2012 Peugeot XY Concept

Peugeot is gearing up for what is looking like a busy time at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

The French automaker has already bared the details of one of their concepts, the 208 GTi Concept , and now, we’re getting the first look at the second Geneva-bound concept, the 208 XY supermini concept.

The 208 XY Concept appears to be Peugeot’s entrant into what has become a pretty competitive sub-compact market, one that includes the Audi A1 , the MINI Cooper , and the Citroen DS3 , among others.

Based on the images of the concept we’re seeing, the 208 XY Concept looks like it’s received some fancy exterior and interior get-ups, highlighted by a bespoke "Pulsion" paint finish that, according to Peugeot, has the capacity to be chameleon-like and change colors depending on the how and where you look at it. On top of that, the 208 XY Concept also gets a panoramic glass roof trim, subtle wheel arch extensions, a special grille set-up with three horizontal chrome bars on the lower window edge and the quarter panel, and a new set of 18" alloy wheels.

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With all the touches done on the exterior, it’s no surprise that the interior also gets its fair share of customized parts, including seats that have been upholstered in Pearl Gray leather and a crimson stitched leather on the dashboard, armrests, steering wheel and gear lever. Meanwhile, the concept also boasts of a flat-bottom steer in wheel, a panoramic glass roof that has been trimmed in black leather, and finally, ambient lighting on the dashboard.

As far as performance capabilities go, Peugeot is fitting in a 1.6-liter e-HDi turbo diesel engine on the 208 XY Concept, good enough to produce an output of 115 horsepower while mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

While we’re kind of hoping to see more ponies under the hood of the XY Concept, we have no complaints as far as what the car looks like.


There’s a little chance that this concept could flop, so I guess they have to push it to production.

There’s a little chance that this concept could flop, so I guess they have to push it to production.

That concept should push to production. I don’t think the competition is not that hot to consider.

I wonder what that shade of color is called, is it velvet? It looks highly appealing!

This is furious looking 208 XY. Of all the artistic changes on the outside, the interior is also the same with its customized parts.

The headlamps are cool with its eagle eye. The rims are captivating and great that the seats are upholstered in Pearl Gray leather.

The idea was great. I really like their attractive external. It was excellent and exciting.

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