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A couple of weeks ago, the Ascari race track in Marbella, Spain played host to Pagani and a number of the Italian marquee’s exclusive customers for a nice track-day that included the official presentation of the Pagani Zonda R to the invited guests.

If that and the fact that these guys could run around the track for the whole day wasn’t enough, a couple of special edition Zondas were also in attendance: two Zonda supercars that bear the names ‘Cinque ’ and ‘HH ’. The man behind the Zonda HH, American David Heinemeier Hansson was also in attendance at the event to personally receive his one-off supercar from Pagani and test it out on the track.

With all these mouth-watering Zondas in one location, it’s hard to find a better place on the planet than the Ascari race track when Pagani Pagani held its track day there about two weeks ago. We don’t have any Zondas in our near future so it’s unlikely that we’re going to get invited to any track meets any time soon so we’ll just have to settle for photos.

Source: Autogespot

Following in the footsteps of the Uno , the HH , and the 750 , Pagani has once again released a special edition version of the Zonda , proving that you can’t have too many of a multi-million dollar supercar.

This new model, called the Pagani Zonda RAK, is another one-off Zonda that has been exclusively built by the boys of Pagani for a specific clientele, in this case, the Auto Salon Singen in Germany. From the looks of things, the car simply looks like a Pagani Zonda Cinque dressed up in sexy yellow paint with the car’s interior taking the color of the exterior in the form of some yellow stitching on the leather racing seats. That being said, when you have a car that’s as limited as a Zonda, even the slightest color change warrants a completely different name altogether.

As for the specs, according to Autogespot, the Zonda Rak will come with a V12 powerhouse that produces an output of around 700 horsepower. As for the price tag, Auto Salon Singen is selling the one-off Zonda at a sticker price of €1.849 million – that’s about $2.5 million in US currency. Not surprisingly, a car of this stature doesn’t come cheap. And if you happen to be interested, there’s only one of this in the world so you better open up your bank account and hope that nobody’s scooped it up yet.

We’ll keep all of you posted regarding future details on the Zonda RAK as soon as they become available.

Source: Autogespot

Like an exotic bird that can only be spotted in a number of places in the world, the Pagani Zonda supercar isn’t the type of car that you can just spot in everyday traffic.

This particular Zonda, a bright orange one at that, was videotaped in – of all places – Argentina. A long commute from its headquarters in Italy, don’t you think?

In any case, the raging Italian machine was videotaped as it was running roughshod over the Autopista Panamericana, a highway so long that it goes all the way up to Alaska. In any event, we’re still trying to figure out how this Zonda found its way to Argentina. Maybe some rich Argentinean decided to splurge on one? Who knows?

What we do know is that wherever part of the world the Pagani Zonda is in, it’s going to attract its fair share of attention from anybody who lays eyes on it. You don’t see Honda Civics being videotaped in this manner, do you?

Video #2 after the jump.

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Pagani ’s future C9 supercar has been caught testing again, and this time, the spy shots are extremely clear. Replacing the current Zonda , the C9 will make its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Pagani announced it will produce a number of 40 units a year, and that the C9 will carry a price tag of approx. $1,250,000.

The C9 will be powered by a 6.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V12 engine, that delivers around 700bhp and more than 730lb ft of torque. The engine will send its power to the road through a seven-speed sequential set-up, sourced from British transmission specialist X-trac.

The Pagani will be distinguished by side-mounted air intakes, Enzo-like scallops in the bonnet, gullwing doors , and, of course, an ultra-expensive, ultra-lightweight carbon-titanium chassis. This will help the C9 tip the scales at just 1230kg.

The good news doesn’t stop there, folks! The C9 will be homologated for sale in the United States . So, start saving!

Source: Autocar

Eventually Pagani will be able to have a small parade solely using the one-off models being created from the Zonda. We’ve already seen a few special edition Zondas each limited to only one unit with two being the Zonda HH and the Zonda Uno - and now we are getting another one. The Zonda 750 is the newest addition to the Zonda one-offs and, while there are no official details on the car just yet, we presume that the "750" name stands for the number of horses galloping under the hood.

And if we continue on with the 750 horsepower motif, then we can presume that the Zonda 750 will feature the same engine as theZonda R : a V12 AMG engine that delivers 750 hp (100 more than the Zonda F ) at 8000 rpm and 524 lb. ft. of torque.

This new special edition comes with lots of custom parts, a special exterior paint, and back window. Although the car is based off of the Cinque , the custom parts allow the vehicle to get its own individual look.

Stay tuned! We will get back soon with more details on this special edition Zonda, including the owner (most likely an Arabian one) and more details about the car’s performances and special customization parts!

