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police cars

Time and again, we’ve all been thrust into the same unflattering scenario of driving over the speed limit on a highway without a care in the world - at least until a police car begins to give chase. That’s where we start quaking in our boots. In some instances, we make a break for it, hoping that our trusty steed can outrun the galloping highway patrol car as it tries to keep pace. Unfortunately for the residents of the West Midlands in the UK, trying to outrun the new highway patrol car just became a more difficult task. As a donation by Lotus and presented at the Autosport International Motor Show, the UK police force will be getting a Lotus Evora police car to facilitate the chase..

Oh yes, dear criminals. A 280 horsepower sports car will be stuck in your rear view mirrors until you cry ‘uncle!’ and pull over on the shoulder of the highway. The Evora police car will be given a two-week trial run on a stretch along the West Midlands highway that covers 450 miles, together with a number of major routes, including the M5, M6, and M2 motorways.

So the next time you find yourselves in these areas, you might want to keep watch of the speed limit because you know never know when the Evora police car will jump out of the bushes and give you chase. Most likely, you wouldn’t’ even stand a chance.

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When Jay Leno finally decides to hang up his talk show gig, maybe he might have a future as a law-enforcement official.

In the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage , Leno invited Gerry Koss, the marketing manager for Ford’s Fleet Operations in North America, and Lisa Teed, the marketing manager for the Ford Police Interceptor , for a little discussion about the company’s two new Police Interceptors.

The two vehicles – a sedan and a utility version – will soon be taking the reins from the venerable Crown Victoria as Ford’s official police vehicles. Ever the car enthusiast that he is, Leno didn’t waste time trying to get to know more about the future of Ford’s police fleet and with the help of both Koss and Teed, he was given a quick tour around the two vehicles and the myriad of unique features that they have that, unfortunately, will be exclusive only for police use. Yeah, no AK-47 holsters for any of us.

Later on, Leno got to spend some time at the LAPD’s official test track to give the Police Interceptor some burn while chasing down an old Crown Victoria Police Car. The comedian even admitted that it was totally fun to be on the other side of a car chase for once and we’ll probably agree with his sentiments if we ever get a chance to sit behind the wheel of these two bad boys.

The police are definitely making their presence felt at the 2010 Essen Motor Show, although it’s not for reasons you might think.

A while ago, we showed you an Essen-bound Fiat 500 that was dressed in Italian police livery by tuning house Blistein. Turns out, the 500 wasn’t the only law enforcement vehicle expected to show up at Europe’s largest aftermarket auto tuning event.

German tuning house, AC Schnitzer , was also in attendance at Essen and they’ve brought with them the German counterpart to the 500 Polizia by Bilstein.

The Aachen-based aftermarket specialists developed their own version of the Mini E Polizei car as part of their ’Tune It! Safe!’ campaign, which is a part of bigger safety campaign sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development.

Among the notable modifications AC Schnitzer gave the Mini E includes a new racing suspension system that complements the car’s 204 electric 204 horsepower. There’s also a newly-designed bonnet, new front and rear skirts, and a set of 18" alloy wheels on Hankook tires. Keeping to the theme of a police vehicle, AC Schnitzer also gave it a blue paint finish with unique stickers courtesy of Foliatec. AC Schnitzer also added a Hella signaling system, as well as an interior that has been decorated with a pedal set, a foot rest, and handbrake handle made of aluminum.

This German Police MINI E has indeed been dressed up in full ’Polizei’ regalia to show that while MINI may be a brand that’s as eccentric as any automaker in the world, it’s still capable of tapping into it’s serious, law-enforcing side.

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Not all police cars can be a Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Polizia Stradale or even a Stealth Ford Police Interceptor concept , so Bilstein has come up with a less dramatic police car and will be bringing it to the 2010 Essen Motorshow starting this weekend.

Bilstein’s interpretation of a police car doesn’t necessarily have tons of horsepower under its hood, nor is it big enough to scare even the puniest of criminals. No, their choice for a police car is the cutesy Fiat 500 Abarth, proving that even the smallest cars on the market can be police cars.

The Fiat 500 Abarth in Polizia livery may not scare the living daylights out of Ms. Daisy, but any tuning fan will enjoy the Bilstein B14 threaded kit added to the hatchback. This kit comes with variable height-adjustment and adds a cool look to the otherwise mundane vehicle.

We are going to venture a guess that this will not be the most exciting model to appear on the Essen Motorshow’s floor. Actually, we are desperately hoping this is not one of the highlights, but thePorsche Panamera Racing Car by H&R and the Porsche 911 BT1000 by 9ff will be there, so we can rest easy.

Stay with us from Sunday November 27th to Saturday December 5th to see what other cool tuned cars will see in Essen.

Let me tell you, when you foolishly decide to drive your cars way past the speed limit in Italy, this is one police car that you don’t want to be chasing you. Trust us, unless you have a rocket of a supercar in your hands, you’re not going to be able to last in a car chase.

It’s not often that we get to see a Lamborghini police car, although there are a number of them in police departments all over the world. This particular one, though, is a Gallardo LP560-4 , one of two Lamborghinis that were donated to the Italian police by the supercar maker. Moreover, this is the only one left of the two as the other one suffered a pretty serious car crash about a year ago.

