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If Peugeot ever decides on introducing a new concept car, we highly suggest that they give Piotr Czyzewski a call.

The Polish designer is responsible for this stunning Peugeot concept called ‘Shine’. The four-seater coupe’s design is nothing short of jaw dropping. The sleek curves and aggressive linings give it the look of a stealthy puma ready to pounce on a very unfortunate – and unsuspecting – prey.

While the aesthetic and the glossy black color is enough to give the Shine Concept a VIP entry to the ‘Smoking Hot Concept’ Club, we still haven’t gotten to those opposite-opening doors that make the car look more awesome than it already is.

Czyzweski didn’t give any details on the performance package that comes with his work of art, but you can be assured that whatever’s under the hood of this car, it’s sheer appearance alone is all the evidence we need to know that this is one Peugeot concept the manufacturer should seriously think of rolling into the production block.

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Peugeot UK is thinking that if they attach a name that has the word "sport" in it, that it would change the look of their little hatchback. We’re not sure if they succeeded, but we give them an A for effort. Their project is the special edition 207 Sportium and it will be offered with a choice of either a VTi 95 Euro 5 petrol engine or Peugeot’s new HDi 92 Euro 5 diesel engine, plus a number of little treats to sport up the vehicle.

The 207 Sportium will be offered with power steering, reach and rake adjustable steering, six airbags, remote control central locking with deadlocks, and electric front windows – “one touch” for the driver. As far as acronyms go, the 207 will come with a radio/ CD player, ABS, EBFD, and EBA. Exterior sporty features will include front fog lights, chrome effect finish to the front grille, colour-coded body side mouldings (including rear bumper), Sportium interior pack, and dark tinted rear window / rear side glass. Finishing off the exterior look is a set of alloy wheels - 15" on petrol models and 16" on HDi models.

Prices for the new 207 Sportium edition start at £12,595. Sales will begin in November.

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BMW To Develop Front-Drive Hybrid With Peugeot

The auto industry appears to be a land of partnerships, as a new one seems to pop up every day. The newest agreement comes from BMW and Peugeot , who have signed an agreement to jointly work on a new hybrid vehicle.

The two companies will work together in the effort to develop hybrid components for a front-wheel drive vehicle. This is no surprise since BMW has been discussing the possibility of a small front-wheel drive vehicle for the U.S market for some time now. Although we have had no official announcements on a new hybrid system, this new partnership could be just what the doctor ordered.

There is a chance that Mini might get in on this sharing effort, seeing as how Toyota is preparing an onslaught of new hybrid vehicles, including a Yaris-sized vehicle.

Peugeot have yet to make any noise on the possibility of a front-wheel drive hybrid, as most of their hybrids use batteries to turn the rear wheels, while the fronts are powered by a regular petrol engine.

This isn’t the first time that BMW and Peugeot have linked up, as the two have been working on engines for years. In February, the two signed an agreement to jointly work on a four-cylinder powerplant, which will be able to meet EU 6 requirements.

We were able to check out the EX1 electric concept from Peugeot at last month’s Paris Auto Show and although this concept was fun to look at and explore, the look of the overall car didn’t seem like something that would be driving down the road anytime soon. Of course, this concept isn’t just an oversized paper weight, Peugeot has stated that it is a preview for a future sports car from the French company.

In a recent interview, a Peugeot spokesman said: "The EX1 shows that we can do many things with electric cars. It shows how far we can go."

The timeline isn’t set in stone just yet, though. Peugeot has no plans to produce an electric sports car "for the time being." However, the spokesman said Peugeot could still one day make a production model EV sports car.

The concept is powered by two electric motors, one on each axle, each with a peak output of 167 HP and a maximum torque of 240 Nm at the front and rear. The same spokesman said the EX1 is thus in the same speed category as Porsche’s 918 Spyder hybrid concept, meaning we could see a sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds. That is, if this concept doesn’t get lost in the shuffle from now until whenever they are ready to start production.

Peugeot is rolling out its second special edition for the 2010MY with the RCZ Asphalt based on their latest RCZ sports car . Following the RCZ Limited Edition , the RCZ Asphalt gets almost double the number of units as the previous model with 500 being available for purchase.

The new RCZ Asphalt will be distinguished by a dark gray/black matte exterior paint finish, new 19" black and silver alloys for the exterior, and a pair of custom made sport seats covered in black leather for the interior. And just in case owners forget the name of their vehicle, there will be plenty of "Asphalt" logos on both the interior and the exterior.

