Pontiac G8

Pontiac G8

Here are a couple of pictures of the Pontiac G8 V6 and V8 next to each other, apparently very similar, only the back taillight, tailpipe and door handle are different. So far we have driven the V8 for a few minutes on the highway. The right is very comfy and the cheer power of the V8 is really fun. But the gearbox is a bit sluggish, slow to change gears and spoil the fun but we’ll tell you more after a few more miles...

I just got picked up at the San Diego airport by the new Pontiac G8 , on my way to the hotel, waiting for tomorrow morning test drive. The first impression from the passenger seat are very positive. Driving around San Diego downtown was very comfortable, with the right amount of feedback from the road an the engine. Inside it feels like a proper sport sedan as well. So far, the G8 feels very docile while driven in the city, come back tomorrow for a much more detailed article.

TopSpeed.com will be driving the 2008 Pontiac G8 at the end of the week, but for the impatient Pontiac lovers, Popular Mechanic already had their chance to try to new 361 horsepowered Pontiac G8. The first driving impression are very positive, PM love the new G8 driving sensation thanks to sharp steering and the four-link rear suspensions. Of course the bargain takes its tool on some average interior styling but that should not turn off Pontiac buyers looking for a 360 horsepower bargain.

After reading the review we can’t wait to drive the car in the twisty California roads... Stay tuned

GM head of marketing leaked info on new Baby Hummer, Cadillac and ElCamino!

We met with Mark LaNeve on monday night at a diner organized by GM to promote their new concepts at the Detroit Auto Show. Mark confirmed the upcoming reveal of a small Hummer truck, a small Cadillac and a G8 based pick up. The first two vehicle will certainly be very close to the Hummer HX and CTS coupe jsut unveiled in Detroit earlier this week. It is just strange that the HX concept it so close to the hummer H3T concept from 2004, moreover we have the feeling that the new Hummer will not be a pickup only version. About the Cadillac, the 2 door concept pave the way for smaller Cadillac vehicle. Let’s just hope the smaller Cadi will not be a Malibu re-badged! God knows how much GM think the Malibu is the next best thing after their Volt concept of course.

about the G8 pickup, we already know what it will look like, as Holden, who build the G8, already have car pickup in their lineup. LaNeve just said that he is looking for a good name, anything aside of ’ElCamino’!

Wanna help Mark? Submit your baby names for the baby Cadillac and the G8 pickup. My personal take: Cadillac CTA and Pontiac Trucko!

Keep in mind that LaNeve is ’only’ head of Marketing, which means that even if he identified demand for those cars, other consideration such as engineering or budget might not allow those project to go through. Time will tell.

GM Holden added another vehicle to its growing export program today with the announcement that full production of the Pontiac Pontiac G8 for the US market was now underway. The introduction of the Pontiac G8 Pontiac G8 represents a significant milestone for GM Holden as it brings the mix of vehicles produced at the Elizabeth manufacturing plant in Adelaide to a 50-50 split of export and domestic production.

With lyrics that don’t pull punches and themes that are brutally honest, rapper 50 Cent (a.k.a. Curtis Jackson) has risen to the top of the hip hop scene. He’s also a passionate car enthusiast with a penchant for Pontiacs – his video for the song “Amusement Park” featured the G6 GXP and G8 concept cars.

Designed to evoke the emotions of classic sports cars, the Pontiac Solstice SD-290 race concept captures the purposeful design of vintage racecars. The design is dramatic, featuring a passenger cockpit tonneau cover and a driver windscreen, creating a pure racecar that looks ready to take the checkered flag even while sitting on the starting grid.

Designed for enthusiasts who are passionate about performance, the all-new Pontiac G8 performance sedan – arriving at dealerships in early 2008 – is the first North American application of GM’s new global rear-wheel-drive architecture. The V8-powered G8 GT SEMA Edition was displayed at the ’07 SEMA Show with a host of tuner-inspired custom touches, including a hot orange paint scheme with matching leather seat inserts, door panels and instrument panel pad.

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