2005 Orca C113

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You may well have never heard of the Orca C113 Orca C113 , but this killer whale can sure make a splash on the racetrack. The supercar was designed and built by Rene Beck of the Orca Engineering company based out of Liechtenstein, Sweden. Many people have the dream of creating their own supercar, but few are ever able to take that dream and create something of it. This specific model of the Orca took nearly fifteen years from inception to production and was first introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 2003.

As with many supercars, the overall idea is quite simple. Keep the weight down, use aerodynamic architecture, and have plenty of power under the hood. Through the hard work of Rene Beck and several other aftermarket tuning companies, the Orca came from concept car to production model in 2005. Its shape was reminiscent of other supercar greats from Lamborghini and of smaller firms like Mosler.

The use of a heavily modified Audi sourced V8 and the lightweight construction have made this car one of the fastest on the road. Albeit, the top speed has never been “officially” tested, the company claims that the car will top out around 224mph.

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Orca C113

The exterior of the Orca is certainly striking and its introduction at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show did not go unnoticed. The car was quite different in 2003 than the current model, but underlying systems remained intact. After its initial introduction, the company moved to its current location in search of more investment dollars. Producing your own high-end, limited production supercar is not cheap and the company had no previous background.

The modular design of the car allowed it to be constructed in several sections. The use of carbon-fiber and nomex components not only makes it lightweight, but highly durable as well. Furthermore, each panel is individually removable so that maintenance can be performed without hassle. The body consists of ten large pieces screwed into the structure. Aluminum is also used extensively in the chassis for strength and durability.

Three different versions of the Orca were available at one time or another including a convertible and super lightweight racing model. Of the latter, only seven individual cars were built. The Orca Orca remains a limited production car as is, with the company only finishing several hundred throughout its run. The exotic feel of the car is capped off by Lamborghini style scissor doors.


Orca C113

The tuning company most touted for their Audi expertise, MTM , was brought on board to help develop the engine for the Orca. The car shown at the Geneva Show used a Volvo Volvo 2.3-liter T5 engine, but that simply was not enough. Partnering with Ford was also an option at one point in time, but Ford saw the Orca as a direct competitor to its GT40 program and thus backed out. When Orca turned to MTM, it became a beneficial partnership considering the large network and knowledge that MTM possessed.

Orca decided to use an Audi 4.2-liter V8 engine as the basis, but then added twin-turbochargers. The end result became a monstrous engine producing 641hp at 5,400rpm. The turbo’s provided 11.6 psi of pressure so that the engine could make this massive number and propel the 1,800 lb. car to well over 200mph.

Another reason that the car is able to travel at such high velocities is thanks to its suspension system. The double wishbone setup front and rear became the best setup for the application and also incorporated coil springs and alloy uprights. Orca used a CNC machine to make each piece of the all-aluminum suspension and also covered them with a layer of carbon-fiber for added protection. Speeding at 200mph requires some serious stopping power as well and cross-drilled carbon composite brakes stand ready at all four corners to bring the big whale to a stop quickly.


Orca C113

The Orca C113 was built in limited numbers and production has ceased. The original cost of this car would have been in the neighborhood of $200,000


Orca C113

The most compelling competition to this vehicle would have been the American Supercar, the Saleen S7 . With both of these cars being personal projects developed under close supervision of the company owners, they have a certain shared history. They are both limited production models, although many more Saleen models were built, and they are the epitome of high performance. The Saleen S7 used a 7.0-liter Ford Racing 427 V8 engine that produced 550hp. The original car was capable of reaching 200mph, but that is substantially below the claimed top speed of the Orca. Hardly due to pressure placed upon it by the Orca, Saleen Saleen developed a twin-turbo version of the S7 that made 700hp and could nearly reach 250mph. Both of these cars display high performance and speed in its purest form and both were individually crafted to represent their respective owners belief of what a supercar should be.

Orca C113
  • Exotic look
  • One-off Custom Parts
  • Powerful and reliable Audi engine
  • High price
  • Limited-Production
  • Outdated vs. other supercars


I don’t like the platform and even the other detailing of this vehicle. I think it was over designed on that. However, I’m glad that it has an impressive engine which has a powerful output of 641 hp at 5,400 rpm.

Why does it need to have lots of air intake? I also noticed that it looks too broad and heavy for a sports car and sorry to say, but it doesn’t really look great neither good for me.

I like the color they used for this car, but I think they did not use a carbon fiber for this one, so I doubt its reliability. One good thing on this car is the removable parts of the car. It is easy to repair if ever. HAHA

This is not a typical racing prototype, it was said that its a exotic supercar, so I guess there’s no wrong in asking for a better look than its current styling. However, the boost performance of this car is quite impressive for a v8 engine!

Thank goodness that this car is not a hideous collaboration of sportscar. Well, I guess its better to describe this car as exotic than saying its quite ugly! The lightweight of this car makes it to perform amazingly and I bet that’s what you get from Porsche and Audi’s engine.

The good thing about racing car is that we can’t expect a good look from them but a high speed performance. Well, for this car, I’m thankful that the production version is kind of reliable though I hope an aftermarket company would enhance its platform.

This car definitely has an powerful and reliable engine though it doesn’t have a good design! However, I like its convertible bonnet. I bet the aftermarket production would enhance the look of this car.

this one seem to look like a member of the transformers, looking at its design we can prove that its really light, its unique but too expensive smiley

Yes, this car is weightless and if you could noticed also the performance of this
car is far better than the 458 Italia and the price is cheaper as well. However, the design
is not that sporty.

Oh please! i don’t want to see myself drive around on this car. I don’t like how it looks and with that price I could actually buy a good car out of it.

For me, the cool thing about this car is its folded body though the design of the exterior is not that impressive!

Yup, the numbers that this cars have are still pretty impressive and are a good indicator that it would still be able to perform at its peak. Now, if we can only get it to race.

I would agree that the weight is definitely going to be a big factor for this one. But going through the other specifications, I think this one would still be a good match for the newer models.

This does 0-60 in 2.9. Orca sc7 does 0-60 in 2.4 and its 850 hp, 1850lb, 249pmh top speed..

The design doesn’t look cool at all but I have a feeling that it will perform good since it been using the Audi engine.

I am definitely in for the looks of this one, which would still have heads turning. Though I am quite concerned about the engine output, which really isn’t that much for a car of this type.

NOTICE that the car weigh only 1,800LBS!! Just look at the weight of the new modern super cars and see the difference. BTW I like how the engine is mounted.

Yeah the design looks so exotic but not in the beautiful way. I still find it kind of odd though I can see the figure performance of this car fantastic!

For a 2005 model, it actually still has some pretty impressive specs. But I definitely doubt if this one is able to compete with the newer models.

Hmm, the car looks a bit too boxy to me. But I am not surprised, considering that the design of this one dates back to 2005, so it is a bit old school.

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