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Peugeot 2008

It was exactly one year ago that we first captured the upcoming Peugeot 2008 on film wearing what looked to be a giant black trash bag as its cammo. Now, Peugeot has taken their new baby SUV out for another testing session wearing a dizzying array of white and black swirls.

The future 2008 was previewed by the Urban Crossover Concept unveiled earlier this year and will take on models like the Opel Mokka, Nissan Juke , and Skoda Yeti . It is basically an SUV version of the 208 and since it shares the same platform, will be about 3.80-3.90 meters long.

Details on the powertrain options are still being kept secret, but it is believed that it will be the first car within the PSA Group to be available as a petrol-hybrid model. The hybrid powertrain will be similar to the one found in the 3008 Hybrid4 (featuring a diesel engine) in which the electric engine and the batteries will be at the back and powering the rear wheels.

Since the new 208 does not offer a station wagon version, the 2008 will be the alternative for those who need more space and practicality.

Peugeot 308/301

Yesterday, Volkswagen announced that the seventh generation Golf will be unveiled on September 4th. In response to that announcement, the Golf’s biggest competitor, the Peugeot 308 , has launched itself back onto the testing grounds for another round.

The next 308 was initially rumored to be called 301, but it looks like Peugeot has decided to keep the original name after all. The next 308 will be built on the same platform as the Citroen C4 and DS4 , and has been promised to be both lighter and more agile than the current generation.

The Peugeot 308 will be offered with a wide range of petrol and diesel engines, including some shared with Citroen and some borrowed from the new 208 , as well as a diesel hybrid version offered for the first time. Peugeot’s new three-cylinder family engines will also find their way under the bonnet of the next 308.

As for its design language, expect to see a mixture of the 208 and the SR1 Concept car revealing a more elegant and compact body then the current 308. Its official debut will be made sometime in 2013.

Peugeot 208 GTi Concept

In February, we gave you some information on the 208 GTI concept car . Just like most concept cars, we were not certain when, or even if, the GTI model of the 208 hatchback would ever see the production line. Well, the mystery is over, as Peugeot has officially greenlighted the production of the 208 GTI. There is still no concrete release date, but at least we know it will be released at some point.

This hot hatch will include a version of the 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine that the Mini Cooper and Citroen DS3 uses. This turbo-4 will have two variants, one that pumps out 154 ponies and the other that punches out a stout 204 horsepower.

The 204-horsepower model is rumored to be dubbed the 208 GTI Racing and can zip to 60 mph in sub-7-second times, which is truly impressive for a compact hatchback. Despite its quick nature, the GTI will not boast any suspension upgrades, so you can anticipate almost identical handling to its base 208 counterpart.

As usual with Peugeots, the U.S. Market won’t even get to sniff one, unless it is imported from overseas and brought up to U.S. Safety and emission standards.

We are still hanging tight to hear what kind of pricing we are looking at for this hatch, so we will keep you up to date with that and the anticipated release date, when they become available.

It’s been a while since we last heard anything about the sporty Peugeot RCZ , but it’s now time to bring it back to the front lines with a new special edition developed exclusively for France and Germany.

The new RCZ Onyx will only be offered in four exterior colors - Blanc Opale, Gris Sidobre, Gris Haria, and Noir Perla Nera - all of which are combined with a carbon fiber roof, black gloss front grille, and mirror caps. Because it’s a special edition model, it will also be offered with a special set of new 19" wheels painted in Midnight Silver. The interior will get sports seats wrapped in a two-tone fabric upholstery with silver stitching.

Under the hood of the new special edition, Peugeot will place a choice of two engines: a 1.6-liter turbocharged inline-four petrol that delivers a total of 154 HP or a 2.0-liter HDI turbo diesel with 161 HP.

Prices will start from €32,000 for the petrol version (about $39,000 at the current exchange rates) and from €34,500 for the diesel version (about $42,000 at the current rates).

As auto enthusiasts, we all often dream about racing cars professionally and how sweet it must be to navigate these powerful machines to within inches of the bounds of physics. Well, unfortunately, we tend to overlook the fact that with all of that risk comes the potential for severe injury and even death. Unfortunately, we experienced the risk involved in car racing this weekend as up-and-coming rally co-driver, Gareth Roberts, perished in a crash at the young age of 24.

Gareth was in his typical position in the Peugeot 207 Super 2000 that Craig Breen was piloting in the Targa Florio-Rally Internazionale Di Sicilia, rattling off the upcoming track directions and related speeds when Breen lost control of the Peugeot and put it into a guardrail. According to reports, Gareth was impaled by the guardrail and lost his life as a result of the injuries.

According to statements from teammates and crew members, Breen and Gareth had been really working well with one another and were starting to garner a lot of attention in the rally world. Gareth also had a bright future as a driver, once he learned the necessary skills, but that unfortunately, never came to fruition.

We are deeply saddened by the death of this young man and pass our condolences onto his family, friends, and his racing team. This is really a reminder of just how dangerous racing truly is, especially rally racing, and we hope that the rally world can learn from this tragedy and make strides toward this type of thing not happening again.

