PGO cars

  PGO was founded in 1985 as a replica car builder, but it eventually moved into building its own models. The Speedster II was the debut model for PGO, which was first unveiled in 2000 at the Paris Motor Show. In 2005, the Cévennes roadster hit the market, thanks to a resurrection of the company by Al Sayer International.

Niche French automaker, PGO, first introduced the Cevennes Water Snake Concept at the Shanghai Motor Show.

While it offered little in the way of details at that time, it has finally given us new details and photos of the exclusive sports roadster. And what it shows us is a car that looks more like it is ready to tackle the streets of the globe rather than sit in a design studio as a “concept.”

For what it’s worth, the company has indeed come a long way since it returned in 2005 after Al Sayer International acquired the fledgling coachbuilder. The company was actually born in the 1980s and started off by building replicas of classic European sports cars , namely Porsches .

But with the financial backing provided by Al Sayer International, PGO has evolved into having multiple models to its name, including the Cevennes Water Snake Concept.

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