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Last Monday, we brought you news that the first U.S. bound Pagani Huayra had been delivered to a customer in the United States. Now it seems like Pagani may have jumped the gun in selling cars on U.S. soil, thanks to a requirement that automakers implement advanced airbags beginning with the 2000 model year. In the past, low volume manufacturers such as Lamborghini and Tesla had been granted an exception to the regulation, which lead Pagani to believe they’d be granted the very same exemption. It was a logical assumption, since Pagani’s production is far less than Lamborghini’s, and Pagani lacks the technical support of Lamborghini’s parent, Volkswagen/Audi.

Pagani learned the hard way what happens when you assume. Ignoring Pagani’s low-volume manufacturer status and limited technical resources, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has denied the automaker’s request, which gives Pagani only two choices: either develop the required airbag system for the Huayra before deliveries can begin, or forgo the U.S. market entirely as they did with their Zonda supercar. Pagani estimates that designing an airbag system to meet NHTSA requirements will cost them some about $5.7 million, which surely means that the price of U.S. spec Huayras will be raised to cover development. That doesn’t bode well for buyers who’ve already put money down on Pagani’s latest, since the best they can hope for is a higher purchase price. The alternative, sadly, is that the U.S. again loses out on the opportunity to experience one of the world’s premier supercars.

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The release of Pagani’s new supercar - the Huayra - prompted an immediate memory loss of their previous beast, the Pagani Zonda F. However, the Zonda was not going to go down without a fight and SuperVettura Sales Ltd. in the UK is making sure of that with the new Zonda F Roadster Clubsport Final Edition - number 24 of the original 25 Zonda F Roadster models built back in 2006.

The Pagani Zonda F Clubsport Roadster "Final Edition" will be distinguished by a full visible carbon fiber body dressed in black, followed by grey hide for the interior. Some of the original features of the Zonda F were retained such as the folding roof with central carbon fiber spine and the lower canvas areas. The best tool kept from the original model is the 7.3 Liter naturally aspirated AMG engine mated to a manual transmission that together deliver a total of 650 hp.

If anyone is interested in purchasing this one of a kind vehicle, then they’d better break open more than just a few piggy banks. This beauty is currently selling for $2,300,000, which is well worth it considering its exclusivity.

Here’s another go-around into the future with yet another design study based on an electric sports car. The only difference is that this study wasn’t put together by students as a final project, but was designed by none other than Pagani interior/exterior designer, Antonio Bruno. His project, the Electrodynamics Concept, features a design made of unstructured volumes and, of course, an electric powertrain.

The Electrodynamics is much like any other sports car in that it has a very aerodynamic shape. That shape is then visually broken up by black and white exterior features and a set of futuristic wheels. When talking about the exterior design of the concept, Antonio Bruno said: "The absence of a brand reference has contributed to the free forms and is totally devoted to aerodynamic influences and perceptions typical of product design. The upper dome is formed from a tinted acrylic component that stretches up to the front bumper, where it could hide the additional headlights."

We can go on about the look of the car, but the real focus is the origin of power. The future is obviously in electric cars so this concept is destined to be powered by four permanent magnetic electric motors placed inboard and connected to the wheels via drive shafts. What these motors will do for performance times is obviously unknown at this point.

Whether we’ll actually see this independent design study out on the streets is highly doubtful. However, the redeeming factor of having designers who can come up with studies like this is that it gets everyone’s brains to churn out better and better ideas for the future and that is always a good thing.

It wasn’t that long ago when Horacio Pagani confirmed that their latest Huayra supercar would indeed see a roadster version in about three years. And although this news doesn’t exactly surprise many of us who saw this car coming from a mile away, its potential look is something that can only be dreamed about. That is, unless you’re the impatient type and want to check out our rendering for a sneak peek at its design instead.

So, Pagani will slice and dice the roof off of their Huayra supercar and consequentially eliminate the gull wing doors, but little else will be changed at all. Expect the same carbon-titanium chassis, 700 HP twin-turbocharged engine, X-trac seven-speed sequential transmission, and all of the rest of the goodies that make the Huayra special. You can also expect slower performance times thanks to the added weight of the convertible roof, not that you would notice the difference as the wind barrels through your hair at high speeds.

UPDATE 04/01/2011: Check out our new renderings for the future Paganui Huayra Roadster!

Updated 02/19/2014: New details on the Huayra Roadster suggest that this version could be unveiled in March at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. Stay tuned to see how the final version will look like. (Thesupercakids)

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When the Pagani Huayra first took our breath away at the Geneva Motor Show, our first thoughts were about what we’d have to do to make enough money to buy this Italian hyperbeast. When we realized that we’d probably have to hit the lottery to be able to afford the Huayra, we immediately shifted our focus from starstruck fan to professional journalist and began to wonder if a roadster version of the Huayra will be released in the future.

Turns out, according to Horacio Pagani himself, it’s not a question of ’if’ as it is a question of ’when’.

In an interview with Autoblog Argentina, the man behind Pagani Automobili bared the company’s plans of building a drop-top Huayra. When asked if there was going to be a future Huayra roadster, Pagani answered in so simple terms: "Yes, surely there will be a model Huayra Roadster in approximately three years."

So there you have it, folks. While we’re not all that surprised to find out that a Huayra roadster is going to be in the production block soon, it still helps to get confirmation straight from the horse’s mouth.

Even if Need for Speed doesn’t get as much publicity as its Gran Turismo counterpart, it doesn’t mean that the former’s game titles don’t come with some powerful and mouth-watering machines. On the contrary, the latest trailer for the new Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed game features an exclusive look at one of the newest and most powerful cars on the planet: the Pagani Huayra .

