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Peugeot will be unveiling next month at the Geneva Motor Show the 208 GTi Concept - a tribute to the legendary 205 GTi offered by the company back in 1984. Peugeot said nothing about a production version just yet, but for sure we will see it by the end of the year.

The 208 GTi concept will be distinguished by chequered-flag motifs that embellish the metal mesh of the grille, a double chromed exhaust tailpipes, aero lower bodywork spoilers and lower sill skirt extensions. Peugeot has placed a brushed aluminum GTi Concept logo that reminds of the old 205 GTi.

For the interior the concept adds a sports leather stitched steering wheel, sports seats trimmed with Nappa leather on the outer section, and cloth in the center with an embossed tartan motif, and a leather head restraint. The fascia capping is dressed in Alcantara with grey stitching, the roof lining is entirely black and the pedals are aluminum.

Under the hood Peugeot has placed a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine that delivers a total of 197 HP and 203 lb-ft of torque. The engine is mated to a six-speed manual transmission and sprints the car from 0 to 60 mph in under 7 seconds.

Peugeot 308/301

Peugeot is ready to leave the current generation 308 out in the cold, with a new model ready to jump in its place. Logic and previous history will tell us that the new model will be called 309, but back in 1993, Peugeot was selling a car in Europe by that name and that turned out to be a "not so successful car." Not to have that negative air to surround their new model, Peugeot has decided to name their new model the 301 . We’ve already gotten our first glimpse of the new 308 back in November 2011, and now the vehicle is out again, this time for its cold weather testing somewhere in Sweden.

The Peugeot 301 will be built on a new platform shared with the Citroen C4 and DS4 . Compared to the model it replaces, it will be shorter as well as wider and will be lighter and more agile than the new 208 .

The 301’s engine line-up will also be shared with the Citroen models and includes a wide range of both petrol and diesel engines, as well as a diesel hybrid. Peugeot will also be adding engines from the new three-cylinder family under the short bonnet.

As for the exterior design, it is believed it will be a mixture between the 208 and the SR1 Concept .

Expect to see the new Peugeot 301 launched sometime in 2013.

Peugeot 908 HDi FAP Le Mans race car

Talk about a bombshell.

French automaker and Le Mans powerhouse PSA Peugeot Citroen has announced that Peugeot will be dropping out of Le Mans racing indefinitely. The news was first reported by Reuters, saying that the French manufacturer will be solely concentrating all their efforts on improving their sales figures for 2012, thus dropping any other endeavors, including in motorsports.

In a press release sent to the media, Peugeot confirmed this stunning turn of events, saying that "this decision has been taken against the backdrop of the challenging economic environment in Europe coupled with a particularly busy year for the Brand in terms of new vehicle launches."

The news that Peugeot is dropping out of Le Mans comes as a shock to a lot of racing fans, particularly those that have seen and witnessed the company’s recent dominance in the series, as well as its well-chronicled rivalry with Audi .

We’re not quite sure how the 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans is going to play out now that one of the perennial contenders has withdrawn their entry to the field, but Audi is probably uncorking a bottle of champagne.

Just like every other model in Peugeot ’s line-up, the 5008 MPV is also preparing to enter its second generation. It was first launched back in 2009 and its success was almost instantaneous. That being said, Peugeot has to keep up with the times in order for that success to continue.

The new 5008 will be based on a new platform that appears to be slightly wider than the current one, illustrated by the testing mule’s wider fenders. Other changes seen in the spy shots include five wheel bolts instead of the current four and the location of the fuel cap (it has switched sides). But no matter what changes are being done on the exterior, the 5008 will get bigger dimensions, especially on the inside. This will allow up to seven people the room that they need.

The engine line-up will be shared with the upcoming 301 , the successor to the 308 , which means a wide range of diesel and petrol engines as well as a diesel-hybrid. Just like with every other model in the line-up, Peugeot will be focusing on reducing fuel consumption and Co2 emissions.

Peugeot is preparing to put to an end their small 308 hatchback and they are already working on the car’s successor. Logic and previous history will tell us that the new model will be called 309, but back in 1993, Peugeot was selling a car in Europe by that name and that turned out to be a "not so successful car." Not to have that negative air to surround their new model, Peugeot has decided to name their new model the "301."

The upcoming 301 will be built on the same platform as the Citroen C4 and DS4 , meaning that, compared to the 308, it will be slightly shorter but also wider. Peugeot will also work on making the car both lighter and more agile. Engines will be shared with the Citroen model as well as some new ones from the 208 , meaning a wide range of both petrol and diesel engines with power ranging from 68 to 110 HP. The new 301 will also offer a diesel hybrid version and some engines from the new three-cylinder family.

As for its exterior appearance, the model will combine design elements from the 208 and the SR1 Concept car revealing a more elegant and compact body then the current 308.

The Peugeot 301 will be revealed in 2013 as a competitor for the Volkswagen Golf .

Updated 01/27/2012: The upcoming Peugeot 301 has been caught testing once again, this time in winter conditions.

Updated 08/29/2012: The next generation Peugeot 308 (previously rumored to be called 301) has been taken out for another testing session. This time the spy shots are revealing the real deal!

