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Welcome to the tuning world, EDS! Unheralded, small-time, and maybe even a little known to a lot of us, the German tuning firm recently caught our attention for the work they did on turning an otherwise mundane Opel Astra into some piece of work.

Combining a powerful performance upgrade with a few aerodynamic touches, EDS’ tuned-up Opel Astra Turbo has become the personification of a lion trapped in a deer’s body.

Make no mistake, the Astra’s stock 1.6-liter turbocharged engine with 180 horsepower is no slouch by every definition of the word. But when you add a comprehensive engine tune-up that includes a new Garret GT28 turbo-charger, a new sports exhaust system, a new manifold, and an ECU optimization, then you get a car that bumps up its overall output to an incredible 360 horsepower and 354 lb/ft of torque.

Not to be outdone by the attention being given to the modified engine under its bonnet, EDS also gave the Astra a number of aerodynamic upgrades, including new black grilles on the front, side sill, a new rear apron with a diffuser and quad tail pipes, and a set of 20” wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero - 235/35ZR20 in the front and 275/30ZR20 at the back – high-performance tires.

All told, the changes done by EDS on the Astra Turbo aren’t something that should be taken lightly, lest you happen to see one on your mirror and it proceeds to leave your car eating its dust.

For an upstart tuning firm from Germany, EDS certainly did their homework on the Astra Turbo, and the result certainly speaks for itself.

The production version of the Opel Ampera hasn’t even made its debut yet (its scheduled to show up at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show) and already the German General Motors division is marketing the vehicle towards the German Polizei. An electric vehicle doesn’t seem to be a logical choice for a police fleet, but in time everyone will be rocking the green movement, so why not start by making it wear some blue.

The Ampera is powered by a 16-kWh, lithium-ion battery making it 100% emission-free on the road. For any bad guys hoping the car will run out of juice during a pursuit, the Ampera is ready for action with a gasoline engine serving as a secondary source of energy. This engine also generates electricity for the vehicle, giving the Ampera an autonomy of over 500 kilometers (310 miles). Of course, catching up with those same bad guys will take some savvy driving considering the Ampera only has a top speed of just 160km/h (99mph) with a 0-100km/h (0-62mph) time of a time-consuming 9.0 seconds

Before the car makes it official debut in Geneva, Opel is offering its customers the opportunity to reserve their Ampera with a edposit of only 150 euro (about $203 at the current rates). There will be different models depending on the market, and prices will start from 36,050 euro (about $48,704 at the current rates).

Opel – or Vauxhall , if you live in the UK – has just revealed the facelifted version of the new Corsa hatchback. Not that we’re overly excited by it, but if you just happen to be waiting for the new Corsa model to be launched, well, here it is.

If you’re hoping for something completely revolutionary with the new Corsa, you’ll be disappointed to know that the car didn’t get treated to a complete overhaul. Instead, Opel opted for a subtle restyling of the hatchback and the addition of a new EcoFlex engine. On the other hand, if you look closely enough, you’re probably going to notice that there really is something different with the new Corsa, especially on that smiling fascia mug that oddly enough, looks a whole lot like it’s competitor, the Mazda2 .

Maybe it’s just the color – Lime Green – or the smiling fascia, but we couldn’t help notice that when you put one beside the other and you take out their badges, a lot of people would probably mistake one for the other.

But hey, we’re not going to take anything from the folks over at Opel. They did a superb job with the facelifted Corsa, which leads us to think that they might end up selling a lot of these models – as per usual – when it comes out.

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The Opel Antara is entering the 2011 model year with a revised powertrain line-up, exterior styling, and interior updates. Sales will begin at the end of the year.

On the exterior the new Antara gets new, front grill with bold logo, redesigned fog lights together with chrome bezels and a well-blended pedestrian protection, modified rear lights and optional 19-inch light-metal wheels. On the interior it gets a new center console with extra storage solutions, new materials and added interior and exterior colors, an optimized instrument graphic and effective interior lighting.

The engine line-up includes a newly-developed 2.2 CDTI Turbo diesel offered in two versions: 163 HP and 184 HP. A 2.4 liter, four-cylinder engine with 170 HP will also be available. All engines are offered in in front-wheel or all-wheel drive and comes as manual or automatic six-gear transmission. The model also gets a re-worked chassis that offers dynamic handling and excellent traveling comfort.

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Opel has released today the first details on the GTC Paris, a concept car that previews the future Astra GTC - Opel’s competitor for models like Volkswagen Scirocco or the future Hyundai Veloster .

The 4.46 meters concept was inspired by the Richard Bach’s famous novel, Jonathan Livingston Seagull "…and the speed was pure beauty." It’s design was inspired by the Insignia sedan and is defined by "maximizing tension by limiting the amount of lines:" intense, very slim eagle-eye shaped headlamps, a chrome emblem bar, a dramatic low trapezoidal grill. Of course elements like LED running lights / tail lights and rides on 21-inch rims won’t make it to production, but the concept its just pure beauty.

Under the hood Opel placed a four-cylinder, 2.0 liter Turbo with direct injection fitted with Start/Stop technology and a six-speed manual gearbox.

