2010 Peugeot 207 S16

Paying homage to the Kris Meeke’s 2009 International Rally Championship drivers’ title, the French automaker Peugeot has unveiled a special edition of the tiny 207 S16 specifically for the U.K. market, with only 250 units scheduled for production priced at £14,695 each, the kitted Bianca White rally inspired hot hatch is sure to become an instant collector’s item.

Aside from the fancy paintwork, the 207 wears a pair of front and rear spoilers, lower hanging side skirts and a pseudo rear diffuser while residing on a set of slick 17 inch Hockenheim Alloy Wheels. Setting this particular Peugeot 207 further apart from the rest of the lineup is an SP Sports mesh grill insert, dark tinted rear windows from the 207 GTi model, bespoke interior badges signed by the champion, Kris Meeke, as well as optional vinyl rally graphics inspired by the successful rally machine free of charge so that your mates will think that you are driving the IRC winning 207 S2000 rally car.


I think they are achieving a lot of success on their lovely design because fortunately they are having an improvement about their custom style and structure.

This is one very cool car, the winged style doors and the yellow and black color combination makes it aggressive and looks fast.

This car should race against Ford’s Focus and VW’s Golf racing car. I am wondering who will win the race.

This is just the same as the Citroen ’C4 by Loeb’. Just a half-arsed rally paint job and a plaque. It’s pathetic. And that’s the most blatantly useless non-diffuser I have ever seen. Those wheels aren’t even unique to this LE, just a pre-ticked option box.

his rally cross car does look like mazda3 and honda jazz in racing style. But this is cool, the bumpers design looks aggressive.

Peugeot achieve a lot of awards and recognitions, specially when Leob Drove to Peugeot, I really like the fancy paint job on this s16 hopefully Leob get a chance to drive this baby.

Not bad at all. To have a tribute car for only less than £ 15 thousand is cool. It kinda seems to be a collector’s item or limited edition as well as they will only produce 250 units of it. I don’t think that it would be interesting to those non rally fans though.

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