So as you can see, the mere sight of the car draws either pained expressions of fear if it’s chasing you down the highway or wide-eyed glee if you get a chance to see it stretch its legs in a racetrack like Monza.

Fortunately, the ever reliable Marchettino was able to capture the Lambo super police car in action at the track doing what comes naturally to it: rocketing around the pit lane and the track while being joined by its supercar brethren.

Source: Marchettino

Security coverage at SEMA? Check! Ford has taken its Interceptor to a whole new, wickedly awesome level with their new Stealth Police Interceptor, a concept car based on the Police Interceptor sedan . The Interceptor may be where this car originated, but the SR-71- the original stealth airplane - is what inspired this car to become so much more.

The exterior of the vehicle says it all with its solid black paint job, mesh grille from the original Interceptor, and its aggressive spoiler with matching black bead lights. Even the area around the lights get blacked out to add to the flow of the vehicle, only becoming apparent when illuminated.

Under the hood, Ford kept the same 3.5-liter V6 engine as found in the original Interceptor, so no boost in power for this airplane inspired ride. The Stealth Interceptor will produce the same 280 hp and will still have E85 compatibility.

"The headliner is black, we wrapped the B-pillars in black, and then we started looking at, ‘Where can I hide this? How can I conceal this?’ We repackaged the console – it looks like a production console with the waterfall of the instrument panel. But when you start opening doors and panels, that’s when you see everything."

We hate to be the ones to burst anyone’s bubble, but this vehicle will be just about anything but stealth. With all of the tricked out rides out there, and the fact that a lot of tuned up super machines also feature a matte black paint job, this vehicle will be the first thing people notice. Good luck featuring this vehicle in a stakeout.

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Don’t you wish you were a cop in Britain? While our American police officers have to drive around in Chevrolet Impalas and Ford Crown Victorias, the UK is getting some Beamers.

BMW is giving all 52 of the country’s police forces these new products, including the new 5-Series , X1 , X3, xDrive20d, and the X5 xDrive30d and xDrive40d SUVs. Every one of these vehicles will be powered by diesel fuel because the environment is just as important as catching crooks.

The United Kingdom will also get a 330d sedan High Performance Pursuit Vehicle. This will be the machine you will see running down the baddies at high speeds on the motorways. Despite having these amazing cars, the UK will still rely on cameras to catch speeders on the motorway.

The German automaker will also include the R1200 RF-P Police bike, which should be used on Britain’s crowded roads and in cities.

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The Australian police have just received a new member to their fleet: a Jeep Cherokee Police Edition. The car comes equipped with Hill Descent Control, Hill Start Assist, and the active four wheel drive system Selec-Trac II. So, basically, the Australian bad guys have no chance.

The Cherokee police edition is powered by a a 3.7-liter SOHC V-6 petrol engine that produces 202 HP at 5,200 rpm and 314 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm.

Utilized for a variety of functions, the kitted-out Cherokee has already made an appearance at the Royal Melbourne Show and can be spotted at the Central Goldfields for emergency services events, various school programs and escort duties to name a few.

The SUV was at the 2010 National Jeep Jamboree showing off its off-road capabilities on the 4WD test track. On the Australian market, the Cherokee Sport V6 is currently on sale at $36,990.

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The UK Police Fleet has just received the capability of a slew of new members. Hyundai was able to get a ‘preferred supplier’ status issued by the National Association of Police Fleet Managers and is looking into turning the i20, i30, ix35 (known as the Tucson in the States), Santa Fe, and iLoad into street-protecting police cruisers.

Tony Whitehorn, said: "Anyone buying a car needs to make sure that they are getting the best possible package for their money. That’s especially true when you are buying thousands of vehicles and spending taxpayers’ money! The quality, reliability, resale value and performance of Hyundai vehicles has shone through and they’ve been given the green light to carry a blue light."

The UK police has chosen the ix35 because it is powerful and spacious enough to replace larger, more expensive off-roaders which have traditionally been the first choice for traffic police.

In the UK the ix35 is offered with a choice of five engines, with output ranging from 133 to 181 HP.

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The Chevrolet Caprice last served as a police car in 1996, but after 14 years of absence, Chevrolet has decided it was time for a comeback. For 2011, the Caprice will once again help catch the bad guys.

The Caprice Police car is powered by a 6.0-liter V8 engine rated at 355 HP and 384 lb-ft of torque mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. Standard equipment list will include 18-inch steel wheels with bolt-on center caps, large, four-wheel disc brakes with heavy-duty brake pads, police-calibrated stability control system and special equipment packages such as spotlights. Other features are lockouts for the power windows and locks and an “undercover” street-appearance package (9C3).

"The new Chevrolet Caprice police car is the right tool at the right time for law enforcement," said Jim Campbell, general manager for GM Fleet and Commercial Operations. "We asked for a lot of feedback from our police customers, which helped us develop a vehicle that is superior to the Crown Victoria in key areas."

Updated 09/15/2010: Customers interested in the new Caprice Police Car will be happy to know that they can begin placing their orders in January with deliveries starting in April 2011. The price for the police car is $30,995.

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