Opel Insignia

Opel Insignia

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Next to the Insignia Sport Tourer, Opel is also testing a new addition to the Insignia family: a Cross Four version aiming against models like VW Passat Alltrack or Audi Allroad. This decision shouldn’t be such a surprise for you considering that in Europe offering Off-Road look on wagons has become very popular.

This car was in fact previewed by Opel ’s in house tuner Irmscher back in 2011, but now Opel finally decided to make it official in order to improve sales on the Insignia . The new Cross Four version will be based on the Insignia Sport Tourer version, but it will add a raised ground clearance, bigger wheels, black flared fenders and different bumpers with aluminum details. There will also be different and wider side sills.

We expect the new Cross Four version to arrive in the same time with the revised Insignia lineup, so keep an eye on the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Posted on by Simona  
Opel Insignia

The revised version of the current generation Opel Insignia was caught testing for the last time back in February during extreme winter conditions. Now, the company took the Sports Tourer version out for a new testing session, but this time on the German roads.

As you can see the Insignia Sports Tourer started to loose its camouflage revealing more on the updates it will receive. Still, Opel decided to keep hiding the parts that will receive most of the updates: headlights, engine hood, front and rear bumpers. Opel will also offer some minor updates on the interior, including new materials and improved technologies.

Rumors suggest that the company will also work on some improvements under the hood, focusing on reducing the fuel consumption and lowering CO2 emissions.

Expect the revised Opel Insignia to be unveiled in September at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Opel Insignia

Along with the other Insignia models: standard sedan and OPC version , we will also see a facelift applied to the Sports Tourer (station wagon). Our spy photographers caught the car testing again, but this time during extreme winter testing.

As you can see, the station wagon version, just like the sedan, is camouflaged only in the parts that are going to be updated: front and rear. The front fascia will be updated with a modified set of headlghts, more elegant lines on the hood, plus new bumpers. Same treatment will also be applied to the rear, where the taillights will be redesigned. For the interior, Opel prepared some new materials and improved technology.

As for the engine lineup, rumors suggest we will see some upgrades in order to lower CO2 emissions.

Expect the revised Insignia to be unveiled at a major show this year.

Opel Insignia

It’s been a while since we brought you any details on the revised version of the Opel Insignia , but today the car has been caught testing again — this time during cold weather testing. When compared to the previous prototypes, the new one features its correct lights for the very first time. Also, if you take a closer look, you will notice the rear lights feature a chrome strip from side to side, just like on the new Cascada Convertible .

Other updates to the exterior include redesigned bumpers, a revised grille and a new hood. The interior will also be updated with a bigger satnav/info screen, as well as newly shaped air outlets on the dash. Under the hood, we expect to see new engines with improved fuel mileage.

Expect the new Opel Insignia to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, which kicks off on March 7th and runs through the 17th.

After bringing the standard Insignia facelift out for a few test runs, Opel is now testing the OPC version of the sedan in its new version. The model is expected to be launched along with the standard version, sometime at the end of 2012.

Just like the standard model, the exterior changes for the Insignia OPC version will be minimal. They will include newly designed bumpers with different air intakes, a new grille, a new rear bumper, and new tail-lamps.

The interior will also be redesigned and will get a larger satnav/info screen with new buttons placed on top of the screen. The air outlets are newly shaped with a chrome strip around them, while the dashboard will receive more chrome in order to make it look more exclusive.

Under the hood, Opel will mostly focus on improving the car’s fuel economy, even though it is very possible to see some improvements for the 325 HP 2.6 Liter V6 engine.

Opel Insignia

Back in April the facelift version of the Opel Insignia has been caught testing for the first time and it looks like Opel took it out again, this time during some hot weather testing in Southern Europe. This could be one of the latest testings for the new Insignia considering the car is expected to be unveiled in September at the Paris Auto Show.

