2003 Pagani Zonda

The Zonda 2003, like all Pagani creations, has been designed around truly innovative technology ideas, and with a special attention to safety - a key issue in the super convertibles segment, and a constant preoccupation of the manufacturer.

But the Zonda is not just a list of superlative safety and perfomance specs: according to Horacio Pagani, founder and head designer of Pagani Automobili: The new Zonda we will unveil in Geneva is a true expression of the Pagani sprit: we do not just build supercars, we build ’Una Macchina con Anima, a car with a soul’. What the public will discover is more than a beautiful piece of emotion turned into carbon fiber and aluminum: only 40 Zonda will be handbuilt, each one to the exact taste of its owner, like a perfect-fitting tailored suit. Each will be an original object of desire, each with its own story, each offering something way beyond technical perfection: a soul.

This search for the ultimate level of personalizzazione, a defining Pagani criterion, is especially visible in the car’s interior: rare leathers, hand-tailored by Pagani’s own team of craftsmen, aluminum and carbon-fiber, all chosen by the car’s owner, producing a symphony of sights, touch, smells and sounds that matches the driver’s tastes and personality.


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i truely think that this car is amazing i am wondering where could you buy one because i am a billionair and i have 5 houses in america and 100
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these zondas are so good i would like one but my wife is giveing off just because i have 30 bugatti veyrons , 7 lambos and a corsa and 10 novas witch i use to race stockcars.i have 100 houses at hollywood and beverlie place

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