Peugeot 308

Peugeot 308

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Citroen C5

Citroen announced that it will use BMW engines on its new models. Naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines will be employed which displace 1.4 to 1.6 liters.

Sister company Peugeot is already employing BMW engines to power its 207 and 308 models. Although the Citroen models which will use the engines are unknown, WhatCar? claims that the Citroen C5 will be the first car to roll out with the new engine before 2010.

Citroen will benefit from BMW’s EfficientDynamics engine stop-start technology which increases fuel efficiency and engine life. The manufacturer plans to equip all its cars with this technology in the near future.

Peugeot will unveil at the Geneva Motor Show the 308 SW, first shown as a concept version in 2007 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The 307 SW is a unique and original concept which combines a number of strengths such as driving enjoyment, onboard comfort and convenience, comprehensive equipment levels and good load carrying abilities.

Peugeot 308 SW

The 308 SW is available with a wide choice of modern, high performance, economical and environmentally-friendly power trains.
Eleven are on offer in total, to meet the requirements of the widest possible customer base. Five petrol engines, from 70 to
95 to 175 bhp including a “BioFlex” option and three HDi diesel engines, including two which are fitted as standard with a Diesel Particle Filter System (FAP). They are available with either a five speed manual gearbox, four speed automatic or an all new 6 speed manual gearbox.

The 308 SW range, which will differ between individual countries, will consist of five trim levels between now and the summer of 2008. The entry level will, however, take the place of the “Estate” version of the 307 range. It will be fitted with a traditional steel roof and a folding rear bench seat, and will be aimed at customers mainly in search of an accessible vehicle with lots of space.

Peugeot 308 SW

Finally, available in ten exterior colours, several different interior trims combined with either cloth or leather based interiors, the 308 SW range will have a version to appeal to the most demanding customers.

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Peugeot will unveil at the Geneva Motor Show the 308 GT THP, a model powered by a 1.6 liter turbo-charged THP 175 bhp petrol engine, previously found in the 207 GTi THP 175. The engine will be mated by a new 6-speed manual gearbox.

Peugeot 308 GT THP

Designed in co-operation with the BMW Group, the 1.6 liter turbo-charged petrol engine develops a maximum power of 175 bhp at 6000 rpm but is characterised mainly by its generous torque output. With a maximum torque output of 180 lb ft (or 195 lb ft with overboost) at only 1600 rpm, the engine provides excellent in-gear acceleration and levels of driveability normally associated with a larger capacity engine.

The 308 GT THP will go on sale starting April.

Launched commercially in Europe during the last quarter of the year, the Peugeot 308 has already exceeded the first target of 100,000 vehicles produced. This phase coincides with the market introduction of the «three-door» hatch versions and the economically attractive engines, in particular the 1.6 l HDi with emissions of no more than 120 g of CO2/km.

When Peugeot announced the 308 RC Z Concept that will be official revealed in Frankfurt just in few days, everyone asked: "Is really Peugeot ready to launch a model that will compete with the Audi TT?" Well, it seems that yes, as the newly concept is to see production in 2009.

The 308 will be Peugeot’s fi rst vehicle with HDi hybrid technology to be marketed before the end of the decade. This vehicle strengthens the environmental impact of the 308 range and provides concrete evidence of work carried out by Peugeot in this fi eld. This demonstrator features an original body colour (pearlescent white with green overtones), and special trim and equipment to differentiate it from the production hatchback models.

Launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the 308 hatchback will shortly be commencing its commercial career. During this international event, another body style from the “T7” project will also be unveiled, in part, in the form of the 308 SW Prologue concept car.

Peugeot will unveil at Frankfurt Motor Show in September, the 308 RC Z Concept, a new Peugeot interpretation of driving pleasure. The car is a 2+2 coupé, with true versatility and at the same time a style that is modern, original and well-balanced.

You are taking a look at the latest spyshots available of the Peugeot Peugeot 308. This car is supposed to go on sale in late 2007. But it seems this full option model escaped from the Peugeot factory for a night trip in Paris. Of course our local spy was there to shoot the beast. Look at that, the car is beautiful, inside out. Even thought this model is the pimp out fully loaded. We are confident that new Peugeot 308 Peugeot 308 base model will make a killing against the Golf and Audi A3. Only detail that I (...)

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