Plymouth Superbird

Plymouth Superbird

There are a lot of things you can buy for $3 million dollars. Heck, you can buy an all-new Bugatti Veyron and still have a little under a million tucked under your pillow. Paying $3 million for a car is understandable, given of course, if the car in question warrants such a lavish price tag. A 1970 Plymouth Superbird is not one of them.

Apparently, Brian Chaffee, a resident of Middlefield, Connecticut, disagrees with our sentiment given that he hopes to sell his ’70 Superbird for a cool $3 mil. According to Chaffee, he spent part of three years restoring this car back to its glory days in the ‘70’s when it was racing not just with cars, but with jets taking off.

Granted, the car looks good and it’s got some history attached to it, but $3 million may just be a tad overboard, especially when you discover that this particular Superbird does not come with a Hemi engine – a pretty big deal for a car to have to justify a $3 Million price tag.

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Source: LA Times
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A car with a history that precedes its outstanding performance. With a portfolio that includes seven NASCAR titles, numerous Piston Cups and more then over 200 races in its back pocket , transforms this muscle car in a true american icon.

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