2013 Opel Astra

A few weeks ago, our spy photographers were able to capture a series of spy shots for the upcoming Opel Astra sedan , but it seems as though Opel is also preparing a facelift version for their hatchback version. Proof of that is in this new set of images of a prototype of that hatchback version as it performs some necessary winter testing.

The front of the car is being hidden under the camouflage which means there will be a redesigned front bumper, although the headlamps look the same. The rear lights may also get some changes in its graphics, but this prototype seems to be carrying the current ones. LED technology will most likely be adopted for both headlamps and the tail-lamps, but there are no details indicating this at this point.

There are no details about the engine line-up, but it should remain unchanged: there will be eight different engines mated to a six speed transmission. The diesel options will range from 1.3 to 2.0 Liters producing anywhere from 95 HP up to 160 HP. The gas burners will displace from 1.4 to 1.6 Liters and will pump out anywhere from 100 HP to 180 HP.


It’s final look won’t be much of a surprise anymore.

The camouflage doesn’t really do a good job of making its exterior a surprise.

This doesn’t look like real. Do you think it’s because of the camouflage? It’s just looked ordinary on me. 

Apparently, I shouldn’t be judging its appearance yet when it still has the camouflage as I’m already assuming that it won’t look good. Nevertheless, it should really better have a pompous part or feature.

To me, it’s unattractive as ever. It’s probably the performance that brought it closer to consumers.

I will not judge until I see that covered part. The revealed components are unappealing though.

It’s not like the difference has largely affected it. The new look is really pleasant though.

The minimal changes are disappointing. Why won’t they add something completely new?

Had it changed or not? They are still producing the Astra because there are consumers who patronizes the car.

You can barely tell the difference with its camouflage. I wonder what they stored in those? Gem-studded bumper?

What will be the benefit of it if they didn’t change anything under its hood? Well, its facelift self is better.

You guys are only looking at the physical look of the Astra; what if it has more to offer under its hood which will be beneficial to us?

I own an old Astra. The only change made on its exterior is the curve of its rear. I wonder what’s new under the hood?

I agree with Lala_Roux. Would its appeal dramatically change once it is unveiled?

Even with its bumper camouflaged, I can clearly see how typical-looking it is. We can only depend its fame upon its performance.

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