2011 Pagani Huayra

In the world of supercars, you have many different players. Ferrari is the technological wonder child, while Lamborghini is that school bully that developed a bit of common sense with age.Aston Martin is the sophisticated gentlemen spy that can charm any living thing with a single word. Then, you come to Pagani, the new boy. These cars don’t feature any sophistication or old world charm. Yet, their radical designs and outrageous performance have placed them in the top tier of the supercar tree and now, we have a new version, the C9 .

In the world of follow-ups, this one is massive. Sort of like the Godfather II following the Godfather. The Zonda was the car that made Pagani into the company you see today. Automotive journalists loved it and the base version spawned many different special editions and one-offs like the Zonda F and Cinque . It was like nothing ever seen before. The Zonda’s development was evolutionary, but the C9 that will replace it will be revolutionary.

UPDATE 03/15/2013: Pagani has unveiled a new promo video for its Huayra supercar. Called simply "God of Wind" the new video is just an attempt to bring the supercar back to our attention. Enjoy!

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Huayra Documentary:


Pagani Huayra

The C9 will feature a carbon-titanium chassis like the Cinque, forged aluminum alloy suspension, specially developed tires from Pirelli, Bosch electronics, and emission standards that should allow the new Pagani Pagani to be sold everywhere, including the United States, marking the first time that US customers will be able to able to enjoy this Italian supercar. The C9 is expected to be made out of carbon-titanium, which will keep the weight down to around 2700 pounds.

The exterior styling of the C9 will follow in the footsteps of the Zonda and it will feature Mercedes SLS -like gullwing doors. The large rear-wing is gone and the taillights, which were horizontal, rectangular units mounted low down, have been replaced by three circular lights mounted higher up. The squared off mesh grille has been tossed aside in favor of a more elliptical opening and we can clearly see that the high-mounted barrel exhaust tips remain.


All the luxury amenities that you’d expect from the Pagani Huayra are all included. The supercar’s interior is chalk full in high-end leather, aluminum, and carbon fiber. One of the most interesting features of the Huayra are actually the keys. In its constant desire to come out with the unexpected, Pagani has found a new way to completely blow us away. Unlike standard ignition keys, the Huayra’s key is actually a miniature model of the vehicle cast in aluminum, which, incidentally, is the same material found on the wheels of the car. The aluminum key, which a lot of people might mistake for a toy, splits into two parts when opened. On one end, you have the actual key to the ignition of the supercar while the other end is actually a USB stick that Horacio Pagani describes can be used "for music." Lord knows we never thought of that.

Pagani Huayra

The Huayra’s steering wheel will also have all the necessary functions, including the paddles that are mounted directly on the steering gear, allowing drivers to enjoy the breakneck speed of the supercar without taking their hands off the wheel. Complementing the premium leather interior of the Huayra is the shiny aluminum given on the center console and panel.

Lastly, the Huayra’s central touch screen high-definition multimedia system is the block for which the Pagani supercar breathes. All the pertinent controls of the car, including audio functions, satellite navigation, Bluetooth phone and even secondary functions are all housed inside the high-tech touch screen.

Engine Specifications

Pagani Huayra

Throughout the Zonda’s life not much was changed. It used a very light and robust chassis and incredibly gorgeous aerodynamics, but every new specialty version was basically the same. The C9 that will launch in 2011 or 2012 is a brand new car in terms of weight distribution, materials, and dynamics. Overall, the new C9 has 3,770 new parts.

Powering this masterpiece is a new motor that was developed exclusively for Pagani by Mercedes-Benz AMG. The old motor, also designed by Mercedes AMG and used in Zonda, is naturally aspirated, but the new motor might not be. AutoCar is reporting that the C9’s motor will carry twin-turbochargers and put out a massive 700 horsepower and 730 pound-feet of tire smoking torque. All that power should be sent to the rear wheels via an X-trac seven-speed sequential transmission, all the while reducing carbon emissions by half, making this Pagani Euro 5 compliant.

