2012 Opel Astra GTC by Irmscher Sports

The countdown to the Frankfurt Motor Show is beginning to heat up with each passing day as more and more auto brands and tuning companies are coming out with their offerings for this year’s event.

The latest tuning firm to introduce their Frankfurt-bound project is German tuner, Irmscher . Having established a reputation as one of the best aftermarket companies for Opel vehicles, Irmscher will be bringing their new customization project for Opel’s resident hot hatch, the all-new 2012 Astra GTC.

To begin with, Irmscher’s new Astra GTC program features styling cues that include a new front apron, redesigned upper and lower grilles, new side sills, a large roof spoiler, a new rear diffuser, and a choice of several alloy wheels that measure up to 21". The car’s interior also gets a few minor improvements, including a fresh leather upholstery and aluminum trim and pedals.

Irmscher made sure to improve the Astra GTC’s handling by adding a new sport suspension that offers a lowered ride height of 30 mm. Then there’s the performance modifications, which are pretty much the meat and bones of the tuning firm’s program for the Astra GTC. Thanks to a Stage 1 performance kit on the car’s 1.6-liter turbocharged gas engine and a new stainless-steel exhaust system with quad exhaust tips, Irmscher was able to spike the hot hatch’s output from 180 horsepower and 170 lb/ft of torque all the way up to 212 horsepower and 202 lb/ft of torque.


It looks very luscious on that glossy body paint. It is very stylish and elegant. But I am not satisfied with its engine.

I am so impressed with this Opel Astra GTC platform design; their design is really unique; I can’t wait for the further updated news about this car. 2012 is not really a long wait! So excited about this car!

It looks very luscious on that glossy body paint. Moreover, I also find it so sexy on the design of its side rims even on its wheel. However, I’m not satisfied with its engine.

As for the exterior appearance of it, I can absolutely say that it is already striking and looking so awesome on that body paint and aesthetic design, but I’m quite wondering also with its interior.

I wonder if it also had an impressive interior feature and amenities that will really be fitted on its elegant exterior appearance. Anyway, the 1.6 liter turbo charged gas engine that can deliver 212 horsepower is quite impressive on it.

Opel Astra GTC very stylish and elegant. I Like the black alloy wheel and the bumper part of the car project very well and customized.

Okey, this one is really had the good looks, and I must say that the sporty looks of it is very cool and awesome, but I don’t think that 212 horsepower of this one will give a better performance.

This one is the most impressive and awesome sedan that I saw! The color is really cool even the front design. I simply love it for having a sporty looks.

Any update on how’s it going on the sales of Opel Astra? I fins it more likely in Mazda 3 cars, unless Astra performs well on the road.

The car lines seems very appealing on it and it is already looking great on its hot color. Opel Astra will surely stand out on its exterior look, seems so perfect!

A real impressive car indeed! I love the sporty and unique exterior of this Astra GTC, it is so refreshing to see cars like this and it already looks good with its color.

I am so impressed with this Opel Astra GTC platform design, their design is really unique, I can’t wait for the further update news about this car. 2012 is not really a long wait! So excited about this car!

A few more days, it will be the much-awaited Frankfurt Auto Show. Well, I do like the sporty look of the car and the classy background it delivers. This hatchback coupe will surely be an eye catcher because of the new features they provide like the new front grills and roof spoiler.

Irmscher Sports has made an awesome modification in the exterior of the car. I have to agree that this aftermarket company have made an impressive modification on its aerodynamic kit.

The styling was great in both exterior and interior. I love the awesome modification in the aerodynamic kit of the car as well as its figure performance.

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