2013 Fornasari Gigi

So what happens when an Aston Martin Zagato, a 2000s Thunderbird , and an Austin Healy all get tipsy on high octane fuel and have one wild night? You get the newest retro sports car by custom car builder Fornasari, the Gigi.

To say this thing is awkward looking is an understatement, but then again nearly all of Fornasari’s cars are awkward looking. The Gigi has the signature double hump roof of a Aston Martin Zagato, the taillights and rear fenders of a 2000s Ford Thunderbird, and the front clip from an Austin Healey 3000. Well, it doesn’t literally have these parts, but it sure looks like it. All awkwardness aside, this car is supposedly going to be a real screamer.

Fornasari claims this car will come fitted with a 6.2-liter V-8 engine that will produce more than 500 horsepower. This will propel this Frankenstein car to 60 mph in roughly 3.5 seconds, per Fornasari, and will have a top speed of 200 mph. If you feel you can bypass the goofy, err, "retro" looks, you can snag one of these things up for just shy of $290,000.

Besides the aforementioned details, there is not much more on these cars and no delivery dates are set. The only other tidbit of information we managed to dig up is that a convertible option is in the works. We’ve attached a few concept pictures in the gallery below, so you can see exactly what we are talking about.


Regardless of its other aspects, the beauty is only evident on wheels.

Yeah. It’s too awkward for me just never mind the wheels.

Only its wheels have the attractive features, honestly.

I love the rims of the wheels, and it’s stunning.

I hope that its wheel rims are available for the other models too.

I’m tempted at its wheels. Can those rims be put on other Fornasari vehicles?

One notable thing about it is the wheels that it sports. The rims look so funky ever since. Anyway, every upgrade is excellent.

The wheel rims are definitely eye-catching as we have no idea that this kind of styling already exists back then! Their sense of fashion was even more outrageous before.

But of course, this needed to be tuned because it’s been left behind in time. It’s amazing how they have managed to make it look shiny and new again. Additionally, the latter parts not only pertain to its appearance, but also to its engine, which has apparently been upgraded too.

It’s probably able to perform like that because it has already been modified to fit these days’ supercars specifications. Anyway, I can’t believe that the original wheels have been like those ever since! They don’t seem to fit the times before.

I can’t quite believe that they have that kind of wheels already back then! And you know what has amazed me more? It’s when I found out that it uses such a powerful engine that can send it off running in a high speed!

Do wheel rims from the old times really look like those? They’re very fancy! I can’t even find the right words to describe this car. Anyway, at least it has something to boast about; its 6.2-liter V8 engine with a speed of 60mph in approximately 3.5 seconds doesn’t sound like it is that ancient.

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