2013 Pagani Zonda 764 Passione

It’s hard to believe but the Pagani Zonda , arguably one of the most colorful super cars of this generation, is already 12 years old. For a niche supercar brand like Pagani , that in itself is an outstanding achievement.

But since the Huayra is now in the fold, the Zonda’s life has been on borrowed time and over the past few years, Pagani has resorted to producing a limited number of one-off, special edition models for a select number of customers.

From the HH to the Rak to the Tricolore , and even Lewis Hamilton’s 760 LH, the Zonda is ready to say goodbye in a manner few exotics of its kind get to do.

But before that, there’s still time for one more one-off: the Zonda 764 Passione.

Pagani has yet to reveal official photos of the 764 Passione but there’s word that the supercar will feature a naked carbon fiber body with pink accents on the car.

Under it’s hood, the 764 Passione will carry a 7.3-liter V12 engine that’s expected to produce 760 horsepower - 764, maybe? - akin to Lewis Hamilton’s one-off LH model. Speaking of the Zonda LH, the 764 Passione will also feature a six-speed manual transmission instead of the sequential paddle-shift gears of some of its other contemporaries.

So now that the Zonda is finally ready to say adieu, do you think the 764 Passione is a fitting send-off to one of the best exotics of the past decade?

We certainly think so.

UPDATE 10/07/12: The folks over at LotusTalk.com managed to get photos of the Zonda 764 Passione sitting comfortable in a dealership. Check out their hauled pics in the gallery below. Big ups to LT for the photos.

Source: TeamSpeed


I never imagine this car will be real. I only see these kind of car in a movie that has a futuristic concept.

The head gear is the one that really attracts the customers especially the head light, really unique.

I think this car is too long right ? The front fascia has only small space while the back of it is long.

It looks like a spaceship because of it’s hood.

I noticed that the body is leaning forward providing much space on its tail. I wonder if it has an ample space for the leg and headroom.

It looks like a spaceship, because of having those kind of hood.

I agree with the statement that Pagani Zonda is one of the most colorful super cars of this generation. Actually, this is the first time I saw super-car that has variety of color. And I think it’s not a bad idea.

I think I’m going to agree with @StratRacing. I only know this car on cartoons or anime. I didn’t know that they can really make it real.

OMG! I only saw this kind of car in my nephew’s favorite anime’ “Let’s Go” I’m so glad that I’d finally see one of those fantasy cars.

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