Opel’s Vice President of Design Mark Adams said: "We wanted to express the most emotional side of the Opel brand and we believe this vehicle creates an appropriate visual impact to reinforce our dynamic sporty character."

Updated 09/24/2010: Opel has unveiled today new images and two video of the GTC Paris, but also the concept’s specifications. The GTC Paris features a twin-scroll turbo-charged four-cylinder engine with direct injection - a range-topping 2.0-liter Turbo equipped with a six-speed manual transmission. The engine delivers a total of 290 HP. Check the gallery to see all the new images.

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Opel confirmed that they would be placing a new small car below the Corsa . The “Made in Eisenach” will be revealed in 2013 and sounds like it will be something of a city car. It is going to be small, fuel efficient, and geared towards urban areas. A battery-electric version for zero emission might also be developed later on down the road.

"This new product will be an important element in our growth strategy" said Reilly. "Along with other new vehicles, such as the upcoming electric Ampera, a sporty coupe and a small SUV, we will significantly expand our product lineup in the future and offer customer choices in several more segments."

The future car will be built at the Eisenach plant, where the company has already invested €90 million. It flows along nicely with their growth plan which they have been introducing to the public bit by bit. Their goal is to strengthen each of their plants, including the engine plant in Szentgotthard, Hungary where they will be producing three new engines. These engines will meet the Euro 6 emissions standards, add direct injection to gasoline powertrain, secure a low power/weight ratio, provide smooth running, and substantially reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

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The Opel brand has been fairly big in Europe, despite its financial troubles. That being said, the nameplate isn’t that well known outside of continental Europe. That might soon change.

General Motors hopes to use the brand’s brilliant product lineup to attack consumers in China, South America, and Australia, according to Deutsche Welle in Germany. GM hopes to establish Opel as a premium brand.

Last year, the automaker sold 4,000 vehicles in China, as part of its preparation efforts for expansion into the country. The brand will be marketed as a European premium brand, as there are more and more people who can afford such a vehicle in China.

It should be interesting to see what becomes of Buick in China, as they were usually just Opels with a new badge. As we all know, Buick is very popular there, so GM needs to be careful not to hurt that market.

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With North America taken care of, General Motors is turning its attention to the European market, where the company is struggling with high operating costs with its Opel and Chevrolet brand.

The European vehicle lineup is a bit different when compared to the one in America. Where as its American lineup was outdated and uncompetitive a few years ago, the European products are just fine. The Opel Insignia was 2009’s European Car of the Year and the Astra was third in 2010.

Instead of product failures, it’s the high operating costs and mediocre sales that are hurting the company. On top of that, GM’s increased emphasis on importing cars from Korea has lowered production costs.

GM of Europe has seen its market share in Germany plummet to 8 percent during the first quarter of 2010. On the plus side, an increased demand for Chevrolet in the United Kingdom has seen the company’s European market share climb by 0.6 percent.

During the second quarter, GM did manage to reduce losses, but it was at a terrible cost. There were massive job cuts - around 8,000 people - and the closure of a plant in Belgium. Many believe this, and GM’s overall downturn, has hurt the brand’s image. GM even tried to sell Opel, but they changed their minds.

Source: Detroit News
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Opel will take the covers off of the Astra GTC later this year at the Paris Motor Show . We don’t have many details at this point, but the GTC Paris will be a concept car, which will preview a production model that we will see in Geneva in 2011.

Opel says that “And the speed was pure beauty,” a line from the novel Jonathan Livingston Seagull inspired the Astra GTC Paris.

So far, Opel has only released one photo of the car, which shows the outlandish design and the GTC Paris’ logo.

Opel insiders are saying that this new model will be shapelier than anything else in the range. This means that it could rival the Volkswagen Scirocco , rather than the Golf. By looking at the photos, it appears that the GTC will be in the middle of those two, using Scirocco looks with a GTI sporty roofline.

There will likely be a 230-250 horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged General Motors four-cylinder under the hood. We also expect a three-door and a five-door to be available.

We are hoping that the GTC will come to the United States as a Buick, but that is more a wild and crazy idea than anything else.

The Astra Sports Tourer will also be shown at the auto show, along with the new Meriva .

The advent of 3D technology has spurned a new wave of marketing and advertising efforts that are centered on making products a tad more realistic to the eye. And what better way to do that to have the public sport on a pair of 3D glasses to watch a three-dimensional commercial.

Without these glasses, however, Opel’s new Meriva crossover commercial is nothing more than your average advertisement, except for the fact that it’s got red and blue hues all over it. Not exactly the kind of commercial you’d want to see when you’re sporting a massive headache. However, if you can cop a pair of 3D glasses - you can even make one if you’re that desperate - then you’re going to enjoy this commercial, which seems to put as much face time on the Meriva as it does on all the 3D-ness it comes with. Either way, 3D’s a brand new advertising approach that hasn’t been done a whole lot before. Knowing how technology works these days, this Opel Meriva 3D commercial just may be the first of new armada of 3D commercials that will hit your TVs and computers.

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