As a response to Opel ’s recently launched RAK e Concept , Peugeot has unveiled the VELV Concept in Paris. The VELV is a fuel-efficient electric three-wheeler that offers interior room for three and weighs only 1433 lbs.

The VELV concept delivers a total output of 26 HP and has an autonomy of 62 miles. The concept can hit a top speed of 68 mph and consumes only 85 Wh per kilometer, which means that its environmental footprint is equivalent to that of a train trip. The concept indicates in real time the area that can be covered based on the driving range and identifies charging stations that can be reached with the remaining charge.

The concept is aimed at corporate fleets, traditional rental companies, and self-service schemes like Autolib’, second-car buyers and numerous customers who want a better option for getting around town. It has been designed by Peugeot and Citroen in cooperation with a research laboratory who have joined forces to meet the mobility challenges of tomorrow.

In 2012, Peugeot will be organizing a one-make racing series with all teams fielding their very own race-prepped Peugeot RCZ .

Despite it still being months and months away, the French automaker is getting started by introducing the RCZ racer that will compete in the RCZ Racing Cup.

The race car is closely derived from the series, except for the fact that the all the interior amenities of the standard car were removed in favor of a more modest set-up that only includes racing seats and a roll cage, among other things. The bare interior contributes to a weight savings of 250 kg, even with the addition of new suspension dampers, AP Racing brakes.

As for the engine, Peugeot worked closely with Magneti Marelli to fine-tune the car’s powertrain. With all the changes in tow, the RCZ Racing Cup Racer will still carry the same 1.6-liter THP engine but with an increased output of 250 horsepower - from 200 horsepower - and 214 lb/ft of torque and mated to a SADEV six-speed paddle shift sequential transmission.

Interested racing teams that are looking to enter the series will have to shell out €54,900 - about $77,500 based on current exchange rates - for one of the race cars so it can participate in all seven races scheduled for the series’ inaugural season.

Peugeot drew some considerable attention at the Paris Auto Show last year when they introduced the EX1 electric concept for the very first time. This year, the French automaker is looking to repeat that with the introduction of their latest concept, the six-seater MPV concept called the HX1.

Blessed with a unique layout that makes use of Peugeot’s new design language, the HX1 is the company’s presentation of what their ’big’ models could look like in the future. The new revolutionary design includes "half-scissor" doors and a "floating" front grille akin to some of the company’s newest production models. The HX1 also features a hybrid powertrain system consisting of a 2.2-liter diesel engine and a rear-mounted 70kW electric motor.

All told, the HX1 Concept is Peugeot’s attempt in breaking new ground with their future models. No word yet on if the car is headed to production anytime soon, but that’s neither here nor there. For now, the important thing is that the French automaker is slowly stretching its legs, leaving behind the conservative ’label’ that they’ve been carrying for the longest time.

UPDATE 09/06/11: Peugeot has released a pair of new videos for the HX1 Concept. One is a walk-around video showing the details of the car while the other is a promo video that looks more like a product endorsement than anything else. Check out both videos by clicking the above photo.

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Top Gear’s 17th season flew by just like that, didn’t it?

The sixth and final episode aired over the weekend, and unlike the past episodes, this one more than lived up to the expectations. Richard Hammond got the show off to a promising start with a great segment about the Lamborghini Aventador . From there, the show picked up some steam with a pretty hilarious segment featuring Jeremy Clarkson and James May as they embarked on an electric-car crusade around town. Some unforeseen circumstances resulted in a few mishaps, but all in all, the duo managed to make the most out of their respective cars - Clarkson had the Nissan Leaf while May had the Peugeot Ion - to finish their adventure in one piece. But even that wasn’t enough to convince the two about the potential of electric cars in the future.

Fittingly, the final segment of season 17 took a more serious turn with an inspiring story about a Cross Country racing team in Wales for disabled British soldiers. It’s a humbling way to end a very interesting season and puts into perspective what the human spirit is capable of accomplishing despite the challenges that seemingly lies in front of it.

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After introducing its sedan and station wagon models , Peugeot has unveiled the new 508 RXH a few months before the SUV’s official debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

This new model combines a 2.0-liter HDi engine with a 38 HP electric motor for a total output of 200 HP and CO2 emissions of just 109 g/km. The car’s diesel-electric HYbrid4 - as found in Peugeot’s 3008 Hybrid4 - will deliver a total of 208 HP and a peak torque of 331 lbs-ft. It will be combined with a four-wheel drive system and will deliver a fuel economy of 67.2 mpg.

Peugeot has refined the 508 model by widening and raising it to create a smooth and refined SUV. It will be distinguished by LED lights that are visible during the day and night, and "give an impression of three vertical ’lion claws’. The new SUV will also feature a line of distinctive colors and luxurious materials, like the premium quality interior and upholstery.

The fancy aspect will also be covered with a range of technology outfitted for the 508 RXH. The model will be equipped with an Open & Go Keyless system, electric front seats, a head up display, 18" wheels, a panoramic glass roof, dark-tinted acoustic laminated side windows, and the latest generation audio and satellite navigation units.

The 508 RXH will be unveiled as a world premiere at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September 2011, and will be on sale in Spring 2012.

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