Source: TeamSpeed

For those of you that will be cruising around in London on October 27th with about an estimated $2.2 million of extra cash in your pocket, boy do we have a deal for you! One of the 15 - chassis number five, to be precise - Pagani Zonda R models are up for auction during RM Auctions’ Automobiles of London event at Battersea Evolution.

This incredible automobile is powered by a V12 AMG sourced engine producing 750 hp at 8000 rpm and 524 lb. ft. of torque. This calculation is about 100hp faster than the Zonda F ! It sprints from 0 to 60 mph in only 2.7 seconds and can hit a top speed of 233 mph. With a time of six minutes and 47 seconds on the Nurburgring, this supercar beat out the time of six minutes and 58 seconds achieved by the Ferrari 599XX ! It may look like every other Zonda out there, but the R version only uses about ten percent of the Zonda F’s components. Bringing originality to the table are the car’s new suspension forged in Avional (aluminium alloy), a new Pagani six-speed transversal sequential gearbox, and a carbon fiber monocoque chassis.

Jealousy aside, we can’t help but be in awe of Horacio Pagani ’s very own carbon fiber Pagani Zonda C12S.

Some lucky dude who goes by the name of MrAlexV10 not only got a chance to take a video of the carbon fiber supercar, but, as luck would have it, he also got an opportunity to meet the brand’s founder, Horacio Pagani.

While we’re certainly envious of the guy for getting close to this one-off supercar built for the man who started the brand, meeting Horacio Pagani himself is one of those things that are scribbled in our bucket lists, so you can just imagine how green we turned when we found out that young Mr. AlexV10 not only met Pagani and his wife, but also convinced the man to actually rev his carbon fiber Zonda C12S just for him.

To Mr. AlexV10’s credit, he was nice enough to share the video with us, although our gratitude for his gesture won’t change the fact that we certainly wouldn’t have hesitated switching places with him on the day he met Horacio Pagani.

Source: You Tube

Pagani’s new beast on wheels, codenamed the ‘C9 ’, was recently spotted by Autogespot doing some air brake testing at a German highway, giving us yet another glimpse of the superduper car that is widely expected to succeed the brand’s omniscient beast, the Zonda.

We’ve come to learn that Pagani has been testing the air brake system on the C9 and if the company decides to use the technology on the supercar, it would make the C9 the third supercar to do so after the Bugatti Veyron and the Mercedes-Benz SLR . Given the insane speeds the C9 is bound to pack, employing an air brake system on this rocket ought to be a good idea.

The new Pagani supercar will be powered by an AMG sourced 6.0-liter V12 engine that will produce a total of 690 horsepower and 737 lb/ft of torque. The company’s founder, Horacio Pagani, has also announced that the C9 will carry a completely new look in terms of its design, weight, distribution, materials, and dynamics.

Source: Autogespot

What happens when you combine a Pagani Zonda R , a McLaren F1 , and a Ferrari Enzo ? Something incredible, that’s what. And even though a combination like this was something that no one probably thought would ever happen, designer Gary Gu had enough imagination to combine the exquisite details of all three supercars and create a concept that will amaze all who feast their eyes on it. If not for the look of the car - which is something that is always subjective to the eyes that see it - for the sheer genius of combining vehicles with as much stature as the three that were chosen. And in response to the question originally posed, the combination of these three supercars is Gary Gu’s Zonda Concept.

To create the Zonda Concept, Gu combined engine intakes from Ferrari Enzo, the shape of the McLaren F1, and the roof of the Pagani Zonda R albeit with a few modifications to improve the car’s aerodynamics and to make it look even more like an F1.

Under the hood, the designer imagined an AMG sourced engine, with an output of more than 750 HP. Add a carbon fiber body and the incredible performance numbers will surely follow.

Of course, something like this will never happen, but a man has the right to dream, right? And we have the right to follow right along with that dream, and we shall!

Pagani Automobili is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the "Frecce Tricolori" with the Zonda Tricolore which was created as a tribute specifically for the National Aerobatic Team. The Frecce Tricolori (Italian, literally Tricolour Arrows) is officially known as the 313th Aerobatic Training Squadron and is the demonstration team of the Italian Air Force. They are based at Rivolto Air Force Base, in the north-eastern Italian region of Friuli Venezia-Giulia, province of Udine.

The Pagani Zonda Tricolore, which is pretty much based on a Zonda Cinque , is a special edition Zonda that was built from a special carbon-titanium weave left bare except for a clear blue lacquer coating. It also comes with a unique set of LED running lights and an exclusive red, white, and green trim - signifying Italy, of course - that runs up from the nose of the car all the way up along the top of the car’s surface. There will be only one unit built, with a price of $1.75 million.

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