design from the recently released Opel Adam , including a wide front grille, a new wing-shaped chrome bar with the embossed Opel emblem and headlamps with wing-shaped daytime running lights. Additionally, our spy photographers caught a few snapshots of the interior and it looks like it has also been influenced by the Adam city car.

Expect to see the facelifted version of the Opel Corsa at the Frankfurt Car Show in September. Full details will be unveiled in the upcoming months.

Opel Adam

The smallest model Opel is currently selling is the Corsa , but its biggest competitor on the European market, Volkswagen, has unveiled the tiny Up! in both three and five-door variations. Now, Opel has no other choice than to work on a new model to tackle the same market. The Opel "Junior" will be placed under the current Corsa and will take on the Volkswagen Up! like it’s going out of style, which Opel hopes it does. Opel also has models like the Mini and the Fiat 500 to contend with, but those are a bit more upmarket, which may or may not be a market Opel can enter just yet.

The model is currently known as the Opel Junior , but it is believed to get the Allegra name when it is launched sometime in 2013. It will be around 146 inches long and will be sold as a 3 door version only.

It is believed that the exterior design will be inspired by the 2004 Trixx Concept, but with a more modern interpretation. For power, Opel is preparing a new range of engines that will also be used in the next generation Opel Corsa .

Opel has added a new member to it’s OPC family. It’s called the Corsa OPC Nurburgring Edition and will be limited to around 500 units. The difference between the Nurburgring Edition and the Corsa OPC will be an engine that will deliver 210 HP, instead of the standard 192 HP, and a peak torque of 169 lb-ft, as opposed to the standard 184 lb-ft. This new engine will sprint the Corsa from 0-60 mph in 6.8 seconds and will allow it to hit a top speed of 142 mph.

For the new Corsa OPC Nurburgring Edition, Opel offered a specific 10,000-kilometer test program under the toughest conditions on the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife to validate the car’s endurance and to fine-tune the chassis and drive components. Additional traction and drive stability is ensured by a mechanical multi-plate limited slip differential, a newly developed sports chassis by Bilstein, and a high-performance braking system by Brembo.

Opel – or Vauxhall , if you live in the UK – has just revealed the facelifted version of the new Corsa hatchback. Not that we’re overly excited by it, but if you just happen to be waiting for the new Corsa model to be launched, well, here it is.

If you’re hoping for something completely revolutionary with the new Corsa, you’ll be disappointed to know that the car didn’t get treated to a complete overhaul. Instead, Opel opted for a subtle restyling of the hatchback and the addition of a new EcoFlex engine. On the other hand, if you look closely enough, you’re probably going to notice that there really is something different with the new Corsa, especially on that smiling fascia mug that oddly enough, looks a whole lot like it’s competitor, the Mazda2 .

Maybe it’s just the color – Lime Green – or the smiling fascia, but we couldn’t help notice that when you put one beside the other and you take out their badges, a lot of people would probably mistake one for the other.

But hey, we’re not going to take anything from the folks over at Opel. They did a superb job with the facelifted Corsa, which leads us to think that they might end up selling a lot of these models – as per usual – when it comes out.

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Just to clarify, we’re talking soccer here people. Just in time for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Opel brings a sporty Corsa special model for fans on the road: The Corsa "Football Championship Edition" dedicated to the National German soccer team. A strange choice solely because we doubt many players can fit in Opel’s minicar, but anyways.... On June 13, Germany will play its first game at the World Championships in Group D.

This special edition is distinguished by its white paint job and black-red-gold flag inspired by the German soccer team’s colors. The supermini rolls through the soccer field on high-gloss black-edition 17-inch wheels and illuminates the late night games with dark tinted headlights and tail lights.

The interior gets sport seats, aluminum sports pedals, leather steering wheel, center console in piano black, and white framed fan nozzles. The standard equipment list includes: air conditioning, stereo CD radio with steering wheel controls, electric front windows and central locking with radio remote control.