Pagani Huayra

That sensational motor should be able to take the new C9 to 60 miles per hour in under three seconds and if you keep going, the Pagani will hit speeds in excess of 220 mph. The motor will be connected to a single clutch transmission and will truly be a mother of violence.

We aren’t entirely sure about the complete specifications of the new engine, but Pagani has just confirmed that it will not be the V12 found in the SL65 Black Series. We’ll keep digging and waiting to get the official engine specs.

To help slow the C9 down, it will feature special air brakes at the back that will be made from the ultra-expensive, ultra-lightweight carbon-titanium material. They will be assisted by enormous carbon ceramic brake discs.

AirBag Issues Pose Delay for Huayra

Despite the fact that the first Huayra had already been brought to the US market, U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had some bad news for the company back in August 2011. The company will have to install advanced airbags into the super car because the US NHTSA had denied them the airbag waiver provided to Tesla and Lamborghini in the past.

"Although Pagani has realized profits in recent years, the company asserted that immediate compliance with the advanced air-bag requirements will cause substantial economic hardship," NHTSA said in today’s notice. "Pagani stated that the company only operates on the cash on hand without lines of credit or debt financing, and its small profit margin is necessary to guard it from market fluctuations."

If Pagani hopes to sell the allocated 5 units in the States, they’ve already calculated that they would have to spend an additional 4 million euros (or $5.7 million at the current exchange rates).

That same month, Pagani insisted that they would solve the airbag problem and the Huayra would continue its trip to the US market by 2013. "The US market is important to Pagani and the future of our company. The Huayra project had a US market introduction as a key goal from the start. The reception we are currently experiencing in the US fully supports our vision and will fuel our determination to successfully deliver the Huayra to our customers in the United States."

When and How Can We Get One?

Pagani Huayra

The C9 will be a rare machine, as only 20 will be produced per year and the chances of owning one are slim, as not many people have $1.3 million in their new car fund. Although 20 per year might not seem like a lot, Pagani had to design a completely new factory to cope with the numbers.

Pagani has confirmed that the new Huayra supercar will be sold on the US market later this year through a dealer network: "We are thrilled at the opportunity to represent the Pagani brand in the United States and we look forward to the successful launch of the Huayra," said Horacio Pagani, the company founder. "This automobile is the result of five years of dedicated effort from the Pagani team and we see this as an unprecedented opportunity to continue expanding our vision of the future for the supercar industry."

No matter when it’s released, the C9 is sure to be brilliant and although it might not spark the same sort of emotion as a Ferrari or an Aston, the new C9 should place Pagani on the top branch of the supercar tree.


Pagani Huayra

With such an outstanding price tag, there isn’t a whole lot that will go up against the Pagani C9. In terms of performance, the Ferrari 599 GTO, the Bugatti Veyron, the Aston Martin One-77, and the Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce might rival it.

The Veyron still has more power than the Pagani, but as we saw on an episode of TopGear, that extra power might not matter much on the track, as the C9 will be lighter and nimbler. As exclusive as the C9 will be, the Bugatti will probably still remain the king of the exotics.

The Lamborghini Murciélago is in its last days, but this LP 670-4 is one powerful machine. It packs 661 horsepower, where as the C9 has 690. We have no doubts that Pagani will be faster, as it’s much newer, but the Lamborghini won’t be too far behind.

In terms of style, the Aston Martin takes the title and in terms of power, the One-77 trumps the C9 again with 750 horses. Many think that the C9 will hit 60 mph in around three seconds, possibly under, but the One-77 , despite the added power, will do it in 3.5 seconds. Pagani also believes that their newest creation will top 220, while the Aston appears to be out of steam at that point. Both of these machines will be rare, as only 77 One-77 examples will be made. Basically, if you want a performance only machine, get the C9, but if you want style on top of that speed, the One-77 might be the better choice.

Pagani Huayra

Ferrari’s latest creation, the599 GTO might have issues competing with the C9 in terms of straight line power, but corners might be another story. We tend to think that the fastest car to ever lap the Ferrari test track will be able to keep up with a Pagani, but only time will tell.

The C9 should be ready for purchase in late 2011 or 2012. The company will make 40 a year, but Autocar is reporting that the Zonda will still be made to order for rich customers.

