2006 Owen Developments Toyota Hi-Lux 2.5 ltr

Whether you use your Toyota Hi-Lux for towing or carrying the maximum recommended weights for this vehicle, the fitment of this power upgrade will transform it’s pulling power, acceleration and general driveability. The microcomputer comes ready programmed and with a plug-in adaptor loom, which along with the fitting unstructions supplied, is very easily and quickly fitted.

  • Power is increased from 101 bhp to 120 bhp at 3,758rpm
  • Torque is increased from 178 to 213 ft lbs at 2,334rpm
  • Quicker throttle response and improved driveability
  • Easy and quick to fit

Unlike other power upgrades on the market which only increase fuel by a percentage across the injector delivery range, our system comes fully mapped and works in conjunction with the engines sensors, to achieve perfect fuel delivery and timing. This not only safely increases power and torque output, but has the ability to dramatically improve driveability as well


Wow. This what I like about Toyota cars. Every time Toyota creates a new version a lot of tweaks are done with the car. The added power for this is really great. Compare from other pick-ups that upgrade their car in terms of fuel, this one changed in all aspects.

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