The German automaker Opel has released a competition inspired special edition Corsa Color Race for the European market. Built as an homage to the Rallye Kadett B Sprint from the early 1970s, the three door Corsa is covered in Sunny Melon Yellow paint that is offset by a standard black hood and tailgate with the checkered flag motif on either body panel as a color matching accent. If the classic shade of sunshine isn’t quite our cup of tea Opel is going to offer the Corsa Color Race in Casablanca White and Magma Red as well. The factory prepped hot hatch sits on a set of 17 inch alloy wheels to complete the exterior styling while on the inside the special edition Opel gets a panoramic sunroof, leather wrapped steering wheel and color matching accent stitching for the seats as well as the A/C vent bezels. The Corsa Color Race will be made with a variety of fuel efficient power plants including a 1.4 Liter gas burning engine of either the 87 HP or 100 HP variety as well as the diesel burning top of the line 1.7 Liter four cylinder CDTI making a total of 130 HP.

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The German GM builder Opel presented the all new special edition Corsa Color Edition, a greener compact with a sporty appearance and a more colorful personality. The Opel Corsa Color Edition is only available in the Corsa ’s three door hatchback body and is available in a few attractive colors with equally as enticing names like: Black Sapphire, Casablanca White, Sunny Melon and Magma Red. What is even more appealing is that Opel is also offering the Black Sapphire roof to offset any of the other moro brilliant shades of the rainbow.

Opel Corsa Color Edition

The Opel Corsa Color Edition is also a well equipped little package for the European market with standard features like aluminum pedals, sport bucket seats, leather wrapped multifunction steering wheel with integrated CD and MP3 player controls for the radio, air conditioning and an airbag equipped safety package. On the outside the Corsa Color Edition is distinguishing by its black grill, blacked out headlight and taillight housings, chrome exhaust tip. However we feel that the 16 inch ten spokers that go the furthest towards transforming the Opel Corsa Color Edition from a sporty grocery getter into a truly hot hatch.

Next January Opel will come out with new version of their successful Corsa hatchback. Changes for 2010 will include: a new array of engines, improvements to the chassis and recalibration to the steering. As usual, Opel will be offering the new Corsa in two versions: the first is a sporty coupe like three door and the other a family friendly five door model.

Opel Corsa

The new range of power plants will include two gasoline engines: a 1.2 Liter and 1.4 Liter Twinport variants as well as two different diesel options: a 1.7 CDTI and 1.3 CDTI ecoFLEX with fuel consumption ranging between 5.0 and 5.5 liter/100 km, about 50 MPG, with a maximum CO2 emissions of only 129 g/km, a number that is very low.

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The German automaker, Opel, has just revealed their latest special edition tuner creation, the Corsa Color Edition. Starting at 14,995 euros, the sporty Corsa is the perfect platform for entry level automotive enthusiasts to start with, and then make of it what they will.

The new Corsa Color Edition features big black 17 inch alloy wheels that are also available in silver, dark tinted rear taillights, a blacked out grill and chromed exhaust tips. Under the hood there is a 1.2 Liter version of GM’s ECOTEC four cylinder engine that makes a reasonable 80 HP.

However, the most attractive feature of the special edition Opel is the roof, the contrast between the all white body and the blacked out roof is one of those touches more often reserved for high priced vehicles like Audis and Mercedes Benzs. Either way, the Corsa Color Edition would make a great tuner car.

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Opel Corsa received a new package from the German tuner Lexmaul, a tuner who specializes in German vehicles. The kit features new side skirts, front grille, a front lip spoiler, a rear air diffuser, new exhaust tip and a 2-piece roof spoiler.

2008 Opel Corsa by Lexmaul

If you could pick up a Corsa in the U.S., the new package would cost around $1,200. Other options include new alloy wheels in 16, 17, 18 or 19-inch or an ECU update (that’s another $1,200).

Models who find a small car sexy sold separately.

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