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, the Huayra will be the eventual successor to the Pagani Zonda and comes with an AMG-sourced V12 engine that produces a mouth-watering 700 horsepower. If you’re talking about a car that belongs on anybody’s wish list, the Pagani Huayra is one that should take permanent residence at the top of that list.

The trailer for NFS Shift 2 Unleashed features the Huayra pouncing along its natural habitat - the streets and race tracks of the world – and unleashing a fury that is befitting of its name as the Andean God of Wind.

The game is set to be released on March 29th, 2011 in North America with pre-orders currently underway. Make no mistake about it, Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed has come to play, and they’re bringing one of the fastest, most powerful, and most exclusive cars in the world to their game.

Take that, GT5.

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Did anyone really think the Pagani Tricolore would be the last Zonda produced? We didn’t think so, but among the variety of one-off models available, the vehicle that has the honor of being called the first is the Pagani Uno. This ultra-exclusive Pagani was commissioned by Ana Al-Thani, a member of the Royal Family of Qatar, whose love for baby blue supercars borders on weird.

The Zonda Uno is powered by a 7.3-liter V12 AMG engine that produces 700 horsepower and was designed with some combined elements from the Zonda Cinque and the Zonda R , including the latter’s used of a revised carbon fiber that uses titanium for added strength.

Surprisingly - and not even a year after receiving the one-off - Ana Al-Thani has had enough fun and is now selling it on the open market. As the first one-off Pagani supercar to be released, the Zonda Uno’s price tag hasn’t dropped the least bit, even if it’s ‘technically’ a second-hand supercar. If you’re interested, you better be ready to shell out €1.7 million, or $2.3 million based on current exchange rates, excluding the expected tax charges that come with it. Yeah, you’re better off using your $2.3 million on something else, but if you’ve got an insatiable appetite for this one-off Zonda, now’s your chance to actually own it.

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The Zonda is on its way out, but that doesn’t mean it will go quietly. So before the replacement for Pagani’s current supercar arrives, there is one more edition of this wild Italian and Pagani has revealed it in Vienna at the Luxury Motor Show.

The Zonda R is limited to only 15 units, each priced at €1.4 million euro (about $1.85 million at current rates). It will compete with models like the Ferrari FXX and Maserati MC12 Corse . Just like those Italian exotics, don’t bother trying to hang a license plate on this Zonda; this car is track only.

The Zonda R is powered by a V12 AMG engine that delivers 750 hp (100 more than the Zonda F) at 8000 rpm and 524 lb. ft. of torque. Although it looks like other Zondas, this only uses ten percent of the Zonda F components. New parts include a suspension forged in Avional (aluminium alloy), a new Pagani six-speed transversal sequential gearbox, and a carbon fiber monocoque chassis.

UPDATE 12/10/2010:Marchettino has provided an eight-minute video devoted solely to one of our favorite cars in the world, the Pagani Zonda R. There aren’t a lot of cars on this planet that we can watch for eight minutes straight, but the Zonda R is definitely one of them. In this video, the Zonda R is being driven by former Formula One driver Andrea Montermini, where he takes one of the fastest cars in the world for a number of driving demonstrations, including launches, full throttle standing starts, tire-screeching accelerations, full-limit revs, and even fly-bys. Check it out after the jump!!

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Sure, the Pagani Zonda went out of production a few months ago, but apparently, that hasn’t stopped the rich and mighty from ordering their own one-off version of the Italian supercar.

The newest one-off Zonda is going to be called the Absolute and is being built for a customer from Hong Kong. Maybe we should order one too – if we had the money that is.

Anyway, the newest Zonda follows a growing list of one-off supercars Pagani has made for a select group of customers. We’ve seen the 750 , the HH , the Rak , and the Uno and now, we have the Absolute.

Details on the car are still limited, but from what we’ve heard and seen about it through photos, the Zonda Absolute looks to have been built using a bare carbon fiber body with a striped pattern similar to the Zonda R . You’ll also notice the Italian red, white, and green “Tricolore” running from the car’s hood all the way to the rear end. The Zonda Absolute will also come with a carbo-titanium chassis that can also be found in the Zonda Cinque .
As for the engine, nothing has been confirmed yet, although there’s word that it’s going to be powered by an AMG-sourced V12 engine with an output of somewhere north of 700 horsepower.

That’s about all we know of the newest one-off Zonda to be commissioned for a wealthy and lucky customer. Something tells us that this won’t be the last special edition Zonda to be made.

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Do you have an extra $1.3 million in your pocket? Need a pricey Christmas present to impress a certain someone? Well, here’s one way to spend it; how about buying a Pagani Zonda F Roadster Clubsport? Limited to only 25 units, this special edition was priced at $750,000 at launch, but now you get to pay almost twice as much for a model with 3,107 miles on the odometer. That’s the price you pay for wanting to own an exclusive, sold out model. The guys who turn these vehicles over are either the biggest swindlers or the best businessmen, you can decide.

The Zonda F Clubsport is powered by a Mercedes AMG V12 engine with no less than 650 HP under the hood. Its performance speaks for itself with a 0-62mph time of 3.6 seconds, a 0-124mph time of 9.8 seconds, and a top speed of 214mph. It’s fitted with Brembo carbon ceramic brakes with yellow calipers, a lifting system, and Inconel and titanium exhaust system. Other features include a Nardi steering wheel in traditional wood, carbon fiber engine covers, and special dark color aluminum parts.

Want a piece of Pagani ’s special edition history? Fork over $1.3 million in cold, hard cash to the folks at Auto Salon Singen GmbH and it can be yours.

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