Unfortunately, this special edition does not offer any engine updates. Under the hood the customer will still find the 1.6 liter THP engine that develops a total of 200 HP. Other engine options may be available, but Peugeot is keeping mum on those details.

Peugeot has also yet to announce prices for the new special edition, but if we are using the RCZ Limited Edition as a guide then the Asphalt should be around 35,500 euros.

Check out the first official images of the RCZ Asphalt in the gallery!

Next to the EX1 concept , Peugeot will also present at the Paris Auto Show the HR1, a concept that combines in the same vehicle a city runaround, a coupe and a SUV. The HR1 is a hybrid vehicle that features Peugeot’s latest HYbrid4 technology, with a new three cylinder 1.2 liter THP petrol engine at the front and a rear electric motor, that both deliver a total of 147 HP. The concept delivers a combined fuel consumption of only 3.5 liters/100 km and CO2 emissions of only 80 g/km.

The design language features flowing flanks showcasing large wheels and a double bubble on the rear windscreen reminiscent of the curves of the RCZ Coupe . The interior gets ergonomically placed controls, a small steering wheel, and a “Head Up Display” allowing information to be seen without the driver taking their eyes off the road.

Another interesting feature is a new "movement recognition" system that allows the driver to scroll through functions and select available settings with a simple movement of the hand.

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Peugeot’s new flagship sedan, the 508 , is scheduled to make its world debut at the Paris Motor Show later this month, but the Lion brand is doing a pre-emptive strike on the proceedings by releasing a full-length ad of both the sedan and wagon variant of the 508.

The video gives us a nice little preview of what to expect when the car makes its debut in Paris at the end of September. In addition to the two unique style variants, the ad showed us a few of the 508’s features, including a start-stop push button, a pop-up information display, and a panoramic sun-roof, which we’ve been told will come as an optional feature for anyone who might want to add it in to their cars.

Shortly after making its Paris debut, the 508 is expected to find its way into dealerships sometime in the first quarter of next year where it is expected to be available in a number of engine and fuel variants with a hybrid version set to follow suit in a year’s time.

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You know a major auto event is just around the corner when auto brands begin dropping teaser photos of concept cars that they’re planning to unveil at the auto show.

It just so happens that the Paris Motor Show is coming up in a few weeks’ time, so right on cue, the teasers are coming out by the loads.

The latest automaker to come out with a new teaser is the Lion brand, Peugeot , which seems to be bringing with them a mysterious futuristic concept to the Paris Motor Show . The three photos leave a lot to be desired in terms of showing more of the concept to us. But from what we got, it looks like this concept has got the makings of a looker when it makes its debut at the end of the month in Paris.

More details are expected from Peugeot before the show floor opens so until then, these teaser photos should serve our imaginations well in thinking of what kind of concept Peugeot has in store for us. Anyone with any ideas as to what we will find from Peugeot at the show, please feel free to share them in the comments section.

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Last Friday we reported that Peugeot will bring the EX1 concept car to the Paris Auto Show. It seems that next to it, the French company will also bring the HR1 concept - a preview version of a future compact crossover based on the 208. With this new model, Peugeot will enter the B-segment market and will compete with models like Nissan Juke.

The concept’s exterior design will be inspired by the SR1 concept unveiled this year at the Geneva Motor Show, and will be defined by flowing lines. Under the hood we expect to see the same hybrid powertrain as used in the 3008 HYbrid4 : a 2.0 liter 163 bhp HDi diesel engine combined with a 37 bhp electric motor and an electronically-controlled manual six-speed sequential gearbox.

While this spy images only reveal the wheels and a little bit of the car’s rear, the Paris Show is just around the corner, so stay tuned!

Source: Autoblog.it

Peugeot seems to be pretty excited to reveal their new concept at the 2010 Paris Motor Show at the end of this month. They claim that their "car of the future will combine 200 years of history with 200 years of demands and emotions." That’s a slightly big statement to make. We hope they have the vehicle that will substantiate that claim, but they are not starting off too well considering this vehicle is only a design study with no plans for a production version. Typical, we supposedly finally get the car we’ve been waiting 200 years for and we won’t even be able to drive it...ever.

The Peugeot EX1 design study will combine design elements found in the BB1 unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009 and the SR1 unveiled earlier this year at the Geneva Show. We don’t know for sure if the concept will be a hybrid or an electric vehicle, but we do know it will be a sports car featuring a futuristic interior. With such a bold claim, the EX1 better be worthy of the company’s 200 years of experience or Peugeot will look pretty silly.

The first official details will be revealed on September 6, followed by a reveal on September 21, so stay tuned!

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