Pagani Huayra

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Wow, that thing really looks cool, considering that it is just a prototype. I wonder what they would do for those special edition Huayras that they are talking about.

In the world of super cars, Pagani is a new boy who has an outstanding performance that can’t actually compare to the other competitor like Mclaren, Bugatti and Ferrari. BTW, those gullwings added to the sportiness of the Pagani. I don’t have any against the gullwing even if it was taken on the Mercedes..There’s no awkward in sharingsmiley

Pagani is one of the most beautiful and wonderful creation in auto industry.
Only high quality materials is used on this car and when it comes to the performance is boosting galore! So if it cost millions, well, just look at the materials and specs that was used here.

Well, so that’s what the name of the Huayra is all about. I was really wondering as to where that one comes from, though it really seems apt.

I don’t think that they consider the new Pagani to be available in the US market. However, I like the detailing of the steering wheel and it look promising though.

Well, the name really suits this one perfectly. With the speed that it can deliver, it can really be as fast as the wind. And your money will surely be just like being blown away by the wind if you try to buy this one. smiley

The tunnels reminds me of the Lexus and I have heard that AMG is supplying the engine and Audi is helping out. I just hope that the platform wouldn’t turn out just like the Audi.

Well, it doesn’t look like a Zonda! But except for shiny badges and no excuse
for the wheels, it look like a truck in merely 90’s!

How I wish they just continue the Zonda series and called it the C9. The name sound so horrible! And IMHO, exhaust look bad and the rear look like a Ferrari FXX.

This is the new ultimate car. It’s the fist car with computer controlled aerodynamic control surfaces and according to Top Gear magazine has the torque to weight ratio of the Veyron. It will prove faster around a track than any Ferrari (to date) and every piece of the car was made to be a piece of art. The Veyron may have a higher top speed but the Huayra will be much more rewarding and sensual to experience.

Well, nothing can be really said about the Huayra, except that this is going to be one heck of a car. But then again, only those who can buy it can truly appreciate it.

I am starting to admire the Huayra a lot. It is actually one of the better looking super cars that I have seen. And while the actual performance is not like that of a Ferrari. It still is impressive.

When you say exotic cars, the Huayra will probably be the best definition of the word. Sure, it doesn’t have the techie wizardry of Ferrari, but there is really something different to it that makes it stand out.

There remains some confusion, however, as to the car’s name. The company in Europe has trademarked the name Huayra, which means "wind" and Deus Venti is a Latin word which means "God of the Wind". I think Pagani wants to construct a simpler-yet-effective name.
I found "Huayra" quite to be a mouthful. It doesn’t look as good as the Zonda and if that wasn’t enough it doesn’t sound nearly as sexy as well. It looks like something out of 1995, that you’d see on a pickup truck with a large stereo.

The Zonda isn’t exactly pretty, but it’s still interesting to look at. The body is a love
it or hate it, but there is no excuse for the wheels. It took me a long time to accept the Zonda’s
design but this new model turned out far better than I thought. This design IMO will become an
instant classic and will last the test of time. The interior looks gorgeous. The rear is actually
not bad at all. My problem is the front and the name...what was wrong with Deus Venti?

This tarmac vessel is a complete package by the comforts of leather and electronic features for daily use, and a stance that buckles a boxers knees yes.
but the over all appreciation of the car will still take time to accomplish in full as those I stated prior.

The interior of this vehicle is fairly lean in means of true GT comforts, the plump plushness of the DBS or even the Conti GT are inviting
firsthand. Yet I do appreciate the means of functional detail (the Shift linkage of the transmission and lever) it is competing in my opinion of the Spyker C8 model, almost directly.

Because it was named after Huayra Tata - god of wind in the Andes

Does anyone knows why it is called huayra? My best bet is it is a quechua word, meaning "wind".

To my eyes the side profile looks a lot better than a front look, but then, this is a Pagani and every external feature will have some aerodynamic significance. A beautiful car and I’m probably going to sound heretical when I say this, but it would look better in red IMHO than any current Ferrari does.

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