The Le Mans 24 Hours races may not be the pinnacle of the racing world, but they certainly separate the men from the boys and women from the little girls. For the most part, over half of the field ends up retiring before the race ever finishes and the ones that do finish are completely exhausted – both car and drivers – by the time the race ends.

Audi has seemingly always been a part of the Le Mans 24 Hours and has earned tons of success in the race. In the 2011 running, Audi was set up to fail, as two of its three cars were forced to retire early due to freak accidents on the track. Truth in 24 II, narrated by none other than British bad-ass action star Jason Statham, documents the running of the 2011 Le Mans 24 Hours race and how the last remaining Audi managed to overcome all of the competition, including three Peugeot 908s, to take home the overall No. 1 position.

What’s even more awesome is that Audi is providing both Truth in 24 and Truth in 24 II completely free of charge. You can download the debut Truth in 24 here, if you haven’t seen it yet, and then snag up Truth in 24 II here. It’s not too often that an automaker gives you something this cool for free, so take advantage of these free movies while you can. They are simply awesome.

Even though it is not slated to come to the U.S., nor are any Peugeots , we have kept a watchful eye on the new Peugeot 301 four-door hatchback. Behind the scenes and obviously out of our prying eyes’ range, Peugeot has been working on a different version of the 301, a sedan, or saloon for you U.K. folks.

Yup, this new 301 looks just like the 301 hatchback that we have seen frolicking around, but has the hatch hacked off and a trunk put in its place. This new 301, which is set to debut at the Paris Motor Show in September 2012, is positioned in the automaker’s developing market lineup – Turkey, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Middle East, Gulf and African States, and certain Latin America markets.

Even though its release is not scheduled for a few more months, Peugeot has decided to give us a sneak peak at this new model and a short press release to let us now about some of its key features.

UPDATE 07/23/12: French automaker Peugeot has just come out with a fresh batch of photos for the 301 Sedan. Check out the car in action on the road in the gallery!
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Just recently we showed you how Peugeot was using a painfully limber dancer to help sell its newest vehicle, the 208. Peugeot has now released that there has been a new model of the 208 that has been in production since it became a concept. This new model is the 208 R2 Rally Car.

What’s better is that Peugeot is not only using this model as the replacement for the 207 Super 2000, but the French automaker is also offering this FIA-approved rally car for sale to the general public. That’s right, if you are looking to get into rally racing, you can walk into a Peugeot dealership, actually the Peugeot Sport Racing Shop, lay down a large sum of money and walk out owning a “rally ready” hatchback.

With some certainty we can say that the chances of the 2013 208 R2 Rally Car having the exact same specifications as Peugeot’s actual rally model are very low. Having said that, this model comes already certified and you can jump into lower level rally races and possibly take home some cash prizes.

Click past the jump to read our full review.

Peugeot unveiled the new Urban Crossover Concept at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show in China. The company has yet to confirm a production version of the SUV, but they did announce that the new concept offers a new vision of a compact Crossover that is modern and dynamic.

The new Urban Crossover Concept measures 4.14 meters in length and 1.74 meters in width. Up front, the concept received a highly sculpted bonnet and a "smiling" grille shaped in metal. The impressive design continues on the side where the concept received a smooth flow between the raked windscreen and the line of the roof. The car sits on on new large wheels that not only provide a sporty look but also help raise the concept’s ride.

The rear adds specially designed lamps embedded with precision into the body an presenting a luminous Peugeot signature with 3 floating claws using LED technology. And the finally elements are the aluminium spoiler and roof double bubble reminiscent of the sporty and elegant aspect of theRCZ Sports Coupe .

We haven’t seen a new Peugeot sold in the U.S. since the company pulled out of our market in 1991, and we will likely never see one again, despite their loose ties to Chrysler. This doesn’t mean that they don’t produce some cool cars, which they most certainly do. Another cool thing they do is take risks when it comes to marketing. This can lead to an absolute win or a complete loss.

This leads us to the all-new Peugeot 208, which is the European super-mini car that the automaker released as the XY Concept in Geneva . This isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill super-mini, however, as it features an impressively modern design that takes the super-mini class to a whole new level. But we are not here to talk about the 208 and its deceptively large cabin, and ultra-low emissions diesel engines. Nope, we are here to talk about only one thing… Dancing!

That’s right, Peugeot it pulling out all the stops in advertising the new 208 with the release of the “Let your Body Drive” ad campaign. It features Marquese “Nonstop” Scott – a dancer who gained fame from a viral video – performing some sweet moves around a parking lot.

Little homage is paid to the 208 , as the video centers around Scott’s dancing. It’s kind of similar to those blue jeans commercials that have more to do with a scantily clad person than the jeans themselves. The commercial is just there to get your attention and make you remember it. Ah, isn’t marketing cool!

So kick back and crank up your speakers, then watch the above video of something that would likely injure most of us. We think this one is an absolute win for Peugeot. Have a look at the car too; it’s really pretty cool… for a super-mini.

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