2011 Paramount Group Marauder

One of the beautiful things about being a host of Top Gear – among other things, of course – is the chance to get behind the wheel of some of the most insane machines on the planet. Whether it’s a high-powered go-kart or a sports car dressed as a gypsy tent, there’s no shortage of vehicles that can escape the sharp eyes – and impeccable driving – of Clarkson, Hammond, and May.

But of all the cars that they’ve driven in their time as Top Gear hosts, there’s a good chance that they’ve never seen anything quite like the Marauder. Built in South Africa by the Paramount Group, the Marauder is quite arguably the baddest, meanest, and gnarliest set of wheels we’ve ever seen.

The gargantuan machine was even featured in the pilot episode of Top Gear’s 17th season, where folks from the Paramount Group asked Richard Hammond to drive the vehicle in some of the most impossible stunts known to cars. There’s no shortage of cupcake stunts here; the car was driven over, around, and just about all other directions to determine whether it can live up to its name as the world’s toughest vehicle. It even went through a McDonalds drive-thru so Hammond could order a burger and survived a lion attack.

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Source: Paramount Group
Paramount Group Marauder

The Marauder is actually a high-mobility armored personnel carrier that can withstand the attacks of just about everything short of zombies. It’s got outstanding levels of protection against mines, IEDs, and ballistic attacks, and it can be configured in a number of ways depending on how the vehicle needs to be run. On top of that, the Marauder serves a lot of purposes apart from being one badass of a ride. It can be an infantry patrol vehicle, a command center, and even an ambulance if the need arises.

It’s got enough long range fuel tanks to travel an extra 500 km and it’s also tough enough to withstand temperatures ranging from 55°C (131°F) all the way down to -32°C (0°F). Speaking of its toughness, the Marauder can also survive explosions in the realm of 14kg of TNT under its wheels and 7kg under its hull.

Wait, there’s more.

Paramount Group Marauder

Despite looking like a moving citadel, the Marauder has no problems getting wet and diving into water. It also has a special set of ‘run flat’ inserts, which means that it can merrily go about its way for another 50 km despite having 12.7 mm bullet rounds in its rubber. Then there’s the matter of anti blast seats that can protect occupants – particularly military troops – from roadside bombs and rocket attacks.

Finally, the Marauder can carry a maximum speed of 120 km/h – that’s about 74.5 mph – which may sound like nothing compared to the kind of cars we’re used to, but considering that the entire mastodon weighs 15 tons – 18, if it’s fully loaded – then 75 mph is a remarkable feat in its own right.

Paramount Group Marauder

Here’s 10 things Paramount Group wants you to know about the Marauder!

1. Marauder is actually three vehicles in one. It can be produced as an infantry patrol vehicle, a command centre and even an ambulance!

2. With long range fuel tanks added it can travel an extra 500km – making it ideal for long range patrols.

3. Marauder can survive explosions of 14kg of TNT under its wheels and 7kg under its hull – making it one of the world’s toughest vehicles.

4. Whether sitting in the boiling heat of +55°C or the freezing temperatures of -32°C, occupants can stay cool or warm with the ultra modern climate control system.

5. Marauder can literally swim! It has a fording depth of half the vehicle – making it ideal for rugged and wet terrain.

6. It has special ‘run flat’ tyre inserts which means that the tyres can be perforated by 12.7mm bullet rounds and still keep rolling for at least another 50km!

7. Marauder weighs around 15 tons but can be loaded up to 18 tons when fully laden!

8. The vehicle can be fitted with an IED jammer – making it the enemy of terrorists worldwide.

9. Anti blast seats protect troops from roadside bombs and rocket attack – keeping them safe from the huge force of explosions, without just protecting the vehicle.

10. With a maximum speed of 120Km/hr the Marauder is no slow coach.


This paramount is a powerful tool that can lift, distract and reform. I agree that it was very huge and heavy to be used as an ordinary vehicle, but more usable in heavy-duty and dangerous workplace alike to military vehicles.

Does it only exist in a movie or in real life? Anyway, this one looks too huge and heavy, and I think it is more fitted as one of the Military vehicles. smiley However, I am hoping that they will use also a powerful engine for this.

No doubt, this one is absolutely a military car because of its vast design and detailing, and I can say that it is really looking so massive on its wheels, and I noticed that it is more looked like a robot.

Are you sure that this one is a military car? Well, it seems too bulky that’s why I think it’s too heavy and hard to drive with, but I must say that I’m impressed with its uniqueness.

This kind of vehicle looks got when a hot chick is driving or riding on it. Just imagine the aura it brings to the one who’s inside it.

This is a military vehicle, so I have no doubt with its power. The images they provide us really show the aggressiveness and the power it contains. I think it is a pure solid metal since it can break walls and still doesn’t have any damages.

Marauder is quite an interesting vehicle and I think this is my first time seeing this car in the national television! I wonder if was used for military operations?

Marauder is quite an interesting vehicle and I think this is my first time seeing this car in the national television! I wonder if was used for military operations?

I am really surprised by the fact that this one can actually hit 120 kph, considering its size. Most of the other vehicles of this type rarely top 100 kph, so this is certainly amazing.

Wow ! A ground breaking one! A military Car or a road killer that runs at 120km/hr is totally amazing. If you want to wreck something, bring this car and have a feast!

Hey, where did they get the lions? Anyway, this one is definitely one of the most impressive machines that I have seen on this season. This guy is simply massive.

it’s a good thing that Top Gear is featuring a lot of these military vehicles nowadays. I really love it when they showcase these behemoths on TV. Now if only the army would let them run around in an Abrams.

uhh bit you see Ashton it’s not just limited to military use, you can buy one yourself...pending that you pass the background check and you can whip out the cash of course

Wow, that is really one pretty impressive piece of machine. I wish I could have that one as my drive to the office, traffic would definitely not be a worry here, since I can just run over them puny cars, tee-hee-hee!

Well now, Hammond seems to be really enjoying himself when driving this one. He really threw that behemoth all over the place, definitely a nice show of its capabilities.

I’m really tired of military vehicle. However, with the multi-function of this vehicle no wonder why Clarkson wants to try it himself.

Well, no wonder.. Jeremy Clarkson have a unlimited access to all kind of vehicle! Marauder is really a great vehicle and I think its cooler compare to the giant Iranian version of the Jeep plus it has a lot of function!

I would say that the pink color on this one seems to be a bit odd for a military vehicles. But this is probably just a demonstration ride. Still a very good one though.

Wow, that thing is definitely gigantic. Just take a look at those wheels, they are definitely something. It’s just too bad that this one is just limited to military use.

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