2014 Can-Am Outmost Concept by Frederic Le Sciellour

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Usually Can-Am is better known for the Spyder three-wheel motorcycle it develops, but what if it reorganized its lineup and release a cool six-wheeler that can tackle nearly any conditions? That would be awesome, right?

The only problem is that it was not Can-Am that had this idea. Rather, it was Frederic Le Sciellour who offered the Can-Am a nice thought to reflect on. He presented this project to "bring a solution to riders to permit to transport their recreative products for Extreme Expedition where nobody have never driven, and create a vehicle to live a Global Experiences during the hard travel."

The Outmost is not only the perfect ride for any kind of terrain, thanks to its 44-inch wheels, but it also offers a very large bed that can accommodate two snowmobiles, jet skis or an ATV. Now this is what we call one sweet rig!

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Can-Am Outmost Concept by Frederic Le Sciellour in Detail

Can-Am Outmost Concept by Frederic Le Sciellour

Along with an exterior look suitable for all sorts of trouble, the Outmost also offers an interior equipped with all the latest technology. The interior was designed to separate all the functions required by the pilot and the co-pilot, so he equipped it with two pairs glasses that permit them to see different information on the same display.

Can-Am Outmost Concept by Frederic Le Sciellour

Also, he even imagined the seats equipped with a suit and a bag that permits you to be in comfortable conditions, even when outside are -50°C (-58°F).

We’re sure there is no chance to see this put into production, but it’s still an awesome concept.

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