This time our spy photographers have caught testing both the sedan and the Sports tourer versions. As you can see from these spy shots, the changes are focused on re-designed bumpers, front head lights, grille and rear lights. The rear lights on these prototypes are just build for test purpose without giving away the finished version that are likely to be LEDs.

Rumors say that Opel will also be offering a few changes under the hood where the engine line-up will receive some upgrades in order to reduce the fuel economy.

Shortly after its official launch, the Insignia became one of the most successful models in Opel ’s line-up. And even if the car has only been on sale for just four years, the company is already offering a revised version for the Insignia. The model will be making its world debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, but the first details are already out.

The revised Insignia will feature updated headlamps, revised front bumper with bigger and lower air intakes, and for the rear different light clusters and a new bumper. For the interior Opel will offer an updated center console, a new steering wheel and higher quality materials. Customers will also get a new 8-inch touchscreen display.

Under the hood Opel will place new, more powerful and ultra-efficient direct injection engines.

On the German market the revised Insignia will be priced from €24,325 - about $33,000 at the current exchange rates.

Updated 06/12/2013: This review has been updated with the official details, images and specs.

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Opel has unveiled a new special edition Insignia OPC on the European market. It is called "Unlimited" and the best part about it is that it comes with the removal of the 155 mph limiter. In Germany, prices start from 48,605 euro, or about $70,000 at the current exchange rates.

The new Insignia OPC Unlimited will be distinguished from the standard OPC version by a blue Brembo logo and a newly-designed tachometer and speedometer. A special edition of the vehicle is also planned with a matte black wrapping.

Under the hood, everything will remain the same with the only exception being that it comes equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission and can hit a top speed of 167 mph.

"We are responding to frequently expressed customer wishes," says Alain Visser, Vice President Sales, Marketing and Aftersales at Adam Opel AG. "Insignia OPC buyers are generally experienced and responsible drivers who want to enjoy the full technical possibilities of their car."

Traditionally, when two cars go on a race, the thinking is that both cars should be evenly matched. After all, when only two cars are involved, it doesn’t make sense to have one be superior to the other, otherwise, why do it in the first place.

Opel ’s new promo video featuring the all new Insignia sees it go face-to-face with one of the brand’s most iconic rally cars, the Opel Ascona 400, the last rear-wheel drive rally car that won the WRC World Championship way back in 1982.

So ok, it’s not really a fair race considering that the Ascona is close to hitting 40 years old but it sure made for an entertaining watch as the historical rally car went up against the new Insignia – a car that comes with an optional Adaptive 4x4 system on the 220HP 2.0-liter version and a standard 4x4 system on the 2.8 V6 Turbo and OPC variants.

Manning the wheels of the Ascona 400 is rally legend Christian Geistdörfer while Sina Winkelhock, a budding racer in her own right, is behind the wheel of the Insignia in this race on ice. Like we said, there’s really no suspense as to what car will take the chequered flag, but if you want to see the slick manoeuvrability of the Insignia - even under less-than-ideal road conditions – then you should definitely give this video a look.

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As surprising as it may sound, the German car builder Opel has been setting speed records since the 1920s, one such occurrence featured Fritz Von Opel piloting his rocket powered RAK 2 to an estimated 149 MPH at Berlin’s Avus racetrack. Not ones to leave history alone, the Opel tuners at Steinmetz brought a modified Insignia Sports Tourer OPC to the Nardo Ring the other day where it hit a record speed of 178.5 MPH to become the fastest street legal Opel ever. Steinmetz started off by upgrading the OPC’s cooling system with a modified intercooler before installing a larger turbo complete with a full 3 inch exhaust to let the engine breathe easier, reduce back pressure and eliminate turbo lag. In order to account for the added boost, Steinmetz has installed a set of high flow fuel injectors and then reprogrammed the engine’s electronics so that everything stays in working order. The end result is an Insignia wagon that makes 400 HP and 405 lb-ft of torque that has just become the fastest Opel of all time.

RAK 2 video and press release after the jump.

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