2006 Panoz Esperante Gts

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The Panoz GTS features a unique body comprised of fifteen thermoformed panels, making it more durable, less expensive and easier to replace than fiberglass. Also, all Panoz GTS spec racers feature an eight-point integrated roll cage with triple tube side-protection and working doors on both sides of the vehicle.

Weighing in at just 2,685 lbs., the Panoz GTS is powered by a Ford Motorsports 5.8 liter, 16-valve V-8 capable of 385 bhp at 5,750 rpm. The Panoz GTS comes race-ready and is available from your authorized Panoz GTS dealer.


@ Bobby_Cruz. Really? Well, they told that it will be less expensive, so I think you can afford it now. Every buyer is looking for the durability of the car, and I can say that this car has that durability we are looking for.

I would have stripped everything off of it, left the roll cage in, and designed it for racing. Cause an esperante definitely starts at like....95000$....lol I always wanted their GTR.....too much Midtown Madness 2 for me

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