2005 Opel Meriva

The multi-variable five-seater with 180-hp turbo engine and a top speed of 137 mph is not only a new variant in the Opel model range, it also creates a sporty minivan segment.

180 hp ensures superior performance and is currently the most powerful produc-tion turbo unit in its displacement class. The 1.6-liter ECOTEC’s maximum torque of 169 lbs-ft is available in a wide band from 2200 to 5500 rpm. Along with the six-speed manual gearbox and sport chassis, this forms the basis for the minivans´s exciting drive. The Meriva OPC accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 8.1 seconds and has a top speed of 137 mph.

112.5 hp per liter. The technical highlights include a fast-reacting water-cooled turbo-charger integrated in the exhaust manifold, air-cooled intercooler, sodium-cooled exhaust valves, oil-spray cooling of the pistons, a reinforced crankshaft and friction-reduced drive of the 16-valve unit’s camshafts. An additional primary catalytic converter close to the engine ensures rapid exhaust-gas treatment after starting the vehicle.

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